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Things That Go Bump…

“The only thing we have to fear…”

Early detection saves lives
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Nope, na-uh I don’t think so.

It is 2:59 in the morning when the high-pitched ear-piercing sound woke me out of the deepest sleep I’ve had in weeks. Heart pounding I jumped out of bed with a squeak. Oh no, oh no, I silently think, someone’s broken in, what should I do?

What happens next is so out of character I can only chalk it up to the surge of adrenaline or insanity.

Alarm still blaring, Mollie and I completely weaponless, run out into the dark living room, it’s here in the span of mere seconds I walk back and forth thinking.

#1 If I don’t disarm the alarm; the central monitoring station will be notified and emergency personnel will be immediately dispatched.

#2 If I do disarm the alarm and there really is a nefarious something waiting to do unspeakable things to me then I’m on my own.

#3 If I don’t disarm the alarm and the police arrive only to find out there’s no imminent danger I’ll be so embarrassed.

#4 If I do disarm the alarm I may not survive the morning.

#5 If I don’t disarm the alarm my neighbors might call the police to report me for disturbing the peace.

Green Tiger Eye Decorative Contact Pinterest
Halloween/Decorative Contact

What am I to do? “I know, I’ll grab my cell phone and see if I can determine what set off the alarm.” “Crap” the phone is telling me my sliding door to the balcony in the living room is open and I’m in the living room. This is puzzling for two reasons: my balcony is about four stories high and I’ve installed additional security features on this door. Taking all this into consideration I’m afraid to investigate for fear that the bogey man or something much worse will be waiting to snatch me up.

I make an executive decision and disarm the alarm. All is quiet now, too quiet. I hear the refrigerator come on and almost jump out of my skin.

Black Sclera Contacts Pinterest These contacts cover almost the entire eye
Black Sclera Contacts

Poor Mollie is looking at me like I’ve really lost my mind and I’m looking at her like ‘you’re the dog do your job and protect me.’ She gives me one more pathetic glance over her shoulder as she walks back into the bedroom.

I’m a full-fledged, card-carrying chicken and I make no apologies for my behavior. In the midst of an emergency my first instinct is to flee. If you’re in the immediate vicinity I’ll scream to warn you but you’ll need to skedaddle because I’m not waiting to ask “is anyone there?”

Bright green Decorative/Halloween Contact Pinterest
Decorative/Halloween Contact

I couldn’t sleep for another hour or so after this alarming event because I had to keep a silent vigil in case Mollie and I would have to jump out of the window. Although judging by Mollie’s reaction to my justifiable fear I’d probably be jumping out of the window by myself while she caught up on her rudely interrupted sleep.

You’ll be glad to know that I managed to survive, no thanks to Mollie. I had to see the humor in this situation especially since Halloween is this week it really couldn’t have been more-timely.

Very Cloudy red Eye Damage  From Decorative Contact Pinterest
Eye Damage From
Decorative Contact

Speaking of Halloween last year around this time I tweeted information on the use of decorative contact lenses. After coming across several sites claiming that their colored contacts are FDA approved, I did a little research.

According to the FDA even non-prescription contact lenses used to change the appearance of the eyes are medical devices. Decorative contacts can be purchased through mail order, online, or even the eye doctor.

The important take away in buying FDA approved contacts is getting an eye exam for proper fit and a prescription. Wherever you might decide to make your purchase just be sure the company requires a prescription.

This is such an important issue especially around this time of year as costumes and Halloween make up get more and more creative. Any contacts (even prescribed) can cause issues if proper care isn’t observed when using them.

One night or several Halloween parties are not worth losing your vision. For additional information on the FDA’s position regarding these contacts you can visit the site HERE.

“Hold on, man. We don’t go anywhere with “scary,” “spooky,” “haunted,” or “forbidden” in the title.” ~From Scooby-Doo

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4 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump…

  1. Scary and confusing moment but at least you are here to tell the tale. Have a lovely day!

    1. Yes it was, I’m glad it turned out the way it did. Have a great day yourself Liz. 🙂

  2. Oh, my! I’m having a laughing fit here. But you’ve left me worried and wondering. How on earth did that sliding door get opened? Now I’m feeling sort of bad that I’m smiling. That has to have been terrifying…and now I’m flashing on all those horror movies where one of the girls always goes back into the scary house (or cemetery, or haunted place, or whatever.) And everybody knows what’s going to happen and they’re yelling “Get out of the house! Get out of the house!” But of course she never does…(fade to scary music). – C

    1. Hahahaha, I know I was laughing the next day but when it was happening I saw no humor, well maybe except for running out of the bedroom wearing a long t-shirt (hot flashed you know, had to come out of the PJ shorts). I hate to admit my being a chicken but everyone who knows me knows this sad, sad fact. I would hope that in the event of an actual emergency I could pull myself together and be a hero but I seriously doubt it.

      It was open just a crack b/c I have trouble locking it but that was all that was needed for the alarm to go off. When my brother got in the next morning and I told him I couldn’t understand what happened he said that it was very windy which could have done it. What I’ve learned is I will do whatever I have to in order to confirm that it is closed all the way. I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack at the sound of the alarm.

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