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Two for the Price of One…

#1 – Diabetes Prevention

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If you recall, in recognition of National Diabetes Awareness Month each Wednesday during November I was going to write articles to bring attention to this debilitating disease. In week one in addition to startling statistics on diabetes in the US, I talked about it on a personal level as I have close friends and family affected by the illness.

Last week I posted a great article written by Audrey Demmitt on controlling diabetes and its effect on the body. Today I want to discuss four ways in which you can prevent diabetes. For easy access to the previous posts here are the links: Week 1 and Week 2.

  1. High Fiber Diet – For many reasons a fiber rich, low fat diet is good for overall health but did you know that a specific percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates can help in diabetes prevention? I remember going to a diabetes expo a few years ago where a dietitian used a visual to help with meal planning. Imagine a plate divided in half. One half of the plate should be fiber (fruits/veggies). The other half should be divided into quarters with one quarter being healthy protein (like fish or chicken), and the second quarter whole grains (like whole wheat and barley).
  2. Depend on Whole Foods – In the comparison of whole foods versus dietary supplements (even those made from whole foods), whole foods are considerably better for your body. According to the Mayo Clinic supplements are not intended to replace whole foods. In general, if you are in good health and eat a healthy diet chances are you probably wouldn’t derive additional benefits from taking supplements. However based on your personal situation this is one of those areas where you should follow up with your doctor or dietitian for further recommendations.
  3. Get Plenty of Sleep – A number of resources (including WebMD, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mayo Clinic) indicate that the normal amount of sleep for an adult is 7-8 hours. Some of the studies on adult sleep patterns indicate that when getting less than 6-7 hours of sleep there is among other things, a lack of concentration and mood disturbances. The bottom line here is too little sleep can increase the risk of diabetes.
  4. Managing Stress – While I think most of us can affirm that long-term stress can wreck-havoc on the body it wasn’t until I became enlightened on diabetes that I found that stress can influence blood sugar levels. Too much stress can send insulin levels through the roof which is why it is so important to control the amount of stress in your life. A quick google search on stress reduction programs returned 1,360,000 results.One of the major steps I’ve taken to reduce the amount of stress in my life is simply saying “no.” While I would love to be able to take on more projects I realize that I am less effective with too many things on my plate. Reading books, spending time on my computer, taking time away from the computer and turning off the phone are other methods that I find work well for me. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, soothing music, aromatherapy and more can be beneficial techniques in reducing stress.

I cannot put enough emphasis on becoming your own healthcare advocate. Being vigilant and in tune to your body puts you ahead of the game in the prevention of diabetes and other diseases. Performing your due diligence even before going to the doctor so that you can asked informed questions is also helpful in managing your overall health.

#2 – Holiday Deals

In keeping with the diabetes theme I thought I’d focus today’s 5 deals on exercise/health related items for you or to give as gifts. You’ll note that I reference Ebates several times for cash back plus additional savings by the retailer.

I’ve been using Ebates for several years since the majority of my shopping is online. Recently you might have some commercials on television advertising this cash back program. Sign-up is free and depending on how much you spend when going through the Ebates site you will receive a check quarterly.

  1. BlindAlive Logo Eyes Free FitnessBlindAlive Eyes-Free Workouts – I’ve been promoting these workouts because this is such a groundbreaking approach in exercise programs for the blind and vision impaired. There are 4 workouts and 3 bundles available for download.
  2. Kohl’s–6% Cash back through Ebates
    •45-55% off Active and Fitnesswear for Misses. Exp. 11/22/2014
    •10-50% Athletic Shoes for the Family. Exp. 11/22/2014
  3. Finish Line–4.0% Cash Back through Ebates
    •Free Shipping everyday
    •Women’s shoes, apparel, accessories
  4. Target is offering free shipping now through 12/20/14
    Women’s Activewear (sports bras, shorts, capris, pants, hoodies, socks, and more)
    Marcy 3 Pair Neoprene Dumbbell Set
    Hand, Wrist & Body Weights
    Exercise Mats
    Exercise Balls
  5. Lady Foot Locker–3.0% Cash Back through Ebates
    •13 offers including sale items (the sale items do not require a coupon code)

The gift of a healthy lifestyle is priceless.


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