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Congrats on earning your 250 lifetime miles badge!

This is not a quick fix, it's a permanent change. Woman with weights image from pinterest.
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Woo Hoo!! I’m on FIRE!!!! Or so I thought when I received the email from Fitbit (fitness tracker) that said “Whoa! You’ve walked 250 miles!”

If I knew how to do a cartwheel I would have done so because this was a phenomenal achievement! The problem is these alleged 250 miles were accumulated off and on over a 5 year period. So technically I’m thinking I should be in the hundreds of thousands of miles but that’s water under the bridge. By the bye I did check on an estimation on the amount of time it would take to walk 250 miles and results ranged from 6.94 days to, oh just pick a number.

Frankly this makes my head hurt. It’s like the old two trains, buses, cars, boats, horses, camels, rhinos going in X direction at a speed of X equation. Who cares?

The point is – there is no point because (this pains me to admit) as far as exercise goes with the exception of this year I have been more off my game than on. I’ve made no secret of it and I only wish I had taken physical activities more seriously but no sense crying over spilled milk.

At least the scale didn’t scream at me like I thought it would (I really wish the darn thing had a volume control, it’s just wrong that my weight should be announced loudly enough for the neighborhood to hear). I mean what about HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) does it not apply in this situation?

While I’m on the topic, I can’t believe what I just did. Whenever I do my walking workouts I always connect a portable speaker to my computer so that I can hear. So I’m working on this post and as typical when I’m writing I stop every now and again to let my reading software read back to me what I’ve just typed. If you’re thinking I failed to disconnect the speaker from the computer before playing back what I just typed – you would be correct. And of course while it’s on a reading rampage I’m trying to figure out how to make it stop. Who’d a thought all you had to do was pull the speaker jack out of the computer – DUH.

Rember How your clothes don't fit, your body feels sluggish, your skin doesn't glow, you don't have energy, you want to feel beautiful, you're regretting what you ate, you're wishing you worked out, you wanted to change, before making another unhealthy choice. From Pinterest.
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153.2 while not optimal, isn’t half as bad as I imagined especially in light of my recent lapse into candy eating, pretzel snacking, fast food engorgement. Don’t get me wrong lately (the past week or so) I’ve been watching what I eat. It’s more like watching myself pick up a consumable item, bring it to my mouth, chew, then swallow but I’m unconcerned with technicalities.

In an attempt to wean myself off the latest candy kick I’ve been eating more fruit than ever. I like being able to buy a bunch of great tasting fruit at reasonable prices from Costco. Lately I’ve indulged in strawberries, seedless black grapes and my favorite bing cherries along with my daily banana intake. One of my other semi-quasi addictions, are salt and pepper pistachios another Costco brand. I couldn’t imagine how salt and pepper on pistachios could possibly taste but they are to die for (well, maybe not die but I would hurt someone if they tried to take them from me).

I'm doing this for me! Quote image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

So once again I’m feeling motivated to continue my regular exercise regimen beginning with walking. Also since I’m still relatively new to the neighborhood I’ve been receiving coupons and deals from local merchants inviting me to partake of their services. I got one the other day to enjoy a free two-week trial pass to Sewickley YMCA and I can’t wait to put it to good use.

Today I tried Leslie Sansone’s 3-Mega Mile walk program and it really put me through the wringer. It was one of those times I was very thankful no one was watching, which got me to thinking that I will tape a very small segment for your viewing pleasure in next week’s Workout Wednesday.

“Focus on what you want your life to look like — not just your body.” ~Sarah Failla


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  1. Hey Stephanae, I’m kinda liking this violent streak in you… great post. Also, would love any feedback on my blog regarding it’s accessibility. It’s helpful how you described the way you work, helps me to understand better…

    1. LOL!! It’s probably more frequent than I care to admit on paper hahaha but thank you Dina. With ZoomText (my accessibility software) I can access most sites (including yours) without any issues but I’m going to check with several of my blind friends to get their feedback and I’ll let you know what they say.

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