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Word of the Day

6-DSC00533Pronouncer: Parsimonious

Me: Parsimonious?

Pronouncer: Sounds right

Me: May I please have the definition?

Pronouncer: Extreme care or reluctance in spending.

Me: So it’s just an adjective?

Pronouncer: Yes. It’s just an adjective. Parsimonious.

Me: Parsimonious. Can I have the language of origin?

Pronouncer: Latin. Parsimonious.

Me: Parsimonious. Can I have it in a sentence?

Pronouncer: The recession gives parsimonious innovators a chance to go global.

Me: Parsimonious (now I’m just stalling for time)

Me: Parsimonious: C-H-E-A-P (there how’s that for calling it what it is?)

I love words and I have a special fondness for words seldom used. I find it rather amusing to use a long word when a shorter more concise version of the word would suffice. It’s just one of my silly quirks.

8-DSC00539 7-DSC00538

Frugal, thrifty, chintzy, prudent, stingy, tight, penny-pinching and yes, cheap essentially mean the same thing. So what is it about the word cheap that gets under my skin? I mean I don’t have a problem with the words bargain, low-cost or economical but the word cheap just sounds so darn harsh.

Embracing My Inner Cheap

There are a number of things I simply refuse to spend good money on because I know me. Being low maintenance was one of the things my ex-hubby loved about me although he oftentimes bought me stuff I wouldn’t dream of buying but that’s just me. The following items are on the top of my list:

  • Jewelry – I do appreciate pretty necklaces, bracelets, rings (if I can get them `in my size) and earrings. The more sparkly the better but I have no need for expensive jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, if the right guy came along and wanted to gift me a priceless bauble I would be hard pressed to turn it down. Nah, I probably would turn it down the reason being I will either lose it, break it or Mollie may end up eating it.
  • Eyeglasses – Since I had my cataracts removed last year I no longer need eyeglasses (not that they helped much anyway). But I used to go through pairs of eyeglasses like water through a sieve. I’d sit on them, step on them, fall on them…you probably get the picture.
  • Sunglasses – Same as eyeglasses ‘nuff said.
  • Handbags – I do have a weakness for lovely handbags (a craze that began late in life). Even so, I don’t love them that much that I’d pay hundreds or more for one. Honestly if I had a Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Prada, Valentino, Fendi or Chloé I wouldn’t know how to act anyway. Add to it the stress of worrying about theft or loss I just stick with what makes me feel comfortable.
  • Bras – This is a touchy subject for me because I am the complete opposite of well-endowed women. It was so bad that in high school I was relentlessly teased about my um, well you know. I remember being told that I belonged to the itty, bitty, ____, committee. So, no I do not spend boat loads of money on bras and I’m okay with it, really I am.
  • Cosmetics – Sensitive skin is a heavy cross to bear but once adolescence was over it did get better without spending a small mortgage. Now that my boys are grown sometimes I might splurge on an item or two but with the exception of my skin care products and the occasional Sephora purchase, I mostly use drug store brands.
  • Sandals – I don’t know why paying good money for sandals bothers me. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do – I’m broke. So yes sandals are not something I could ever see myself spending a ton of money on. Now, the only caveat to this would be if they were a pair of sharp heels – but nah, I’d fall and break my neck so no thank you.

5-DSC00532 4-DSC00522

I know I’ve probably said it before but it can’t be stressed enough that with such stiff competition on the internet you can find some remarkable savings. Signing up for free membership with many online retailers can net you some great savings plus you can get “insider” benefits like special “member only sales” or added discounts.

I’ve been a member of Ebates (known for online cash back shopping) for about 4 years now. Since I do the majority of my shopping online I get a check once a quarter which is a set percentage paid by the retailers who subscribe to Ebates service.

RetailMeNot the “world’s largest digital coupon marketplace” is the latest program that I joined. What I like about RetailMeNot is that I can choose my favorite retailers from which I would like to receive the latest coupons and I’ll get an email about once a day directly from RetailMeNot with available deals. Membership is free and there are at least a bazillion retailers to choose.

3-DSC00517 2-DSC00516

Today’s outfit was one of my favorite maxi dresses that I’ve had for a couple of years but this is the first year I’ve worn it. It’s a very comfortable jersey orange& white batik print. The print paired with an empire waist helps to camouflage my hips. The straps consist of 3 thin braids that are attached to the scoop neckline, going over the shoulders to the back of the dress. This maxi is very long and flowy so my solution to avoid a nasty fall was to gather a handful of the fabric at the bottom left and I tied it in a knot.


Keeping the look simple mainly due to the heat, was my floppy hat, pink shades, sandals, lacy earrings and a cuff bracelet on each arm. I can’t remember where I got this dress but believe me maxis abound just about everywhere.

“A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.”  ~Sidney Carroll


5 thoughts on “Online Savings

  1. […] in August of this year I poked fun at my view of the word cheap (you can view the post HERE). This outlook I carried with me into adulthood and as a matter of fact the only designer clothes I […]

  2. Retailmenot is pretty good for coupon codes, but I prefer for shopping. I like that shopcreep just lets you put in exactly what you want and alerts/emails you when there’s a new low price or deal cause i’m too lazy to shop around like someone who isn’t lazy lol

    1. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Itty bitty spider? 😱wat??? I dont think so girl..i’m looking at a very gorgeous lady with curves all over!! I like cheap throw em my way.😉

    1. Hahaha, thank you for the kind compliment. I think the curves above are due to the fact that the itty bitty ____s are sagging LOL!!! I didn’t think it would be possible but here I am living proof that even if you have nothing with the progression of age comes sagging. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

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