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Exercise Finder
Exercise Finder via Pinterest

I’m so excited right now I just may blow a gasket. Today when searching for yet another exercise routine to target problem areas on my body I stumbled upon this website that could possibly be the answer. is an online magazine that was designed for Canadian women but hey, I think we can all benefit from the site’s useful information. Sorry I could not include the link however if you care to visit the site you can type it in your browser to get to their home page. On glancing through some of their offerings this seems to be a very comprehensive site that speaks to health, fashion, beauty, entertainment and finance to name a few.

To get to the “Exercise Finder” from the home page, select “Health” on the menu, then choose “Exercise Finder.” There’s an image of a woman and all you have to do is select the area of the body that needs work, for example after choosing stomach the following 4 options were presented:

  1. All the stomach
  2. The middle of the stomach
  3. Obliques
  4. Perineum

After choosing middle of the stomach I received 5 different exercises in addition to instructions. To give you an idea of the results for “the middle of the stomach,” leg raise was the first exercise and following are 3 steps:

  • On an exercise mat, lie on your back, arms alongside your body, palms facing downwards. Stretch out your legs in front of you and press your feet together.
  • Contract your abs and slowly raise your legs from the ground. Stop when you’ve formed a 45-degree angle.
  • Gently lower your legs until they’re two inches from the ground, and bring them back up to a 45-degree angle.
Exercise Finder
Exercise Finder via Pinterest

The site is membership based and even though the “About” page says that it’s for Canadian women if you choose (as I did) to join they do accept non-Canadians. I really like the many exercise options offered based upon different selections and for me this is a great option until I can find a gym close to where I live. Mixing up my workouts using this tool with the walk videos, etc. will ensure that I am working on all my muscle groups. Balance is something Leslie Sansone stresses in her videos to avoid either overworking or underworking various muscle groups. Plus from personal experience I think it’s equally important to keep the routines interesting.

I found this website to be accessible for ZoomText but not sure how it would interact with JAWS or similar programs however I will follow-up on this and report on my findings. For those of you who don’t know, many of us who are blind or have vision loss use adaptive software to enable us to use computers like our sighted friends.

“Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.” ~Gene Tunney

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Hey Alicia, day 26 on the 30 Day Ab Challenge is wonderul, congratulations!! Yes the results definitely make you stronger. I have this one saved on Pinterest along with a few others. I’ve not seen anything like the Exercise Finder on so the plan is to use this for the next couple weeks to see how it goes.

  2. I’ve been doing the “30 Day Ab Challenge”, which I’m sure you’ve seen on Facebook or Pinterest. I’m on Day 26 and it’s tough work but I feel stronger. I will check out!

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