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Seeing Red

Grey isn’t the only color with 50 shades

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The attention span of a gnat, describes my lovable, scatterbrained, little dog Mollie. However if I were to be completely honest she comes by it naturally from spending too much time with me.

Case in point, when I was weeding through my email this morning, I had an awful time trying to regain focus. You see, I was all hyped up ready to talk about the topic of color in a different way when 2 very compelling emails grabbed my attention.

“Fine Wines” (no, not the type you drink) and “I want THOSE heels” were in a tiny, high-pitched voice begging me to “please, please open me.” Being that I have little to no sense of restraint it was almost against my will that I found myself not only previewing the messages but I did the unthinkable; I clicked on the links to take me to the websites.

Trending Tuesdays: Seeing Red Sole Society
Sole Society

Oh. My. Gosh. It was just yesterday when I visited one of my favorite blogs, Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, that blogger, Jess wore burgundy, black, and cream. The combination of these 3 colors and the way Jess styled them with just a touch of burgundy (shoes & handbag) is fabulous! Adding burgundy to the black peplum top, black pencil skirt with cream scrolling, and cream-colored necklace & earrings lends itself to a pleasant color contrast. You can view “A Touch of Burgundy” by clicking HERE.

So anyway, as I was saying, Old Navy and Sole Society both featured burgundy. On top of this Sole Society had three pair of suede heels and the colors were, yup, you guessed it burgundy, black and cream in that order.

Trending Tuesdays: Seeing Old Navy Burgundy Infinity Scarf
Old Navy
Trending Tuesdays: Seeing Old Navy Burgundy with Pink Polka Dots Infinity Scarf
Old Navy

Burgundy, considered part of the red family comes in many different shades and happens to be one of the trending colors for this fall. I want to add that I’ve also been seeing tons of leopard print as well. Anyway, Old Navy presented a range of burgundy apparel from coats, sweaters, dresses, skirts, blouses & pants to shoes, scarves and socks.

Currently I have two very different styles and shades of burgundy handbags (red & oxblood) so I’m thinking I will not be making any major purchases to add this color to my wardrobe. Although I’m on the fence with the burgundy heels at Sole Society and I may decide between a floppy hat or scarf and perhaps some gloves, but that’s it.

I like these two handbags so much that I felt the need to share them by way of pictures and description:

Trending Tuesdays: Seeing Red Forever 21 Faux Leather Roll-Top Clutch
Forever 21 Faux Leather Roll-Top Clutch

Forever 21 – Red Faux Leather Roll-Top Clutch: “Beautifully simple and perfectly streamlined, this structured-meets-slouchy clutch epitomizes the sleek aesthetic of 90s minimalism.” The faux leather is very soft, supple and roomy. The height when rolled is 7 & one half inches, unrolled height is 12 & one half inches by 13 inches wide and a depth of 3 inches.

Trending Tuesdays: Seeing Red Faux Patent Leather Satchel FOREVER21
Faux Patent Leather Satchel FOREVER21

Forever 21 – Oxblood Faux Patent Leather Satchel: The color and the faux patent-leather is what drew my attention to this structured bag. Measurements are 10 & one-quarter inches high by 15 & one half inches wide with a depth of 5 & one-quarter deep. The satchel features a rounded top zipper and gold-tone hardware.

So how can you incorporate burgundy into your fall wardrobe? Following are just a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Grey Tee, Burgundy Pants, Black Moto Jacket, Black Shoes, Burgundy Scarf
  • Burgundy Top, Blue Jeans, Grey Scarf, Leopard Shoes
  • Black Leggings, Black Tank, Chunky Burgundy Sweater, Grey Scarf, Black Boots
  • Cream Sweater, Black Jeans, Burgundy Quilted Vest, Burgundy Boots

To recap – burgundy works with cream and black but it also goes quite well with a few other colors including but not limited to are grey, pink, navy, yellow and white. To mix it up a bit you could add stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns, plaid or abstract prints. I wouldn’t limit myself and my advice to you is to have fun with mixing and matching.

“When in doubt wear red.” ~Bill Blass

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