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The Importance of Image

30 Seconds

Silver modern StopwatchBack when I was in business school we were told that it took interviewers approximately 30 seconds to form an initial positive or negative opinion on a job seeker. Understandably since 30 seconds was not a lot of time we were well-trained on the important nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Through many mock job interviews we were able to understand the steps up to, and including, the interview process. Being well-groomed and dressed appropriately was only a fraction of what was required for a successful session. The clock began ticking from the moment we walked into the office, said hello, extended our hand and made eye contact, during that critical first impression.

A positive perception of ourselves by others can help us obtain employment, advance within the workplace, meet a significant other, initiate friendships, join special interest groups, participate in leisure activities; anywhere other humans are involved our image matters. Likewise a negative image can hinder us from reaching our fullest potential by preventing our personal and professional growth.

Image Perceptions

Our image, how others perceive us or what we project to the outside world, is our essence and as such should come from a place of authenticity. It’s how we walk, talk, dress, and behave. Image is so much more than how we appear as evidenced by some in the media whose careers, families, relationships, etc. have been virtually destroyed due to a careless word or deed.

Image, as it relates to people with disabilities, is a completely different animal. If people without disabilities encounter assumptions (positive or negative) imagine the challenges faced by people with disabilities in all areas of their lives. Speaking from my personal experience, when people see me it seems my white cane leads them to draw their own conclusions (right or wrong, and a topic of deeper conversation at a different time).

Prior to beginning this blog I recognized there weren’t many resources on beauty for women who are blind and vision impaired. I knew back then that my ultimate goal would be to start a business within this arena but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. Then a few months ago I took a course and received my Image Consultant Certification – YAY!

1U Image Consulting logo

So with certification in hand and working with Volunteers of America, I am in the process of launching my business, 1U Image Consulting…Because there is only ONE YOU! My focus will be on women with disabilities, physical inabilities and those who’ve experienced significant life circumstances.

I’m so excited right now I can’t think straight and have to constantly remind myself that this is really happening. As I’m writing this piece the designer just sent me the final version of my logo which I’m sharing for the very first time with you.

There are so many details like the business plan, reading, business courses, social media, funding, marketing, financials, and networking to name a few. I’m sort of stuck on the business plan at the moment and I know I’ll get through it though I’m quickly learning I need to let go of the perfectionism to become more efficient. Perhaps I needed to start a business some time ago to gain some balance in my life as it’s forcing me to rethink my approach to work, leisure, and what’s important.

I will still continue with this blog however it will be restructured into broader categories so that it’s not limited to specific days. Down the road the blog will be transitioned to the 1U Image Consulting website which will be under construction soon but I will keep you in the loop as we progress.

Description of the logo is as follows:

  • 1U is the numeral one with a capital U
  • U is black
  • 1 is a beautiful shade of purple (the combination of calm blue and energetic red) and is inside the U
  • Combined 1U is to the left of 3 lines of stacked text
  • Line one Image in gradient shade of purple
  • Line two Consulting in black
  • Line three Because there is only ONE YOU (one you is purple and the rest of the tagline is black)
  • A divider line between line two and three separates the company name from the tagline

“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.” ~Terri Guillemets


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  2. Fantastic, and looking forward to this new journey… well done!

  3. Wow,congratulations! I cannot imagine how incredibly exciting this is for you! I wish you all the best with your business and it’s great that you will still be blogging. Im very happy for you. 😄

    1. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

      1. You’re most welcome! =)

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