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Not Your Granny’s Lace

Black Lace Dress from H&M
Ladies Dresses

They were hidden way back in the corner of an old wardrobe but being small, curious and a willing participant in a game of hide & seek what I found was like buried treasure. It was the layers of material among which I was hiding that first appealed to my senses. Intricate beading, delicate lace, satins, silks and tulle enveloped me.

My love of lace goes back to the sixties when I used to play in these breathtaking dresses my grandma stowed away many years previously. Whenever I was allowed to play dress up I felt so glamorous and I promised myself when I grew up and got married I would wear one of those poufy princess gowns (this I think was from watching Cinderella one too many times).

On days like today, when I reflect back to yesteryear, I wish my memory could more accurately recall the details of those times that brought me so much joy. I remember how good it felt to escape into my imagination and pretend I was a captivating young woman who would be discovered by my prince charming all that was missing was the diamond encrusted tiara. I dreamed that I would grow up, get married, and live happily ever after. While I eventually did grow up, got married, got divorced, got married again, got divorced again, after all this I’m thankfully now content.

I wanted to talk about lace today because it’s one of the trends I’ve been seeing a lot of this spring and summer. Everything from dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, tops, shorts to hats, handbags, scarves, jewelry, shoes and jackets, you name it lace is everywhere.

Lace Camisole Top from H&M
Lace Camisole Top
Lace Cut-out Necklace from Dorothy Perkins
Lace Cut-out Necklace
Dorothy Perkins

Whenever I go out to some of my favorite shops I always seem to come across a white lace pencil skirt and I think “wow I really like that, I should get one because I don’t have any lace clothing” and then I leave without even trying it on. Once I get home and go through my closet it’s then I remember that while I may not have a lace skirt (I don’t really need one) I do have several lace tops and a cute pair of lace covered flats. So I think I’m covered in the lace department.

To give you a better idea of the amount of lace apparel I pulled several select pieces from different online retailers. Some of these items are I found are fully covered in lace and others are just embellished. If you are more conservative but would still like to include some lace into your repertoire you might consider a lace trimmed collar, a pair of lace earrings, headband, lacy cover-up like a kimono, or cardigan.

White Daisy Pencil Skirt from Dorothy Perkins
White Daisy Pencil Skirt
Dorothy Perkins
UNIONBAY Janine Women's Lace up casual Shoes from
UNIONBAY Janine Women’s Lace up casual Shoes
Jessica McClintock Lace Envelope Clutch Handbags from
Jessica McClintock Lace Envelope Clutch Handbags

Lace Dress – H&M has a nice selection of lace-wear. This black sleeveless, knee-length dress has a halter-like top and the straps cross in the back. I saw a few boho style dresses and tops trimmed in lace that I liked as well.

Lace Camisole Top – The lined camisole I picked is hot pink (it also comes in black and white). It would look great with a pair of shorts, skirt or pants, with or without a blazer and it’s perfect for summer.

Lace Cut-Out Necklace – Okay I may have to acquire this necklace that I found at Dorothy Perkins. It’s a lace silver tone cut-out statement necklace. There isn’t much of a description but it looks very delicate and the detail is impressive. On zooming in to get a better look the metal looks like actual lace. I think it’s stunning.

White Daisy Pencil Skirt – Yes, the pencil skirt is always my preferred choice in skirts. Like I stated above I’ve been finding white lace pencil skirts just about everywhere I shop. This Dorothy Perkins knee-length skirt is organza overlay with white daisies.

UNIONBAY Janine Women’s Lace up casual Shoes – carries this summery looking mint colored lace flat (also comes in black and white). Create a bohemian movement within your summer wardrobe and feel an inner peace knowing that you’ve made the right decision in choosing this UNIONBAY® flat.

Jessica McClintock Lace Envelope Clutch Handbags – also had this classy looking satin/lace envelope clutch. This one is silver with black lace on the flap. It comes with a 48 inch fabric carrying strap and has two inner pockets. Very nice.

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  1. Lace is everywhere at the moment, it’s funny how the styles come back with an undated twist to keep them fresh.

    Steph, I just nominated you to answer questions for the Beauty Blogger of the Month Award! Check out my post for my answers and

    And the original post by Cecilia:

    1. Hi Ann-Marie, why thank you so much for the nomination!! I’m juggling several projects at the moment but I will try my hardest to check out your post and then participate. Thanks again I really appreciate it!!

      1. Hey no problem, Stephanie, it took me ages to do!

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