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Battling the Bulge

In this corner weighing in at…

Cheeseburger via Pinterest
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Finally I’ve settled on a palette for painting throughout my condo. To semi-seal the deal, today I went to the home improvement store with my online selections downloaded to my phone then I bought paint samples for each room.

I keep telling myself that “if only I could see well enough to do my own painting I’d get it done” then I think “no I wouldn’t, I have a strong distaste on everything paint related.” Everything from measuring rooms, prepping the area to be painted, “cutting-in” to using a paint roller drives me bananas. Sure, my deepest desire is to have it done (preferably yesterday) but I want it done right and I know I am not the woman for the job.

For now I’ll just have to make myself content with checking out the samples then possibly organize a paint shindig. I figure a crew of 5 or 6 people could knock out 5 rooms inside oh, maybe half a day.

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Once the painting is done the next big project will be ripping up carpet and installing wood flooring. Replacing windows, looking for new kitchen appliances, new cupboards are all on the list of future tasks that need to be done, the thought of which are causing me heartburn.

With all these things on my mind it’s no wonder I can’t focus and I’m feeling a little stressed. The one saving grace is my rehabilitation teacher gave me a digital recorder that I’m trying to get into the habit of keeping by my side to document my menagerie of madness I mean, thoughts.

Grill with hamburgers, hotdogs, veggies and buns
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I’m taking the circuitous route to explain my misdeeds of which I am so ashamed. Yes, I’m still knee-deep in poor eating and exercise habits with no end in sight. It doesn’t help matters that July 4th is on Friday which means I am going to indulge in all kinds of ridiculousness like a hamburger, hot dog, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans and basically anything not nailed down.

There is a glimmer of hope that was brought to my attention on Monday. Acacia powder supposedly suppresses hunger by tricking the stomach into feeling like it’s full. I’m skeptical but I looked it up on WebMD and this is how it’s described on the site: “Acacia is a source of dietary fiber. It tends to make people feel full, so they might stop eating earlier than they otherwise would. This might lead to weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels.”

Acacia Fiber Via Pinterest
Acacia Fiber
Via Pinterest

I love how they say “might stop eating” or “might lead to weight loss” that way there’s no harm no foul. I’m not sure if I can blame my non-stop hunger on “the change” or what; no matter the cause, I know I have to reign in my voracious appetite for my metabolism to stabilize.

I’m saying all this to request that you please be patient with me as I work through this process. Over the past 5 or 6 years I didn’t take my weight losses and gains seriously but now that I’m older I do feel the overall negative effects on my body.

After the forthcoming holiday I will once again continue to log what I eat into Weight Watchers and will update you weekly (on Wednesdays) with my weight results. I’m going to try the Acacia powder as well since it is a fiber and even Dr. Oz gave it a “thumbs up.”

“The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.” ~G.K. Chesterton

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