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Wardrobe Files

It’s hard to believe there was a time when I was deathly afraid of computers. I was convinced that I would find THE one button that would cause it to self-destruct. It was close to 30 years ago when I tentatively ventured forth into data processing and I haven’t looked back since until today when in an effort to edit my video for today’s post I was thrown for a loop. To give you the high level overview, I shot, downloaded, uploaded, edited the video in YouTube and then I waited and waited and waited some more.

Since I’ve spent the better part of today working on the video to go along with this post I will not give up now but I need to publish before midnight to avoid Trending Tuesdays from becoming “When Workout Tuesdays is Trending Wednesdays.” To avoid this unneccessary confusion I will upload my video once YouTube is done processing it (geez it’s only 9 minutes long so I don’t understand what’s taking so long) but there you have it. Following is the written piece to go with the video that’s forthcoming:

My sanity greatly relies on a systematic approach to just about everything in my life. Even my kids, who laugh about it today, will tell you of the days that I scheduled toy time, not play time, but time to play with their toys. A good friend of mine has a theory that two of my sons (who shall remain nameless) are the opposite of neat freaks because of my aversion to pandemonium.

FYI – The closet organizer I talked about is a ClosetMaid Selectives from Home Depot. As I said in my video, I’m using these colorful bins from Target on the selves in the tower however I have the option of building onto the organizer with drawers and/or doors.

Okay so I admit that maybe I’m a wee bit over the top with my standards but life is so sweet when there is harmony and harmony simply cannot coexist in disorder.

Knowing what’s in your wardrobe can save you time and money as once you’ve built up your repository of basics you will only need to replenish now and again or better still go for the occasional splurge. I read somewhere that we only regularly wear about 20 percent of our wardrobe which begs the question what about the other 80 percent?

When I started this blog to make it a little easier when describing my clothing and accessories I created a database of everything I own. It’s very time-consuming but I realized that in order for me to be effective in this area it was a must-do. I’m happy to report that I found several apps that can achieve this same cataloging in less time and with pictures. Before I found the apps I was keeping my pictures in an image directory apart from the database.

The one app that I can only dream about (since I have an Android and not an iPhone) is Stylebook. This app is a virtual wardrobe management tool on steroids. With over 90 tools you can manage your closet, build amazing outfits, keep on top of current trends and the list goes on.

Since I do not have an iPhone I downloaded a free app called Stylish Girl and while it may not be as robust as Stylebook I can work with it. I will update you on my progress once I start taking pictures of my clothes.

In addition to the wardrobe management apps I wanted to show you in a couple of videos how I file my clothes. When you have a system suited to your personality it will save you both time and money because you will know exactly what you possess.

“Ink smears, as thoughts sometimes do.” ~Terri Guillemets

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Files

  1. I love closet organizations! It is so fun to see the before and after photos 🙂 I am currently on a challenge where I am not buying any new clothes for a year, and it’s forced me to go through my closet a hundred times and be creative. I’ve had several of those keep/toss/sell piles, and it is always so refreshing when you’re finished, with a bunch of new ideas (and maybe some add’l $$ from selling clothes).

    1. Hi Alison, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I love the idea of your challenge and just checked out your blog. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar but I’d have to take massive doses of some sort of sedative to make it through lol. Organization is one of my favorite pastimes and the very next day after this post my drawer dividers came (love them).

      1. You should! It’s easier than you think 🙂 The first month is the hardest because its easy to want to “relapse” and then just start over, but it actually got easier the longer I did it!

      2. Well kudos to you Alison. Great job and I’ll be stopping by to check in.

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