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White Cane Safety Day

WhiteImage of black background with white text & symbol of a person using the white cane. White Cane Safety Day 10-15-14. The white cane in its simplest terms represents a tool by blind and vision impaired people can lead independent lives.

October has been a busy month yet a good one in terms of bringing awareness to noble causes. Today marks another important day for blind and vision impaired people – White Cane Safety Day. Here in the US since 2001, today also represents Blind Americans Equality Day.

Imagine what it’s like to receive a life-altering diagnosis. Similar to the stages of grief the initial shock can only be described as traumatic while the brain tries to come to grips with what has been said. As a fully functioning adult losing independence is not an easy thing to endure.

Coming to terms with a major life change is difficult but not impossible. Learning new ways of doing what was once so familiar takes time and determination. Then one day you are given the gift of independence through a simple mobility device.

The long thin white cane is more than just a widely recognized tool for blind and vision impaired users – it is the means by which we can take our lives back. In its simplest terms, the white cane allows us to get back to the business of living our lives in the best way possible.

For more information on White Cane Safety Day, you can visit to view their illuminating article.

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