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Deals, Deals, and More Deals

Be Still My Heart

Image of what appears to be a bridge with the words Best of Groupon on topOh my heavens I’m so excited I just can’t stand it!!

You know those people who ruin the punchline on jokes because they just don’t get it and they end up laughing after the moment has passed? Or worse yet they never get it and require an explanation on what makes the joke funny? I’m one of those people.

So it’s no surprise that I’m just now getting on the Groupon Coupon bandwagon. For years, and I mean at least three or four years ago my coupon savvy friends and coworkers tried to convince me to check Groupon out and for some inexplicable reason I resisted.

Finally today I took the plunge, visited Groupon’s site at, and once the page was loaded everything that came into view on my monitor was like eye candy. When joining Groupon you are asked to provide the city where you live so that the results are tailored to your location. Right away being able to see “Deals in Pittsburgh” was great because I could see at a glance things to do, places to go, food to eat and more.

Upon verification of my registration on the site, I noticed in the automated email that I can earn “Groupon Bucks” with every purchase. That did it for me – being paid to shop makes me happy.

My oh My so Many Choices

With a number of categories from which to choose, for example: food & drink, health & fitness and shopping, Groupon has huge discounts on an array of goods and services for just about everyone. One area of the site that I’m really digging (does anyone even say digging anymore?) At any rate the extensive collection of incredible coupons grabbed my attention.

Top coupons are featured each day, in addition one can search by store or category.  A quick search for one of my favorite department stores netted me a result of 140 coupons available today. So out of curiosity I did a quick search under the computer category and wouldn’t you know it? After I already bought my laptop there are 2,175 coupons being offered – oh well best not to dwell on missed opportunities.

Being a dedicated online shopping aficionado and sharing great finds with my readers, I have to admit that I was having a bit of a difficult time trying to focus on writing this article. Under the guise of research, I would go back to Groupon to check out other coupons and would eventually find myself heading to the online retailers to double-check the offerings.  This of course would lead me down the path of adding to my ever-growing wish list but I’m happy to report that I resisted the temptation to actually buy anything.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 5 I give Groupon a 10! Now for the hard part: JT, Margie, Lori and whoever else I wouldn’t listen to, I owe you an apology and my deepest and most sincere gratitude (even if it is a tad late) for recommending Groupon to me.


“You may laugh at my couponing, but you pay for stuff I get for free.”

4 thoughts on “Deals, Deals, and More Deals

  1. Hi Stephani! Glad to be catching up with you!

    I took your bait and clicked on you Groupon link. It came up with a window over the main website that said, “Your Email Address
    We’ll send you unbeatable deals in Columbus.”

    I live hundreds of miles from Columbus. There was no way to X out of that little window. The only links were to submit an email address or “sign in”. I clicked on “sign in”, and then had access to the website, without signing in.

    I clicked on Local Deals, clicked in the Search box, and entered my zip code. The top result was a nationally-branded item. The second result was for a business that is hours away. A nearby business (1/2 hour away) did not show up until the 20th item. Only 2 businesses that are within an hour way showed up before that one.

    However, that one business is one that I was not aware of, and would like to try out. On that business’s page, I found a closer business that also interested me…and so it went as I discovered treasures.


    1. Hi Grace, I tried to respond to your comment twice so like they say three times is a charm so I hope it works.

      First, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m a tad bit behind in visiting blogs I follow (I so wish there was more time in the day) but rest assured I will be stopping by soon for some though provoking reading.

      On the Groupon link, I’ll have to look at the link and see if I’m able to upload a generic one. For some reason I thought once I published it, the issue would be resolved. If that doesn’t work (and I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t) I’ll just give the address for folks to type into their browser.

      I’ve been getting emails with some decent deals (one of which was for a new fitness tracker for $52 which normally retails for $129). So I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other offerings.

      See you on your blog!! ~Steph

      1. Dear Steph, I don’t see anything wrong with your link. I think that Groupon misread my computer’s network ID and thought I was elsewhere. I just wanted to provide your other readers for strategies for handling such nuisances.

        See you on my side of the world 😉

      2. Oh Great!! Thank you Grace!!

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