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10 Under $50

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Photo of me at my desk working on the computer with the heater on the floor next to me.
Arrow is pointing to my heater.

This morning I was so pumped to begin what was going to be a fabulous day. I did my coffee, bible study, email, and shower. I was off to such a great start nothing could hold me back!!

Nothing, until I stepped outside with Mollie into a completely snow-white covered world – UGH. Seriously??? There had to be (and this is no exaggeration) about 10 inches out there and since there were very few tire tracks and foot prints, every step I took was precarious because with everything being white there was no contrast. Lack of contrast is the enemy to someone with low vision, but moving right along.

I know I’m not the only one disgusted with this lingering winter (thanks Punxsutawney Phil) and I’m so cold I’m literally sitting almost on top of my portable heater (see photo). But Mollie on the other hand (acting as if she hadn’t a care in the world) was frolicking and leaping through the snow like a gazelle in the wide open plains of the Serengeti while I’m all bundled up in my parka trying in vain to get the feeling back in my glove covered fingers. Let me tell you I was not amused.

At any rate we come back inside and being the little worker bee I am, I locate a decent sale in my inbox, quickly put together a post to share this information with my readers, then begin the serious business of finding some noteworthy pieces under $50 for today’s post. Hmmm, what’s this? An email from H&M with a subject line of up to 50% on pants and jeans, sounds promising.

Time to go Shopping

I go to H&M’s website and begin the process of making my selections. Initially I wanted to pick out spring pieces, I really did, but as I was practically shivering I just could not make that leap. However in attempt to compromise and, because I seriously love skirts and dresses, I picked this bold floral patterned skirt that I would wear even now with tights (more on tights in a bit).

Outfit 1 I Want it to be Spring Now
I Want it to be Spring Now

So as I was saying, I found 10 different pieces, clipped them into Polyvore (so that I could put them into pre-made templates), pinned them to Pinterest, download them to Google Drive, then uploaded them into WordPress. Once all that was done I went back to grab the links to each piece to make it easy for you to purchase if you so desire.

First up is the floral skirt. From Polyvore I click on the H&M link which takes me directly to the H&M website. Everything was looking good until I arrived at the website and saw the UK’s £ Pound symbol. “What’s going on?” I think to myself.

Dollars to Pounds

A box pops up saying “You are about to visit a page on H&M United Kingdom. We recognise you normally use our site in the United States…” Then I’m given a choice of these cute little UK and US flags which I can click on to go to the appropriate site.

I’m figuring since the skirt isn’t sold in the US, I’ll just go to the UK’s site only to find out that purchases made on their site are delivered to specified locations (the US is not one of those locations), bummer.

Outfit 2 It's Still Cold Outside
It’s Still Cold Outside

Not to be deterred I go back and click on the US site but can’t find the skirt. At this point I’m beginning to have a slight melt down but if you’ve been following me for a bit you know that a person with OCD traits will simply not accept the first, second or dare I say it, even third failures. Like the Energizer Bunny we just keep on going, and going, and going.

In this particular scenario the fourth (it may have been 40th but who’s counting) time was the charm. To come clean I just went back out to the US H&M site, found all the items and updated the links, so we’re good to go now.

Without further delay, following are the descriptions of each piece within the two outfits.

Outfit #1 – I call this “I Want it to be Spring Now!”

  • Pencil Skirt – The colors and design on this skirt are very eye-catching. With shades of blue, black, grey, white and pink this bold floral, figure fitting, knee-length pencil skirt is sure to get you noticed. Material is sturdy stretch jersey with a visible zip at the back.
  • Jersey Top – Short-sleeved top in jersey with sewn-in turn-ups on the sleeves. Light pink and perfect for spring and summer.
  • Biker Jacket – Natural white, figure-fitting biker jacket in sturdy textured jersey with lightly padded, quilted details, a collar with press-studs, a diagonal zip at the front, pockets with a visible zip, and a tab and press-stud at the sides.
  • Ankle Boots – Black ankle boots in faux leather with pointed toes, covered heels, a zip in the side and rubber soles.
  • Opaque Tights | Target | Black – Good Morning America aired a segment on tights a few weeks ago where they went directly to the manufacturer and were told the material used for all tights has greatly improved over the years. There really isn’t much of a difference between brand name or budget tights and based on the stringent tests on high-end versus lower cost brands, the lower priced ones fared better. Here are links to both the text and video segment: GMA Tights (Text) & GMA Tights (Video).  

Outfit #2 – Lovingly referred to as “It’s Still Cold Outside”

  • Biker Pants – Khaki green, stretch biker pants with slim legs, a regular waist, mock front pockets with a visible zip at the front, and seams at the knees.
  • Jersey Top – Light beige, figure-fitting top in soft jersey with a scoop neckline and short sleeves.
  • Short Coat – Black coat (long blazer) thigh-length in woven fabric with 3/4-length sleeves, side pockets and no buttons. Lined.
  • Pumps – Black pumps in imitation suede with rubber soles, 3 inch heels.
  • Handbag – Cognac brown handbag in grained imitation leather with two handles, a zip and tie at the top and two inner compartments. 11 3/4 x 17 3/4 in.

Okay after all this I’m tired. Gonna have to take a nap now, lol.

“All work and no play makes Steph pretty gosh darn grouchy” ~Steph McCoy

3 thoughts on “10 Under $50

  1. Aha – – well, here’s where we finally differ. And I think you already know this about me. I have lived 50 years in So Cal and I am soooo sick and tired of skipping seasons every year. We have one season – – it’s called Perspiration. I would just give anything to wear boots and sweaters and have a reason to drink hot cocoa by the fire without feeling guilty that I should be OUTSIDE enjoying the beautiful weather. I don’t know – – this must truly be a case of If I were there, the novelty would wear off….but it just seems so gloriously wonderlandish! Anyhow, I had to laugh because your outfit titled, “I want it to be spring now!” would make women here suffer heatstroke! Jacket and tights? We NEVER get to wear stuff like that. Not even in “our winter weather” when it drops all the way down to 72. UGH! Get me outa here – – I refuse to be born, raised and die all in the same little corner of the world without ever experiencing seasons! Thanks for letting me get this off my heat rashed chest.

    1. OMG Steph you’re killing me LOL 😉 Your humor is so gloriously fabulous!! All I can say is I’m glad I own my place, else I might get kicked out for cackling so loud. And yes, I have to agree we definitely differ on this one point (except I guess I could understand it if I only had one season, year after year). At least we do get a nice rotation. I just wish winter weren’t SO LONG. Oh, it’s great when we get the first actual snowfall that blankets everything but after a while it begins to feel like Groundhog Day as in the movie. The same thing over and over and over and it never seems to stop – but then again when it eventually does we appreciate spring and summer so much more.

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