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Bling it On!!

All That Glitters…

Crystal Feather Necklace Shop Lately
Crystal Feather Necklace
Shop Lately

Is it just me or does it seem like sparkle is everywhere? From jewelry, clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, handbags, makeup, nail polish, to cell phone cases, lamps, clocks, picture frames, pillows, and get this, I even found a recipe for sparkle slime on Pinterest, and the list goes on. Everything is fair game in the world of sparkle and I for one cannot get enough.

I don’t know what it is about the mere glint of glitter that draws me but as soon as I’m in the vicinity of anything sparkly I can feel its magnetic pull. The brilliance of the reflected light in a myriad of pretty jewel-like colors takes my breath away. Add to it the tactility of many sparkle encrusted items, this adds a tangible dimension to the mesmerizing lure of its enchantment.

Bling With Sting

BlingSting Pepper Spray Shoptiques
BlingSting Pepper Spray Shoptiques

I shouldn’t have been surprised when visiting a new website recommended by my cousin that not only did I locate what I’ve been trying to find for a long time but it’s completely bedazzled. Personal safety is always in the forefront of my mind, so much so that I’ve been wanting to buy some pepper spray for months. So when browsing Shoptiques, an online marketplace of these lovely boutiques, and I spied a picture of what looked like a small spray canister covered in what appeared to be tiny crystals? Well, let me tell you, I was one happy individual when I clicked on the item and found it was Blingsting Pepper Spray.

Who’d thought that one’s personal protection devices could look fashionable? Looks aside, this little refillable case has a clip that can be attached to keys, handbag, backpack, or whatever suits your fancy. The spray valve has a safety on it to prevent accidental release of the contents.

Ahh-larm Shoptiques

The color of my case is silver but I saw one in gold and another in pink. Another personal safety device that I found was the Ahh!-Larm Keychain. Unfortunately I was unable to locate this key chain and I can’t recall the boutique that sold it but rest assured I will scour the internet until I find a like item. As the name implies this gold glitter covered key chain has a button that when pushed emits this ear-splitting siren. The only issue I could see with this would be if the noise hurts the assailant then what would it do to the victim? Hmmm, I guess if it’s a matter of one’s life on the line it’s an insignificant matter.

The next item on my wish list is a blinged out stun gun. Once I have this I believe my cache of self-protection weaponry will be complete that is until I can think up the need for some other gadget.

Enjoy Right Now

When I was growing up my grandmother had the most beautiful sets of china and formal silverware  that sat on display in her china cabinet. The only time these lovelies ever saw the light of day was during a holiday or some special occasion. At the time I didn’t understand why someone would possess such pretty things and not use them on a regular basis but that was my grandma. I would have the opportunity to do as I please with my possessions once I had a place of my own.

Painted Leaves Collar Necklace Shape Lately
Painted Leaves Collar Necklace
Shop Lately

Today for the most part I still hold to the philosophy that I’m going to make good use of the things that I own when I want. I can’t live my life holding out on using my treasures for anything not when I’m living today. This doesn’t mean that I use things willy nilly, because I take care of what I possess, it’s just that I realize that nothing this side of heaven is everlasting.

Now for the fun stuff. I need to share with you a couple of fabulous, sparkly finds that I scored after Christmas. Both of the statement necklaces that I’m about to describe were found online at Shop Lately:

Crystal Feather Necklace – As soon as I saw this necklace I knew I’d be wearing it one day very soon – I received it yesterday and yesterday just happened to be the day I wore it for the first time.  The 16 inch with a 2 inch extender chain  is gunmetal and comes with a lobster clasp closure. The shiny crystals are a rhinestone lover’s delight. 8 half-inch square stones are equally spaced and each is surrounded by miniature round stones. At the bottom of the square stones are upside down tear-shaped stones and on the top are bigger round stones which form a set. Between each set of square stones are 2 round stacked round stones with a spike shaped stone at the bottom.

Flower Knit Beanie Shoptiques
Flower Knit Beanie

Painted Leaves Collar Necklace – What caught my eye on this necklace was the shape because even though there are individual leaves the necklace in its entirety is reminiscent of a peacock (one of my favorite birds). The coloring consisting of blue, purple, green and gray add to the peacock feel. The length of the gunmetal necklace is 20 inches with a 2 inch extender and lobster clasp. If you were wearing this necklace the leaves located under your neck would be larger to smaller curving to the right (lengths begin at approx. 1 inch). On the left side of the leaves are stems that appear to be budding. The buds are glass stones in several shades of blue. This necklace is very pretty and has an artsy feel.

Power Bank Charger

The 3 additional pictures in this post were added to show you a small range of bejeweled items. One is a knitted beanie with a beaded flower on the left side. I’ve seen a number of hats and headbands with these decorative flowers, since my hair is so short I even got myself a black knitted headband with a black beaded flower. A portable square-shaped charger looks eerily similar to my Bling Sting Pepper spray in that it is fully covered in tiny stones and they come in different colors. The one in the picture is blue with a white band along the top and bottom. The nice thing about these portable chargers is that they are small enough to fit into a handbag and can charge a cell phone, camera and other USB devices. The third picture is a black and white glittered leopard print USB cords.

“Life won’t sparkle unless you do.”

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  3. Oh my! What are the odds? You and I are obviously gildedly connected. I just wrote a post and titled it, “All that glitters is not gold!” Long time no comment. I’ve missed coming here! Gonna have to catch up but meanwhile, looks like no assailant will be stupid enough to get near you – – he’ll be blinded by the glint. I just love the chargers too but where’s the crystal feather necklace? I don’t see that here. Great to read you again and happy new year, namesake!

    1. Hi Steph, you’re pulling my leg, right? That’s too funny – I’ll have to visit your blog to check it out – I’ve been slacking in this department. The crystal feather necklace is the very first photo (the picture just doesn’t seem to capture it’s brillance). Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

      1. Oh!! I was seriously looking for crystals interspersed with white maribou feathers. I’m so literal. Love it!

      2. Hahaha, that sounds like something I would think. This is getting scary.

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