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Graphic Tee, Killer Jeans & Heels

If I Only Had A Brain

Killer Shoes2My first ex-husband used to tell me all the time “Steph, if you had a brain you’d be dangerous; if you had two you’d be lonely.” After hearing this for heaven only knows how many times I had to ask “what do you mean by if I had two brains I’d be lonely, how’s that even possible?” to which he responded, and I’m paraphrasing here, that the dangerous brain would kill the other one leaving me lonely. My response to his response was “you’re an idiot.”

You know the saying with age comes wisdom? I’m beginning to have serious doubts because how can one have such wisdom if they can’t remember what they did 10 minutes ago? I mean, yes, at times I do feel wiser than I did when I was younger but just when I think I’m onto some groundbreaking this, that, or the other, darn if I don’t forget what in the world I was onto.

It’s true with age, memory or rather the lack of memory is one of the many experiences we endure. Our bodies begin to make strange noises at the most inopportune times; like when getting up from a seated position, rolling out of bed, or walking and tooting. We have aches and pains in places we didn’t even know we had, then there’s the sagging, bagging, and dragging as our ever evolving body parts give new meaning to shake, rattle and roll as they shift, shimmy, and jiggle.

All is not lost though because like fine wine, as we mature we become liberated to the point that we are no longer bound by mere societal norms. We can spout off whenever, wherever and however we want because we’ve earned our stripes and doggonit we’re gonna have our say.

Uno Dos Tres

Back to the brain thing though I must admit there was some truth to what my ex said as my dangerous brain did some serious retail therapy damage about a week ago. If you recall, almost two weeks ago I did a post HERE on my spring capsule wardrobe and while I have yet to pull out my spring/summer clothes I did begin the process of making some vital additions to my inventory. A couple of those additions were shoes, handbags and three pairs of jeans, one pair of which I’m wearing in the pictures throughout this post.

Killer Jeans2

In my defense, I absolutely had to purchase these jeans because I needed them. [See what I did there?] As long as apparel, shoes, bags or accessories qualify as needed it’s only logical to buy them. Oh sure, some would say the real reason I bought the jeans was because they were on sale for $16 and $28 (down from original prices of $98 and $89) but I stand firm that they were most definitely a need.

As I indicated in my spring capsule wardrobe post, this was the first time I bought jeans online and it worked out exceedingly well. I normally have issues with the fit of jeans due to my curvy bottom and though two of the three pair are a little long I will take them to a tailor for altering.

Killer Jeans Standing

  • Curvy Boot Cut Jeans | Ann Taylor | Similar HERE
    Commodore Wash (a dark-colored denim). To downplay my hips, thighs and bottom (yes, I’m pear-shaped) dark denim boot-cut or flared jeans work best on me. When I add heels as in the pictures they elongate my legs however when I wore these particular shoes it seemed all the attention was drawn to them because there really is no other word to describe them than killer.
  • Ciao Collector Tee | J.Crew Factory | Similar HERE
    Gray background with the following words (alternating in black and white) on the front: Hello, New York, Bon Jour, Paris, Ciao, Milano.
  • Franco Sarto Trish Pump | DSW | Leopard | A Flat HERE
    Slingback pumps with pointed toe and trendy asymmetrical strap. Strap and three and one-quarter inch heel are black. The heel is approximately one half-inch in diameter making it thicker than a stiletto.
  • Black Blazer (old) | JC Penney | Similar HERE
    For a touch of sleek sophistication I added an old boyfriend blazer, silver hoop earrings, bangles and a necklace.

When wearing jeans I almost always wear heels as well because at five foot, four inches, I can use the extra height plus when I dress up my jeans this is when I feel most comfortable. I’ve always wanted to wear them with, say, flat sandals and I’m sure I did sometime in days gone by but it’s just not my style and I’m keenly aware of this. It’s far more important to be true to yourself, your lifestyle, and beliefs than trying to become something you’re not and this includes your style.

“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” ~Yves Saint Laurent


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