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The Year in Review #1

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Porcelain statues of Mary, Joseph, Jesus in the manger, 3 wise men with two lit candles in the backgroundHappy Friday! I hope everyone has just about completed their Christmas lists and are faring well during these last two frenzied weeks leading up to the holiday. Personally, with the exception of items purchased online I typically wait until a day or two before Christmas before venturing out into the madness. It’s not so much the procrastination thing that propels me as opposed to my distaste for mob scenes (which is one reason online shopping is tailor-made for someone like me).

Lately I’ve been experiencing some non-holiday related stress mainly due to my laptop. Last year I had similar issues where it would just shut down and of course it was always during the most inopportune times. After troubleshooting several things a laptop cooling fan was the solution. I suppose that adding an additional year to the life <sniff> of my ‘puter is something to be celebrated but why, oh why does it hurt so bad?

Unfortunately one of my most critical tasks revolves around finding a replacement laptop. I hate computer shopping almost as much as I hated car shopping (thank goodness looking for vehicles was removed from my list five years ago). See, there are a few positives to vision loss) but I’m getting off topic. Let’s just hope my machine will cooperate with me to get this post published before Christmas.

A few weeks ago I reflected on this past year of blogging and in particular the women featured during Fierce Fridays. So I’ve been sporadically contacting these amazing women so that I could publish several year-in-review articles on what’s happened in their lives since I last wrote about them.

Today it gives me pleasure to present Amy Bovaird, Kerry Kijewski and Maribel Steel.

Amy Bovaird

AmyBovaird on the cover of her book walking down stairs with her white cane
Amy Bovaird

Amy Bovaird’s book Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith was published in October of this year and I’m so happy to let you know that the large print version is available now, just in time for Christmas. At the time of this post Amy is also in the process of making an audio version of the book that I cannot wait to snap up.

The newest book Amy is working on, A Sight for Sore Eyes: The Lighter Side to Facing Vision Loss, will allow us to glimpse into the humorous side of her everyday life as seen through her vision-impaired sight. If this book has stories on the level of what she shared in Mobility Matters it is bound to be a hoot.

To buy a paperback copy of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith on Amazon click HERE. The Kindle version of the book is free for Amazon subscribers and costs $3.99 for non-subscribers. For more information on Amy you can visit her site at and follow her on Facebook at Amy Bovaird’s FB Page.

Kerry Kijewski

Kerry Kijewski
Kerry Kijewski

Before I wrote about Kerry Kijewski we had talked via Skype for over 1 and a half hours. Since she is such an intelligent, articulate, sharp young woman our conversation flowed so effortlessly that time just got away from us. In addition to her blog (Her Headache) Kerry also recently started a travel website called The Insightful Wanderer whose major goal is to paint pictures with words.

Kerry has been the subject of several articles where others have written about her. In one of my favorites, from the blog Change It Up Editing, titled Reading Challenges of a Visually Impaired Writer in the Digital World she talks very candidly about obstacles she encounters day-to-day in our technological environment.

A genuine love for words, Kerry enjoys reading and writing. In her latest post on her blog, Human Rights Day 2014: Fragility, her frustration with the state of our world is tangible.

Maribel Steel

Maribel Steel
Maribel Steel

When you visit the website Gateway to Blindness you will be met with a cornucopia of delightful stories, images and bursts of color your senses will come alive. Maribel Steel a talented writer, artist, speaker and one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure to meet has such a way of ever so eloquently stringing together words you will see the brighter side of life.

In 8 Threads to Weave into the Garment of Change for example, in this post Maribel takes the sometimes uncomfortable subject of vision loss and disability, she interjects a little humor and positivity to remind us that we do have a choice in how we respond to life’s situations. In this article we are given concrete steps to follow to make it through to the other side of adversity.

The topic of 8 Threads to Weave into the Garment of Change was so popular on Maribel’s blog earlier this year that since that time, she has expanded on the core message and now has over a dozen beautiful images to go with a 45 minute live presentation. As she will be promoting the presentation for 2015 her first live event was a week ago to a group of 175 sixteen year old girls at her old secondary college.

Once again I want to thank Amy, Kerry and Maribel for their positive impact within our local and global communities as well. You are making a difference!!

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.” ~George Bernard Shaw

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  1. I really enjoyed being included in your Fierce Fridays feature and I enjoyed meeting you and speaking also with these other two on the list today in the past year. Happy to have collaborated with you all and hope you have a wonderful 2015 year.

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