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Endless Weekend

Summer Getaway

Rebecca Minkoff 'Erin - Nordy Girl' Leather Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff ‘Erin – Nordy Girl’ Leather Pouch Nordstrom

It’s more like summer’s getting away at least from a retail standpoint. I was in Bath & Body Works the other day for the express purpose of getting another Endless Weekend 3-wick candle along with Aloha Orchid deep cleansing hand soap. A confessed junkie of beautiful scents, when I was introduced to Endless Weekend earlier in the season its aroma was heavenly and it hadn’t even been lit yet. The magnitude of just how good the lit candle smelled was not lost on me when my brother stopped by and remarked “that candle smells real good.” He’s never, ever commented on any of my candles.

Since I’m very familiar with the layout of this Bath & Body Works upon entering on this particular day I knew something was amiss but couldn’t put my finger on it. Going back to the hand soap section of the store the bottles appeared different and on closer inspection I could see that they were a new line of fragrances. I asked the salesperson where they moved Aloha Orchid and she says “oh we don’t carry that anymore because the new Fall line is in.”

“But it’s still July,” I lament silently. No wonder time is flying by, just when I’m telling myself to enjoy the moment I’m reminded that we aren’t living in this moment rather we are always a season or two ahead of schedule. I suppose the only way to get around our consumer-driven society is to go off the grid <sigh>. Oh well at least I was able to get my candle.

Tahari Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress
Tahari Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress Nordstrom

This time of year used to always make me feel a little melancholy with the onslaught of back to school commercials, new fall TV line-ups, the days becoming increasingly shorter, as the growing cacophony of katydids and crickets swells to a soothing crescendo. Though I fully intend to enjoy every last drop of summer 2014 (I have until September 23rd) there is a bright spot.

While I do not advocate buying just for buying’s sake, if you have a need, or even an overwhelming desire, now is the time to take advantage of some pretty decent sales. All the internet is abuzz on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that started last week and runs through August 3 (prices go up on August 4).

Halogen® Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan
Halogen® Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Nordstrom


When taking advantage of online sales in particular keep in mind WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Is there free shipping? If so, is there a minimum purchase amount required? What is the return/exchange policy? How quickly are refunds processed? How quickly are purchases shipped? As the consumer you need to be in the driver’s seat and it is you who dictates how much and when you’ll spend. And remember there will always be sales.

Nordstrom’s site has a range of filtering options that I really like. Let’s say you’re looking for a dress – you can search by silhouette, occasion, price, brand, color or size. I find that it helps to have the ability to narrow my searches down to eliminate visual clutter. Depending on what category you select, the options will match said category.

Vince Camuto Ponte Knit Ankle Pants
Vince Camuto Ponte Knit Ankle Pants Nordstrom

Pictured are a couple of things I liked and below are the descriptions of each:

  • ‘Erin – Nordy Girl’ Leather Pouch – The bright color is what grabbed my attention to this Rebecca Minkoff top-zip closure leather pouch. The color is Poppy Red and in gold script lettering it says “Shopping is my cardio.”
  • Tahari Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress – A beautiful shade of Cobalt Blue is the color of this ultra-flattering, very feminine, fit-and-flare dress. Golden hardware accents along the waist draws the eye toward the narrowest part of the figure in this versatile dress.
  • Halogen Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan – I like stripes and this crewneck button-up cardigan in Orange/Cream Stripe is delish. This cardigan comes in a number of different colors and is 40% off.
  • Vince Camuto Ponte Knit Ankle Pants – These Dark Heather Gray pants look so extremely comfortable yet so stylish. A nicely weighted ponte knit creates a sleek, stretchy fit for slim pants styled with a clean front and cut to a contemporary ankle length. Would look great with a pair of heels or a nice flat.

“I’ve been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear.”  ~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Endless Weekend

  1. Hey Glenda, thank you for stopping by. Yeah I envy you Californians, we had a wicked winter not so long ago and I hope not to have a repeat any time soon.

  2. Though the official calender may say summer has ended, in California, summer is known to extend past Thanksgiving. Last year we had summer weather until the end of March!
    I gave up on Bath and Body Works for the reason you just experience. Every time I fell in love with a product, they discontinued it.
    Shopping…I probably do some heavy shopping in January.

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