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Mellow in Mint

Alter Egos

Me sitting on the balconyGranted I would have gnawed off my left hand for Cinderella’s pair of glass slippers when I was a little girl but strangely it was antagonists like Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester (Tweety), Elmer Fudd, Tom (Tom & Jerry), The Wicked Witch of the West and The Grinch who I admired. I didn’t like the head games the Road Runner played, Tweety with his whiny voice and the “”I tawt I taw a puddy tat” nonsense was just irritating, Bugs Bunny was arrogant, Jerry got on my nerves, Dorothy made me want to gag and Max (the Grinch’s dog) was hilarious. But it was Cruella DeVil with her flamboyant style who stole my heart.

My dahling Cruella was in a word fabulous!!! My fixation with her runs so deep that my ex-hubby gave me a stuffed miniature version of her that I kept on my desk at work. Marcel, one of my friends and artist extraordinaire, made me a Valentine’s Day card with images of some of my faves including Cruella, donkey (from Shrek) and Jolly Ranchers candy.

Cruella Card by Marcel Walker

My Desk with Donkey and Cruella

When I worked I was all about the job and while I still liked to laugh and have fun for the most part I was so focused on my job that I gave the impression of being “intense.” Okay, okay, so maybe it wasn’t just an impression, I was intense so to show my lighter side I displayed a few silly things as a reminder to loosen up a bit.

At any rate I’m sure if I were psychoanalyzed there would definitely be parallels drawn between my Cruella Craze and my wardrobe (I’m not even going to think about discussing the Pandora’s box that is my mental status). As a matter of fact when I look at my wardrobe and see all the black and white (my favorite colors) it’s then I notice the lack of color. Oh I have a number of colored things but they pale in comparison with black and white.

Aloha Necklace Premier Design (retired)
Aloha Necklace Premier Design (retired)
Aloha Earrings Premier Design (retired)
Aloha Earrings Premier Design (retired)
Sunglasses Modcloth

Because I realize my color deficit, a reasonable compromise is to add dashes of color with my accessories, like a scarf, hat, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, handbag, sweater, wrap or jacket. Earlier in the year I did a post on these luscious mint colored flats I’ve posted the link HERE for your reference. I’ve wanted to wear these shoes for the longest time but either it’s raining, too hot, too cold or I’m just not in the mood. Today was the day.

Me Standing on balcony Me standing on balcony

I wanted to wear my black maxi skirt but It needed to be kicked up a notch so I paired it with a black cami layered with a mint colored tank, black pre-knotted head scarf and the mint flats. Following are the descriptions on my outfit:

  • Michael Kors Side-Slit Maxi Skirt – Macy’s – Black knit maxi skit with alluring side slits.
  • Victoria’s Secret Square-neck Swing Tank – Very loose-fitting racer-back knit tank (just for the record I would only wear this type of tank with a cami underneath).
  • Black Cami (old may have gotten from Kohl’s)
  • Qupid Pointer-56 Suede Pointy Toe Flat Urbanog (similar HERE) – pointy toe, piping detail at front vamp, open shank, lightly padded insole, and easy slip on style
  • Pre-Tied Knotted Head Wrap Scarf Amazon
  • Aloha & Earrings Premier Designs (retired) – Flower on the leather chain is made of green and pink crystals. The flower has five green petals and the center is pink. The tiny delicate earrings are dangling posts identical to the flower on the necklace.
  • Sunglasses Modcloth – Semi-translucent, mint frames along the top half, and petite accents at the corners to match the silver bridge.

“You’ve won the battle, but I’m about to win the wardrobe. ~Cruella DeVil”

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