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Bedazzled, Bejeweled & Bijuju

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One of the lessons I’ve learned since I started blogging is that inspiration comes in many forms. It could be as trivial as hearing a woodpecker busily searching for food to the dog sleeping peacefully on the sofa.

Take today for example, my cousin and I are leaving church and she says to me “I just got this watch and it’s stopped working.” No big deal right? It’s the next thing out of her mouth that had me in stitches. “Have you ever had so much energy built up in your body that it stops watches?”

Huh? What? My reaction to her revelation started as a snicker, then gradually built up to a full out cackle. Fellow church members going to their vehicles must have thought I completely lost my mind – I was laughing so hard.

'Lace Legacy' Bib Rhinestone Necklace
‘Lace Legacy’ Bib Rhinestone Necklace

Unfortunately she continues with “yeah I have so much electricity in my body that my watches stop working unless it’s high-end like my Michael Kors watch.” Well, now I just about trip over my white cane  laughing because no, I’ve never had energy built up in my body to the point it would stop a watch and if it did I seriously doubt that a designer watch would be immune.

In between my fits of laughter (she’s also laughing) Charese tells me she’s serious and I could do a Google search. That did it – she finally pushed me over the edge and I’m in tears begging her to stop because the laughter was making my stomach hurt.

'Jeweled & Cooled' Flower Knit Beanie Bijuju
‘Jeweled & Cooled’ Flower Knit Beanie

Charese and I are like sisters; as my first cousin when we were growing up we were extremely close and though the years separated us for a bit, every time we get together it’s a laugh-fest. Charese is also gorgeous and I’ve been known from time to time to be just a wee bit envious because she always looks like she’s just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

As a wife and mother of four grown children and a proud grandma called cha-cha, Charese and I have been through some tough times together but we still managed to laugh. This woman, who I’m glad to call cousin, is such a remarkable person.

Tile Stone Crystal Earrings
Tile Stone Crystal Earrings

Charese, whose always putting others first is a quick-witted, intelligent, tender-loving person but if you’re not careful and happen to find yourself on her bad side watch out. Though she has a sensitive, vulnerable side she also has that hard exterior of a person who perseveres no matter the obstacles she may face.

Encourager is the trait that I love most about my cousin. I still have a letter she wrote to me many years ago telling me how much she thought of and looked up to me. It was so touching every time I read it I still get emotional because it was always me who looked up to her.

Chain Stone Vintage Bracelet
Chain Stone Vintage Bracelet

Oh my, this is embarrassing. Here I am going on and on about my cousin that I almost forgot the point of today’s post. After her and I settled down from the watch stopping fiasco she told me about a little boutique she discovered while vacationing in South Carolina.

Since Charese knows I’m a lover of fashion jewelry she promised she would email me the link to the boutique so that I in turn could share some of its pieces with you.

Bijuju is an accessory boutique that carries more than jewelry however I’m going to show you the four pieces I selected for this post:

‘Lace Legacy’ Bib Rhinestone Necklace Black metal, 18 inch lace statement necklace, shaped like an upside down tiara. Accented with crystal jewels and pearl beads shaped into flowers that sit on top of the lace. I like and agree with Bijuju’s description: “Wow, what a statement piece! Regal, classic, and bold all in one! what more can you ask for! Pair it over a all black dress or a chiffon blouse, it’s one necklace you won’t forget about”

‘Jeweled & Cooled’ Flower Knit Beanie I couldn’t help including this beanie in the post. White colored knit beanie with a jeweled embellished flower attached to one side. The flower is black and the beading appears to be bronze and crystal (can’t quite make it out) but this is such a chic little hat.

Tile Stone Crystal Earrings Silver metal 1.4 inch teardrop post earrings embellished with crystal jewels. One word – stunning.

Chain Stone Vintage Bracelet The uniqueness of this bracelet caught my attention. Gold metal with crystal jewel, stone, and acrylic accents. To get an idea of what this piece looks like imagine two teardrop shapes being fused together on the bottom rounded edges, a portion of the bottom rounded edges is gold metal topped with crystal, stone and acrylic. On both sides of the triangular top portion of the teardrops are delicate black metal chains that come together at the top to form the lobster claw closure.

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”  ~Sonja Henie

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4 thoughts on “Bedazzled, Bejeweled & Bijuju

  1. I like Charese’s super power. Wonder how the new Apple Watch would stand up to it? She’s definitely a keeper. The women who crack me up, crack me open, get me out of my own head, get me into a better frame of body, mind, spirit—blessings from heaven, right?

    Also, I think I’m coveting that bracelet…and maybe the necklace…hmmmm. Do I have to know where I’d wear it? Is that in the rule book?

    n Charlotte, the new kid on the blog

    1. Hey Charlotte, welcome to my humble blog. I agree the necklace and the bracelet are superb. As far as rulle books go toss them out the window. The bracelet is very unique and I could see myself sporting it.

  2. waiting with baited breath.

    1. LOL, I’m stressing over here because it’s 9:16 in the am and I’m still trying to get the pics uploaded, descriptions noted, then updating the post…I think I’m going to start hyperventilating.

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