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All Bundled Up

Giving In Is Not The Same As Giving Up

Faux Fur Vest Very Old from Costco
Faux Fur Vest from Costco had this for a number of years

Back in November I began additional O&M (orientation and mobility) retraining on my white cane. Though I had O&M training about four years ago I didn’t immediately use the cane (that whole psychological thing prevented me from using it). Unfortunately by the time I really needed to use it I didn’t retain most of what I learned. Thus I had to “fake” confidence in using this tool but the upside was most people understood that I had some form of serious vision impairment.

After reading Amy Bovaird’s book Mobility Matters: Stepping Out In Faith – this past summer I knew it was time to refresh my caning skills. One of the things instructors teach in O&M training is walking in time or step with the cane which means whatever foot you start out on the cane should be extended in front to the opposite side to ensure that the path is clear of obstacles.

I’ve admitted on numerous occasions that I have no rhythm so walking in step was a difficult process for me to grasp. However, my recent trainings are considerably different in that  this time I’m a willing participant, ask many questions on technique, and I even managed to get the walking in step thing down to a tee – YAY.

Overall this O&M experience is very good and I’m looking forward to more challenging caning tasks. I’ll keep you posted.

Photo of me standing outside with my cane wearing the Double breasted knit coat with cross over collar Shoptiques
Double breasted knit coat with cross over collar

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Lately my newest fixation has been on outerwear. Winter weather in Pittsburgh is not for the faint of heart and I’ll be the first to admit that I HATE being cold. When I say cold I mean cold to the point of being brought to tears because you’ve shivered so much and toes and fingers? What are those? Since you haven’t felt them since being out in the frozen tundra.

I used to say that it’s too cold to be cute but since I’m in that fabulous mode I’ve had to do a few things that are out of character for me. Perhaps the reason why it’s been easier to do crazy things like wearing cute little winter vest in sub-zero temps is because for the most part I’m only going from the comfort of my home or wherever I happen to be at the moment into a car. Throw in a toasty hot flash and, well, you get the picture.

HM Cape
H&M Cape
Double breasted knit coat with cross over collar Shoptiques
Double breasted knit coat with cross over collar Shoptiques

So I’ve been trotting around town in this ever so cute faux fur vest (compliments of my ex-husband from – believe it or not – Costco of all places). Since I needed to refresh to my winter wardrobe I found the following and even have a couple of pics with me in said outerwear. Following are descriptions.

Cape | H&M – Uh-oh, this is a little embarrassing, um, it looks like I told a little fib because I do not have a photo of me actually wearing this little number but I promise before winter is over I will get one taken. For now I’ll describe the online photo.

I bought this from H&M specifically for my trip to New York back in October and I must say that from the moment I put it on (complete with sunglasses and gloves) I felt like a glamorous Hollywood starlet from back in the day. The cape is wrap-style in a felted wool blend with cap sleeves, snap fasteners at the top and two roomy front pockets. The color is a lighter shade of brown with edges bound in dark brown trim. When wearing it with a chunky sweater I was real comfortable in temps dipping between 20 to 30 degrees. Similar HERE.

Headshot of me wearing the Sam Edelman Coat with embellished knit headband
Okay so this isn’t a full body shot, oh well.
Sam Edelman Asymmetrical Faux Fur Moto Jacket
Sam Edelman Asymmetrical Faux Fur Moto Jacket

Sam Edelman Asymmetrical Faux Fur Moto Jacket | Nordstrom – A classic moto jacket takes a soft turn in an oversized fully lined silhouette fashioned from fuzzy faux fur. An asymmetrical front zip secures the cozy style. Winter white abounds this season and what I like aside from the coziness of this coat is the cream color and the two front zip pockets.Similar HERE.

Shoptiques | If you caught my Bling Sting post on Sunday I talked a little about latest obsession with Shoptiques an online marketplace. WEATHERED ELEMENTS, IOWA is the boutique that sold my latest acquisition. I found this sharp, olive colored, double-breasted, knit coat with cross over collar. Even if it wasn’t fully lined I probably would have still got it because of the detailing. An oversized collar, 2 columns of big cream-colored buttons line the front of the coat, with the same buttons on the sleeves really makes this coat pop. The coat definitely has vintage vibe which gave me a good reason to pair it with a faux fur snood wrapped around my neck.

BCBGeneration Detachable Hood Front Zip Coat Nordstromrack
BCBGeneration Detachable Hood Front Zip Coat Nordstromrack

BCBGeneration Detachable Hood Front Zip Coat | Nordstromrack. It really is all in the details and this coat is full of sweet details. I knew I wanted at least one belted coat and wasn’t disappointed with this black coat with silver and faux leather detailing. Comes with a mock collar with detachable hood 3 welt pockets with zip closure. Faux leather trim adorns the front zipper, shoulders and upper sleeves. Similar HERE.

“Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.” ~Author Unknown

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