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Weathering The Cold

Heat of the Night or Morning

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The news wasn’t good. “Try not to run it as much as possible,” said the heating and cooling guy. There’s a potential for carbon monoxide build-up.

Carbon monoxide, the colorless, odorless killer gas “try not to run it as much as possible,” is he kidding me? I’ve kinda grown accustomed to my life therefore when faced with a choice to keep said life or risk losing it I opt to live. So my solution until the defunct furnace is replaced is to keep it off.

Fast-forward to 3:30 a.m. this morning when I hear a frightening noise. It’s the furnace but how could it be? I turned it off with the app on my cell and the touch screen so why did it kick on? As the foggy haze of sleep fades I realize I didn’t turn off the thermostat. Normally the thermostat, app & touch screen are synched but nope, not now.

Altuzarra for Target Trench Coat with Back Detail -
Altuzarra Trench Coat
Preferred Pairing Coat Modcloth
Preferred Pairing Coat
Jessica Simpson Envelope Collar Pea Coat Burlington Coat Factory
Envelope Collar Pea Coat
Burlington Coat Factory

Okay so now I’m anxiously headed towards a full-blown panic attack. ‘Will the carbon monoxide smother me before I get to the thermostat?’ How long will it take for me to be found? I’m at the device now but darn it I can’t make out anything on the screen so I start pushing buttons until I remember what the Comcast guy said. “To reset the system simply pull off the top of the thermostat, then stick a pin “here and you’re good to go.”

So I figure hey I’m a reasonably intelligent person I can figure this out plus I’m determined not to wake up dead. I get a pin, open the thermostat and start poking around in a space no bigger than a period at the end of a sentence. And guess what happens?

Harlem cape coat House of Frazier
Harlem cape coat
House of Fraser
Pile lined parka HM
Pile-lined Parka

Yup, I’ve tripped the alarm and I only have 30 seconds to turn it off before the security monitoring station is notified. Oh this is just great. My mind is screaming TURN IT OFF ALREADY. Then it hits me and like a flash I grab my cell open the app, punch in the code and finally silence.

With the furnace still running I turn on a little fan and hope for the best. Just before I drift off I have a vision of my funeral and what a fiasco. My take away from this entire experience is to do my funeral planning now.

Word on the Street…

Concerning 2014 fall/winter outerwear is cozy. From belted wrap coats with wide dramatic collars, to trenches, parkas, pea coats and everything in between. Houndstooth, plaid, tweed, wool, cashmere and wool blends are just a few of the fabrics from which to choose. Image descriptions noting several of my faves are below:

  1. Altuzarra for Target Trench Coat: Target – Black, python-inspired jacquard fully lined, belted and double-breasted with shoulder flap, buttoned epaulettes and strap detail at the cuff. “Strong in structure and richly seamed, this beautifully detailed coat effortlessly adds a feminine charge to an often-stern outerwear staple with its hip-swaying peplum overlay and gam-glamming, full-skirted fit.”
  2. Preferred Pairing Coat in Merlot: ModCloth – Wine-hued tie-waist coat features satiny lining, wide lapels, and asymmetrical hem. I’ve been looking all over for a coat very similar to this one in a shade of grey. With the wide lapels all you need for that cozy feeling is a pair of leather gloves and a scarf.
  3. Jessica Simpson Envelope Collar Pea Coat: Burlington Coat Factory – Rich forest green double-breasted pea coat with decorative silver buttons, sleeves have chain/buttons detailing. Modern meets traditional in the textured wool blend fabric, 2 inseam pockets provide a clean look.
  4. Coast Harlem Cape Coat: House of Fraser – Monochrome (cream with black trim). This stylish beautifully tailored fully lined statement coat is exquisite. Billowing cape sleeves create an overall tiered silhouette while the waist defining belt tie cinches you in for a flattering fit. Wool 70%, Polyamide 20%, Cashmere 10%
  5. Pile-lined ParkaH&M – Khaki Green Pile-lined parka in woven cotton fabric. Hood with detachable faux fur trim. Concealed zip at front, drawstring at waist and hem, chest pockets, side pockets with flap, and vent at back.

When you feel good, you look good.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”  ~Oscar Wilde

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