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Casual Bling

Jumping Through Hoops

The Sak Metal Works Openwork Metal Hoop Earring
The Sak Metal Works Openwork Metal Hoop Earring

I never really appreciated the role accessories play in creating pizzazz until I went to my first jewelry show. Nicole, the consultant, an extremely attractive, very well put together woman, demonstrated the difference in her appearance as she began to remove each piece of jewelry she wore. Even though she was still dressed the same there was a stark change in how she looked without her jewelry.

While I am not of the belief that jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc. make a person, I do think that some of these things can lift our spirits and as a result we can come across as more confident, positive and at peace with the world.

Even though I’ve previously acknowledged that I am a high fashion jewelry addict, seldom seen adorned without some form of baubles, there is something I never leave home without – earrings. You know those days when you’re feeling a little blasé and not up to primping? Here’s a little secret – hoops, hat, shades and lip gloss will give you an instant casual glam vibe.

Out of all the jewelry in the world you cannot go wrong with a great pair of hoops. They look fantastic with jeans and a tee-shirt, jumpsuit, dress, pantsuit, skirt and blouse…actually I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t look superb with hoops.

Sterling Teardrop Hoop Earrings Jewel Box
Sterling Teardrop Hoop Earrings
Jewel Box
Sterling Silver Tribal Heart Hoop Earrings, Romantic Organic Hoops Etsy
Sterling Silver Tribal Heart Hoop Earrings, Romantic Organic Hoops

Hoops come in all shapes, sizes, metals, colors, with/without gemstones or other ornamentation. I used to be able to wear all sorts of earrings but I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that my ears can no longer withstand weighty types. So for me when choosing hoops they can’t be too big or heavy and I prefer the French or lever backs since posts and latch backs sometimes bother my ears.

Currently I’m fresh out of hoops (it’s like the one sock deal where I’m always losing one). Hence the reason why I refuse to invest tons of money in my jewelry – I know my weaknesses so it’s by far better for me to get as much mileage out of high fashion (this term is so much better than costume) jewelry.

Juicy Couture Fine Gem Hoops Earring
Juicy Couture Fine Gem Hoops Earring
Etched Oval Hoops FOREVER21
Etched Oval Hoops

I took to the internet in search of hoops that I would wear and narrowed it down to 5 pair.

  • The Sak Metal Works Openwork Metal Hoop Earring from are appealing to me but they look like they might be a little too heavy but sometimes looks are deceiving. What I like about this pair is the diamond-shaped cut-out design. These earrings come in gold or silver tone and at 1-1/2 inches high, with a lever back, they aren’t overwhelming.
  • Sterling Teardrop Hoop EarringsJewel Box I love the simplicity of these 2 inches long, dangling, teardrop-shaped hoops. I can tell just by looking at them they are light and with a fishhook closure would be very comfortable to wear. This is the kind of earrings I would wear on a daily basis.
  • Sterling Silver Tribal Heart Hoop Earrings, Romantic Organic HoopsEtsy Exquisite is the word that came to mind when I saw these earrings. These unique 1 and ½ inch handmade spiral type hoops are just lovely. They are made of 19 gauge wire, hammered for texture, and shaped into a heart. Out of 266 reviews 179 rated them 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Juicy Couture Fine Gem Hoops Of course it was the singular rhinestone that caught my eye on these very feminine earrings. At 3 inches in length they appear to be very light and are available in silver, gold and rose-gold.
  • Etched Oval HoopsFOREVER 21 says that these high polished open-ended oval-shaped, silver tone hoops are lightweight. With 2 chevrons each, on the left and right sides of the oval these are very classy looking hoops. I’ve bought a number of pieces from Forever 21 and haven’t had any issues. The jewelry is very cheap cost-effective and as long as it’s cared for properly I’m sure it’ll last the same amount of time as similar pieces. I’ll talk more on the care of high fashion jewelry another day.

“My husband gave me a necklace. It’s fake. I requested fake. Maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day and age, I don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head.” ~Rita Rudner

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