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Shapewear The Bodyshifting Skivvies

Mentioning the Unmentionables

Nude SPANX Firm Control Power Play Open Bust Long Leg Body Shaper 2416. This is basically a body suit that covers the thighs, rear, stomach, waist leaing the bust area open.
SPANX Firm Control Power Play Open Bust Long Leg Body Shaper 2416 | Macy’s Image found on Polyvore

Back in December, I treated myself to a bra fitting and shapewear purchase. Though some might not consider a bra fitting a treat, for me it really is the little things.

So, it was off to the mall I went to get my bra fitting. When the customer service representative asked me if I wanted her to do the fitting or their certified bra fitter I said: “Why I never had a certified fitter to do my bra fitting.” “Yes thank you, I’d like to go that route.”

The last time I had a fitting was a few years back at an outlet mall, so I was eager to see if that fitter was in error. I disagreed with the measurements, felt the fitter was wrong and I had to be more endowed than the results I received.

I went into a changing room where the fitter explained how the fitting works and then she took the measurements.

I’d love to share the results with you but it’s so embarrassing I just can’t. But I can tell you that my measurements were no different from those from outlet mall fitting. Worse still, the numbers were the same that I had back in high school. I mean we’re talking training bra status here and I’m just disgusted.

Star Power by SPANX High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper Shapewear - Macy's Image found on Polyvore
SPANX High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper Shapewear | Macy’s Image found on Polyvore

Selection Time Commences

After being shown several different types of shapewear I chose a leotard thinking it would definitely suck in all the stray jiggles. On a side note, I think they’re called Spanx because when wearing them it feels like I’m  being spanked. They work well but there have been times when I’ve felt like I’d explode and I can’t tell you the relief it is to get out of them.

While I know of women who wear shapewear all the time, I do not, and quite honestly I couldn’t even if I’d want to because I find them uncomfortable. But for those special occasions, depending on what I’m wearing, I will wear them.

There are many styles of shapewear from which to choose all according to the need. For this jaunt, I chose to go with a body shaper for slimming and smoothing the thighs and rear, accentuating the waist and to lifting the bust.

Types of Shapewear

  • Body Shapers – body suit or slip that can extend to mid/lower-thigh to flatten, squeeze and support the body by redistributing the jiggle.
  • Bust Shapers – bodysuits or camisoles that shape, smooth, lift, and support.
  • Control Panties – slim, smooth and support the tummy and rear.
  • Thigh Slimmers – flatten tummy, waistline, hips, and thighs; some are high-waist
  • Waist Cinchers – slim waist and tummy.

As I was writing this post I remembered a body shaper from years back that had hook & eye closures and boning that was so comfortable. It was one of my favorite pieces.

“We are very lucky to be women, so even if we’re wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra – I like that.” ~Carine Roitfeld

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  2. You actually went into a fitting room??!!


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