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Making a Statement

Purposefully Passionate

Picture of Orion with his first haircut sitting in a shopping cart showing off his pretty red curls at the store.

You know you’re old, ahem, seasoned, when your 22 month old grandson spends the weekend and he single-handedly zaps all of your energy. From being an infant one minute to an energetic toddler running to and fro as he explores the world around him, I’m just amazed at his transformation from one year ago.

Hearing Orion call a ‘car’ a ‘tar,’ or grabbing one of his books, climbing on my lap, then a second later jumping down to move onto the next thing slays me. As I watch him quickly moving from one thing to the next it’s almost as if he’s trying to cram as much as he can into each and every moment, a reminder that I should be doing the same.

Helping to make the world a better place isn’t just a nice sentiment I believe it is one of our purposes in life. My friend Jami for example, is helping to feed people in our own backyard by raising money through an annual event for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Jami created Luvfest as an homage to her mom, Billie, who passed away eight years ago.

Celebrating Billie’s life and honoring her most important passion-bringing together friends and family to break bread is in part what Luvfest achieves. Helping people who are going through rough times by benefitting the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is the most critical piece of Luvfest. This year’s event was this past Friday the 14th at ToonSeum, an art museum dedicated to the comic and cartoon arts.

As in previous years the house was packed, there was food, beverages, prizes for raffles, live entertainment and a multitude of wonderful people. This year the event raised $1,300 and it’s amazing to know that it doesn’t stop here because Jami continues to spearhead volunteer opportunities at work and in her spare time for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank throughout the year.

Luvfest 2014  Jami with her Brothers & Sisters holding a large check for $1,300 for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank
Luvfest 2014
Jami with her Brothers & Sisters

There are many problems in and around the world but if each of us takes one small segment we can do the seemingly impossible. I think the key is finding what inspires passion within and then looking for any opportunity to get involved. Jami is one person but this one person sharing her mission with others is what makes the difference.

Owning Our Faces

Woman over 50 applying blush
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On October 13 I wrote a post on 2014 Fall/Winter Makeup Trends. In the article I talked about a book by Andrea Q. Robinson called “Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+”. Since I was intrigued by the summary of the book I purchased the Kindle version and I started to read it during my trip to New York a little over two weeks ago.

Right out of the gate I could easily relate and agree with some of the things mentioned in the first three chapters. The main takeaway for me in these chapters was liberation.

Paring down cosmetics and skin care products we no longer need, shedding the stress of trying to reclaim days gone by and accepting ourselves as we are has an immediate cleansing effect. Purging is one of the first steps for the woman of a certain age to develop a customized makeup and skin care program.

While we may be aware of our changing skin as we age, many of us don’t know that the regimens we used to follow may no longer be effective. In addition since the beauty industry doesn’t address our specific needs we become sold on the hype of the latest this or greatest that which is probably better suited to those under 50.

All is not lost

Why we look at aging as such a negative thing boggles my mind. I like to think of aging as the process of continually evolving. With this evolutionary process comes a confidence that could only be honed from making the conscious choice to adapt to our present circumstances.

Determining the correct formulas for our aging skin, using less makeup, and applying it correctly saves us time to focus on those things that matter most. In the book the author list six cosmetics we should incorporate into our daily routine with a natural look being the end goal.

  1. Foundation or tinted moisturizer
  2. Cheek color
  3. Lip liner
  4. Lipstick
  5. Mascara
  6. Eyeliner

In chapters four through nine Andrea Q. Robinson gives the low down on each of the items mentioned above and even provides a list of her favorite picks. Speaking of picks one of the things she talked about that I wanted to share today concerns the mammoth beauty corporations and the brands they own or license at varying price points. This is important because many of us fall prey to spending a small fortune on cosmetics and skin care products when the drug store version is the same formula as the high-end version.

In summary one research lab in each corporation creates an ingredient used across many of their brands. The creative use of words, using scientific jargon, phrases like ‘may help improve’, ‘may diminish’, etc. are some of the techniques used by these companies to entice us to buy. Like I used to tell my kids when they were growing up “if it sounds too good to be true…”

Over the next couple of weeks I will share additional information from the book as well as some holiday looks.

Remember: When you feel good you look good. It’s all a matter of choice.

In answer to the question what people could do in honor of Luvfest Day (which by proclamation of the Pittsburgh City Council is November 18th 2014): “Ask them to feed someone else. Get a homeless person something to eat. Buy someone lunch.” ~The Marlowe Clan

4 thoughts on “Making a Statement

  1. Thank you Steph!! He is so hilarious I can’t stand it.

    Toss up beteween Lilly Munster & Morticia as one of favs. I saw a survey recently that said these huge cosmetics companies have rethought the way they distribute some of their products. It used to be that department stores got the high-end stuff first but in today’s fast-paced world women are more inclined to go to the drugstore for their beauty purchases out of convenience. Thus in today’s market drugstores are receiving some of the new formulas before dept. stores.

  2. Oh Step! He’s a cutie pie!! I need to go purge now…. There’s some mascara and black eye-liner that pre-dates Lilly Munster. And I am a drugstore brand aficionado. Thanks as usual for an informative post!

  3. Excellent information. What I would like to know, first and foremost, are the companies that do NOT use animals for testing.

    1. On Paula’s Choice website there is a link to that provides reviews on thousands of products along with animal testing or not, ingredients and more.

      This is an area that’s become more important to me after I discovered all that goes into animal testing. Also as I’ve gotten older I’m wary of ingredients in topical products.

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