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Workout Wednesdays: Broken Fitbit = Shattered Dreams

I’ve Lost My Mojo

Me Sitting on BalconyFirst off I need to apologize for not uploading the video of me walking with Leslie Sansone. Actually it’s more like I didn’t shoot the video because I forgot until today.

Shortly after my most recent Workout Wednesdays I took off my Fitbit (fitness tracker) and to my dismay it broke right in half. I stood there silently for at least a full 60 seconds trying to absorb the magnitude of what this represented. Now granted my Fitbit was one of the original models that are no longer manufactured but at $99 a pop I was in no hurry to buy the latest and greatest model. Truth be told, I didn’t spend that much for it because my son (who worked for Best Buy at the time) used his employee discount and I received an additional discount from my employer since the device was fitness related.

Broken Fitbit Me standing on Balcony

I know that I’ve talked at great length about some of my weaknesses among them: lack of exercise, eating too many sweets, eating too much fast food, avoiding fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and well just about any kind of real food. Exercise was not on the top of my priority list because I never had weight issues until my late 40s. Because of my lackadaisical attitude towards good health and healthy living, now that I’m in my 50s I’ve got a real problem.

The Fitbit, though small, was a mighty motivator for me because it tracked my steps, distance, calories and sleep patterns (I only used the sleep pattern feature in the beginning). Since I thrive on challenging myself if I would go say, X amount of steps in one day I would have to push myself to do more the next day. The added benefit of my stats being synched wirelessly to my computer made it real simple for me to keep on top of my progress.

Me playing with Mollie on Balcony Me standing displayin my colorful tank

I know you’re probably thinking “yeah, I hear what you’re saying Steph but just because your Fitbit is broken doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising.” To which I would reply “yes, you make a valid point however I want, no, I NEED cold, hard, data.” Oh sure now you’re thinking “she’s just reaching for any excuse to get out of exercising…”

When I started this health kick back in February of this year I was determined to lose weight so that I could breathe easier and overall feel better. To achieve my goals I knew I had to incorporate daily exercise and start eating healthier foods. It has not been easy, some days/weeks are better than others but I am nothing if not determined and though I have my moments I won’t quit even though my Fitbit has surrendered no siree I will not quit!

Silver Tone Chain Bracelet With Padlock Silvertone Turquoise Owl Earrings

As a FYI I found out that there is a less expensive newer Fitbit Zip™ Wireless Activity Tracker for $59.95. Like the original Fitbit the Zip™ synchs to computer and/or select smart phone, measures steps, distance and calories burned. This tracker also takes a replaceable battery and is rain, sweat and splash-proof.

Since Fitbits synch to computer/smart phone I find it accessible however I think this is an area that could use some improvement so that those who are completely blind could benefit from its use. I’m going to raise the topic of accessible fitness trackers with a group of very smart young folks here in Pittsburgh to check the feasibility. If you are blind or low vision and are interested in the possibility of accessible fitness trackers drop me a line in the comments section or send me an email at We have the technology and it’d be great if we can start a dialogue to get things in motion.

Me standing looking out over balcony

Throughout today’s post I added pictures of what I wore today and shhhhh if you promise not to tell anyone I’ll share a secret with you – I wore no makeup except for a little lip gloss. Yes, you heard right – no makeup because I cleverly hid behind my shades, ball cap and a few strategically placed accessories completed my look. I wanted to wear all white from my ball cap down to my sneakers (the only exception was my strappy tank in gradient shades of blue & white stripes). I even threw on my little turquoise owl earrings (after the fact) for a little added frivolity.

  • Macy’s Style & Co. Bermuda Shorts, Curvy-Fit Denim Bright White (Similar)
  • Macy’s DKNY Jeans Three-Quarter-Sleeve Hoodie White
  • Forever 21 Semi-Sheer Self-Tie Straps Abstract V-Back Cami
  • Nike Baseball Cap White
  • H&M Canvas Sneakers White (Similar)
  • H&M Chain Bracelet with padlock
  • Shop Lately Owl Shape Turquoise Earrings
  • Nomorerack Silver Encircled Heart Necklace Made with Swarovski Elements

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”  ~Joseph Pilates

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