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Vintage Italian Silver Chain Belts
Vintage Italian Silver Chain Belts

Can you believe that there are only 44 days until Christmas? It seems like just yesterday we were ushering in 2014 and now before you know it we’ll be saying farewell.

So here we are with Veterans Day barreling down on us, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday (it appears that this day has remained untainted, should this change I will be sure to update you) then finally Cyber Monday. What do all these days have in common? I’m glad you asked, up to and during these days retailers are heavily competing for your dollars.

Due to the madness of the season my inbox is overflowing with all kinds of holiday deals. Since I’ve learned the fine art of skimming through my emails most of these communications are deleted post-haste.

This morning I made an exception to my deleting frenzy when I spied the following: “Ridiculously-priced new and vintage jewelry and accessories from a Fab Over Fifty Fashionista.” We’re talking jewelry and accessories here so I was honor bound to open the email and click on the link that took me to H•O•T (House of Terrance) an online boutique full of unique finds.

Vintage Hermes Tie
Vintage Hermes Tie
Prada It Bag Key Fob
Prada It Bag Key Fob
Vintage Pearls and Beads Multi-strand Necklace
Vintage Pearls and Beads Multi-strand Necklace

H•O•T’s owner, Terry Gibralter, is selling one-of-a-kind pieces from her personal new and vintage jewelry and accessories collection, as well as items she received when she was a fashion stylist! And what’s more if you are a member of (registration is free), to receive an additional 10% discount all you need to do is use code HOT10 at checkout.

Terry Gibralter, who has affectionately been referred to as a ‘fashion savant,’ possesses a love for clothing that goes back to her elementary school days. It was in the 90’s she used her extraordinary styling skills when working for the Singapore edition of Elle Magazine.

Stunning Rhinestone and Blue Stone Choker
Stunning Rhinestone and Blue Stone Choker
Alexis Bittar Exquisite Gold Chain with Stones Necklace
Alexis Bittar Exquisite Gold Chain with Stones Necklace

Over the years, since Terry collected an enormous supply of clothes, jewelry and accessories, she began selling her collections 8 years ago. What makes H•O•T stand apart from other online specialty stores are the exclusive pieces she offers at an affordable cost.

Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to peruse the H•O•T’s site and find a few baubles I wouldn’t mind acquiring. Following are the descriptions of said items:

  • Vintage Italian Silver Chain Belts – Add a little 80s spark to your outfit with this gorgeous line up of silver chain belts! Each features a different design motif; rhinestones, circles and geometric. Made in Italy. Rhinestone 40″, Circles 36″, Geometric 38″. Sold as a set
  • Vintage Hermes Tie – This beautiful gold and green silk tie with flying bird print is vintage Hermes and really special. In excellent condition.
  • Prada It Bag Key Fob – What, you missed out on the real one in ’97? Here’s your chance and it’s adorable! Dimensions are 2″ x 3 1/2″. In perfect condition. This bag is the probably the closest I will ever get to a real Prada. Black with cobalt pink handle and trim. Fob is silver.
  • Vintage Pearls and Beads Multi-strand Necklace – 6 cascading strands of different colored pearls and beads. I can’t tell exactly what the colors are but they appear to be grey, bronze, cream and clear beads.
  • Stunning Rhinestone and Blue Stone Choker – 5 diamond-shaped blue stones interspersed with 4 squarish rhinestones. These stones and rhinestones are attached to the choker which has a double row of small rhinestones all around. The bottom point on each of the blue stones also has 7 oval-shaped rhinestones.
  • Alexis Bittar Exquisite Gold Chain with Stones Necklace – marbled and smoothly polished semi precious stones in this golden double strand chain-link necklace.

If you’re looking for true one-of-kind gifts for Christmas or even yourself you should check out H•O•T.

“I believe to be truly stylish, it’s all about knowing how to MIX IT UP. What makes a look interesting is the pairing of old with new, inexpensive with cher, plaid with florals … well you get my point.” ~Terry Gibralter

Author: Steph McCoy

Hi, I'm Steph, a businesswoman, style setter, blogger, and abilities crusader who breaks the myth that “blind people can’t be fashionable.” “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers”

2 thoughts on “New & Vintage Offerings”

  1. Like you Stephanie I too am OCD but I’ve realized that there are some things I have to let go lest I lose my sanity. When I used to read books in print I read every word and wondered how people could do the 1 pg per ? seconds. So now that I read audibly I still enjoy the experience and refuse to speed up the narration but I know some folks who can listen to books whose sound is the equivalent to the Chipmunks on speed. The pearls are very nice though I’m eyeing the chain belts and the Hermes tie. Haven’t worn a tie in years but I’d sport one.


  2. Hmmm, I never mastered the Email Skim. I’m too OCD and feel like there might be one email that’s critically important and my skimming skills put it in the trash. My fave is the pearl and beads mixed together. Something very old fashioned and modern both at once about combining those into one necklace!

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