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Embedded Jewels

It’s the Simple Things

KeysRCool Silver Handbag Key Finder
KeysRCool Silver Handbag Key Finder

Glitz, glam, glittering, sparkling, shimmering and shining are some of my favorite words. Why?? Because there’s just something about accents with bling that appeals to the child in me and I just love it when on an ordinary jaunt I happen upon something extraordinary that makes me go “why didn’t I think of that?”

On a recent trek to the home improvement store I stopped to get some extra house keys made and my friend Lori handed me the most adorable blank key I’ve ever seen. Of course I couldn’t behave like an adult and say “that’s nice I think I’ll take one of those.” No, I went absolutely gaga over it shrieking and squealing like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Now I realize that this is only a key and it probably shouldn’t have generated such excitement but I couldn’t contain myself. For one thing the little card the key was attached to identified it as a “Diva” key and everyone knows you haven’t lived until you have your very own “Diva” key. Number two and three the key itself has a princess crown with 14 — yes — 14 crystal rhinestones embedded in it (7 on each side). Oh, and before I forget it’s bright pink!! Needless to say this key had my name written all over it (not that I think I’m a princess but I have been perfecting the wave and now I feel legit).

"Diva" Princess Key Home Depot
“Diva” Princess Key
Home Depot
KeysRCool Confetti Diva House Keys
KeysRCool Confetti Diva House Keys

While it’s no secret that I have a tendency to gravitate to sparkly things the great thing about this key is its dual purpose in being accessible. In the past I’ve used different colors,  colored rubber rings, and even lighted keys to help identify each one but since the rhinestones are tactile on this key it provides an added element to differentiate it from others.

So I came home, new key in hand, and was able to quickly identify it from the other keys on my ring. How refreshing to skip the annoying process of going through my key chain to find the door key.

Since I can sometimes take the little things for granted I showed my key to a couple of friends who, to my surprise, went just as gaga over it as I did. They were like “awe, that’s so cute, I want one,” followed by “where did you get it?”

Keys2Please 3D Chihuahua KW1
Keys2Please 3D Chihuahua KW1
KeysRCool Pretty in Purple Garments Key Finder
KeysRCool Pretty in Purple Garments Key Finder
Keys2Please Frog Sparkle Key WR5
Keys2Please Frog Sparkle Key WR5

I bought my key from Home Depot and after doing some digging around on the internet I found a couple of sites that sell my key in addition to all sorts of 3D keys. KeysRCool has a wide selection of the “Diva” keys along with many alternative 3D keys, Key Finders, Key Rings and Purse Holders.

Avon Purse Holder
Avon Purse Holder
Avon Purse Holder
Avon Purse Holder

In today’s post I am sharing a picture of my house key and a purse holder that I got from Avon about two years ago. To give you an idea of what KeysRCool and Keys 2 Please carry in their inventory there are a few pictures from both sites and descriptions of each item is below:

KeysRCool Confetti Diva House Keys – Is a white key with flecks of colored glitter and different colors/sizes of rhinestones embedded.

KeysRCool Pretty in Purple Garments Key Finder – The key finders features a hook that slides over the side of your purse, pocket, tote, or bag with your keys attached for easy retrieval. The picture displays a darling purple dress with a surplice neckline and one crystal rhinestone at the waist.

KeysRCool Silver Handbag Key Finder – The silver handbag finder is a lacy decorative miniature handbag with handle and five teal colored rhinestone accents.

For your information KeysRCool describes the make of their keys as follows:

  • There is a brass key under the design.
  • The powder-coating prevents the design from wearing off.
  • They are great for keeping your keys organized by design!
  • These keys are becoming very popular and collectible!
  • These are really cool and unusual key blank

Keys2Please 3D Chihuahua KW1 – Keys2Please currently has 38 sculpted dog’s heads keys. They are 3D versions of 30 different dog breeds. I couldn’t find what the dogs were made of but they appear pewter-like.

Keys2Please Frog Sparkle Key WR5 – I can’t tell from the picture if the frog image on the key is tactile but there are a few pink rhinestones embedded.

Keys2Please KW1-BUTTERFLY RED – The top of this key is shaped like butterfly wings with what appears to be a crystal rhinestone in the center of the wings – very pretty in shades of red, pink and black.

The products offered on both of these sites offer a very simple, elegant and fun solution for people who are blind or have vision loss.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius


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  1. Your blog now officially holds the Key to my Heart!!!! I am in love and heading out to Home Depot right after I hit post on this comment! Fun, Fanciful, Frivolous!

  2. So cute Steph! I like the butterflies, but I have a thing for them too!
    Jess xx

    1. I’m just a sucker for anything sparkly 😉

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