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What’s the Hoopla Over Digital Makeup?

Mirror Mirror

Mirror on a decorative wall shelfI never thought I would see the day that I would not be able to see my reflection. Talk about taking things for granted, this was something that was inconceivable and at times downright scary. If you wear eyeglasses, to simulate this experience try spreading some vaseline on your lenses and then look in the mirror. Interesting isn’t it?

If you tried the experiment mentioned above it’s important to remember that this particular simulation does not cover the vast range of vision loss. For example the difference in an individual with tunnel vision varies greatly from someone who has peripheral but lacks central vision.

While many of my fellow baby boomers can possibly relate to changes in vision due to being more seasoned than other populations, for women who have worn makeup most of their lives these changes can be a major pain. Toss in age related vision loss and it can bring you to your knees.

In view of my personal experience with the loss of vision and long time makeup aficionado  I’ve been dreaming of the day when someone would invent the “smart” mirror. This mirror wouldn’t just be a device where a person could see their reflection and try on different outfits or makeup, but this one would be audible and totally interactive.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Urban Decay

Imagine sitting at your vanity getting ready for a big event. You have all your cosmetics lined up and ready to go. You flip a switch and suddenly you’re greeted with a “hello Ginger, how would you like me to assist you in becoming fabulous today?” You smile to yourself safe and secure in the knowledge that you are in expert hands.

We have the technology and really all it would take is someone with the know-how to put it all together. The mirror would be preprogrammed with data that in turn could be personalized to each individual. It would give explicit direction on the makeup application process and even provide genuine feedback letting the user know that they need more concealer coverage or to re-apply smeared lip color.

Sephora Luster Matte long-wear lip color
Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color

I’m pretty confident that we aren’t very far away from this type of universally designed smart mirror which while fulfilling the need within the blind/vision impaired community could also be embraced by the community at large. As a matter of fact in January of this year Panasonic unveiled its prototype at the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). You can check out the brief article HERE.

New Additions

Until the launch of a real interactive “smart” mirror I’ll continue plugging along with my current makeup routine. As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, the number of cosmetics I use has dwindled over the years and I’m really testament to the “less is more” philosophy. Until last week I only used 6 products consisting of foundation, eyebrow pencil, eye liner pencil, mascara, bronzer and lip color. Last week I added three new products from Sephora described below:

  • Concealer | Urban Decay Naked Skin
    I got this lightweight concealer to use under my eyes and so far it seems to be working very well. Since my foundation provides sheer coverage I wanted an equally weightless and easy to apply concealer for use under my foundation.
  • Lip Liner Pencil | Sephora
    I did away with lip liners years ago but wanted to try to see if it would help with feathering. While I wanted a pencil this one is more of a crayon but it fits the bill and the color, “The Red”, is bold and beautiful.
  • Lip Color | Sephora
    The vibrant lip color “Scarlet Luster”, works beautifully with the lip pencil. I was a little skeptical though because it comes in a tube similar to lip gloss. The color goes on wet then dries to a matte finish but in comparison to MAC mattes this one doesn’t feel as drying but I still use a little vaseline as a top layer to soften.

The last item I got was a sample of Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion because I’ve noticed that my eyelids seem to be more oily these days and it’s especially annoying when I’m wearing my makeup. I didn’t want to invest in a full size product so I requested a sample to try before I buy. I’ve only used it a couple of times but it seems to do what it’s supposed to and this is without eyeshadow. Fingers crossed that it keeps working, I’ll keep you posted.

Sephora Retractable Lip Liner
Sephora Retractable Lip Liner

Full disclosure: I didn’t find out until after the fact the lip liner and color do not appear to be “cruelty free” and the only reason I was pressed to buy them was because of an event I had to attend. Though I prefer online shopping for first time cosmetic purchases, I need to go to the physical store to get a closer look at colors. Perhaps a “smart” mirror could provide the solution for this dilemma?

“Women have two weapons: Cosmetics and tears.” ~Coco Chanel

14 thoughts on “What’s the Hoopla Over Digital Makeup?

  1. Have I told you recently how utterly brilliant I think you are? And I LOVE the new gravitar.

    1. Thank you Steph 🙂

  2. I think you should work with Samsun or Apple and come up with a Smart Mirror. I would like to own a Smart Mirror. Then finally I can see what I now look like. The last time I saw what I looked like was way back in 1997.


    1. Hey Sherri, yeah I only wish I could work with Samsung or Apple. If that would happen I would truly know that I’ve arrived lol. =D

  3. Love Sephora lip lusters ! They are amazing and so long wear ! I have deep plum luster .. Very vampy lol ☺️

    1. My stylist complimented me on mine. The color is superb!!

      1. Oh I’m sure that color looks gorgeous on you! The sephora matte stains are nice as well a bit more drying. They came out with a bunch of new spring colors ☺️

  4. Hi there, we haven’t connected in awhile.. I loved the way you called us”seasoned” women. I prefer myself with a little tarragon and rosemary!

    I understand the vasoline on the glasses thing , and when I try to put on mascara I get it all over the mirror and I can’t get pencils between my eyes and the mirror. I know you have it worse than I do, and don’t give up hope. I have a friend who has a glass eye and lost sight in the other but had an operation and now can see a little. It’s genetic. Her 16 year old son has it, and he just had an operation 2 weeks ago. His retinas detached. I think many people don’t appreciate their senses until they lose them.

    1. OMgosh Sonniq, yes it has been a while. I took your advice and did an “” page although I must get a better photo. My to-do list keeps getting longer by the day.

      Love the seasoned quip lol. and I agree that we don’t know what we have until we lose it, but if we did then we’d only focus on what we may lose instead of just carring on. That’s not to say it isnt’ difficult because it is but it’s also survivable.

      1. The to do list is endless! I’ve been working with a company called http :// the last 6 weeks they have a .99 month trial but I continued with it. They teach you SEO – search engine optimization – exactly what to do to make your blog visable to Google search. Do you get referrers from Google search or mostly wp readers. Check it out. They assign you a personal assistant who works with you. I might do a post on this

      2. Yes, I do and I’m in the process of a multitude (actually I’m being selective) of courses for my business. Since the blog will be transitioned to the business website I’ll have to keep it going but I really need to work with someong mor knowlegeable than I since I think the blog targets a specific group whereas the business is gearted to women with all disabilities.

      3. Do you I wanted to add some source code – meta tags – but doesn’t give you that freedom. Fortunately my husband was born speaking code and can help me. What exactly is your business? IS it separate from your blog?

      4. No I don’t becasure I don’t know how to code so .com was a great option for me. I was hoping to learn coding but it’s looking like that’s not going to happen any time soon. I bought the domain for my business but Volunteers of America (VOA) is going to be building it for me. The business is 1U Image Consulting and my targeted audience is women with disabilities, physical inabilities and those who’ve been through significant situations (divorce, abuse, etc.). My focus is going to be wardrobe styling, makeup/skincare and closet organization. VOA thinks I should make the blog part of the new website but I really need to get feedback to see if this is the best way to handle. It could be because preliminary conversations have been very positive.

      5. It would be a great way to get all of your readers to spread the word of the website and keep feedback going. It could be important for your Google search rankings.

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