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Don’t Worry Be Happy

A Dog With Two Tails

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Idioms, I thought I’d heard nearly all of them but I was so, so wrong. I was taken aback when my mother let a few slip that I had to have her repeat to be sure I heard right.

The only two I remember go like this 1) [insert name of someone you know] ‘looks like death standing on a street corner sucking on a lifesaver’ or 2) ‘it was so quiet you could hear a rat piddling on cotton.’ I must have been in a silly mood when I heard these because all I can remember is laughing so hard I nearly choked.

At any rate when I was looking for idioms related to being happy I was delighted to come across ‘as happy as a flea in a doghouse’ because that is exactly how I feel right about now. That’s not to say I feel like a flea, because I have no way of knowing what a flea feels like but if I were a flea I’d be happy… oh, never mind.

My reasons for being happy today are two-fold. First me and a friend of mine are going on a road trip this weekend to New York and second I have something to share with you (more on this in a bit). Even though it’s cold now with a forecast of colder weather to come I can’t wait to leave on Friday. Can you believe they’re calling for snow showers in NY on Saturday? I haven’t recuperated from the past winter but I digress.

The Susan B. Anthony House In Rochester, New York is full of history and resources of women's suffrage.
The Susan B. Anthony House In Rochester, New York is full of history and resources of women’s suffrage.
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Margie, one of the most honest, kind and friendly person I know is the friend who will be accompanying me on this trip is a trip. She is a fabulous person with such an effervescent personality everyone she meets just loves her. I worked side by side with her for several years prior to seating arrangements being changed then the subsequent lay off last year.

A natural redhead, Margie is hilarious especially when she shares incidents that occurred over the span of her life. Her stories are so funny I told her on more than one occasion that we should write a book complete with drawings to depict some of her crazy situations. So I don’t know what to expect on our little excursion but I do know it will not be boring.

BlindAlive Logo Eyes Free FitnessThe second thing I’m excited about and I wanted to share with you is an eyes-free mini workout compliments of Mary (Mel) Scott, Founder & President of BlindAlive. I featured Mel and her company Blind Alive LLC in a post on August 8 of this year (link to the post is HERE).

The mission of BlindAlive is to create top quality, well designed fitness programs for the blind and low vision community that are truly accessible. In addition to the workout programs, when you visit BlindAlive you will find other helpful resources such as exercise descriptions, podcasts that speak to the topics of yoga, weight training and nutrition to name a few.

Right now there are 4 workouts and 3 bundles available for download. Coming in the near future will be an intense Boot Camp, a stability ball workout, and a chair workout.

Eyes-free mini fitness workout below:


So when you have a spare minute or two take a listen to the mini workout then check out BlindAlive for yourself. With the holidays quickly approaching the time couldn’t be better to consider a new fitness regimen.

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”  ~Joseph Pilates

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy

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  3. Hope you have a safe, wonderful trip – glad you’re enjoying it already in your mind. And the workout sounds wonderful.


    1. Hi Diana, I had so much fun on our little jaunt even if we scared ourselves silly at least we could laugh about it.

      1. Ha ha ha, great. =)

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