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The Maxi Skirt & Halter

Picture of me sitting facing forwardSummer weather in Pittsburgh is notorious for being the 3 H’s (Hazy, Hot & Humid) and the day I wore the outfit I’m featuring in today’s post was typical for the season. I really envy some of the younger women who can work light layers into their summer wardrobe repertoire. Just the thought of putting on one additional piece of material on my body is enough to make me want to burst into Tasmanian devil-like behavior.

The i-cool For Menopause commercial, that targets women in the SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion) demographic, is sheer genius. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this mere 16 second blip it shows three women in three different scenarios all having hot flashes:

  • The first one strips out of her pull-over sweater down to her cami right at the table in a busy restaurant.
  • Number two comes out of her jacket in the middle of a business meeting. I’d love to know the thoughts of the guy sitting next to her giving her that “what’s your issue?” look.
  • While I can relate to all these situations the third woman is my favorite. She’s standing in a packed elevator looking as if she’s going to lose her cookies all the while holding the handle of her handbag with her teeth as she shimmies out of her jacket.
Tasmanian devil, photo by James McKeehan
Tasmanian devil, photo by James McKeehan

Hot flashes are a wretched malady and unless you’ve experienced them it’s kind of difficult to articulate the misery they evoke. It’s almost as if the heat is rising up internally and nothing combats the thermal nuclear-like updraft. Being that I’ve always been cold I knew I was in trouble when, in the dead of winter (back when I was driving), I’d do my own shimmying routine out of my coat, roll down all the windows, open the sunroof and pray for it to ebb. Right after it would pass then I would inevitably be freezing because my body was damp with sweat. If I thought the days were bad the nights were excruciating as my ‘private summer’ (sounds like an advertisement for an exotic perfume doesn’t’ it?) would give new meaning to the term water-bed. Oh well all this talk of hot flashes leads me into the outfit chosen for today’s post.

Here I'm standing (side view)

A halter top and maxi skirt are pieces perfectly designed for Pittsburgh’s hot, sticky weather.

The Zenana Outfitters lace-top black halter I got from Zulily. The upper part of the bodice and strap consists of a lovely floral lace with the lower part being a lightweight jersey material.

Back view of the halter and the side slit of the skirt

This Kohl’s AB Studios black and white tribal print jersey maxi skirt has a side slit and is soooooo comfy. The elastic waist band and lightweight material makes this such an easy to wear article of clothing. I like that I can play it casual with a pair of sandals or I can dress it up with heels, jacket and jewelry for a summer evening soiree.

My sandals are Bandolino Acherly from These sassy flat black sandals with a hint of shimmering copper are so, so cute. The banded open toe has intricate beaded detailing that subtly sparkles when the light hits them just right. The back-zip ankle closure envelopes the foot in cozy comfort.

Another front view with sandals

I kept my jewelry simple (just like extra articles of clothing, I cannot wear too much jewelry in the summer): a pair of earrings and two bracelets were just enough for this ensemble.

The earrings I came across in a little boutique while shopping with my cousin. Each of these darling silver hoops, contain 3 hollow mesh balls and between each ball is a rhinestone covered separator. They are very light, airy and I can wear them with ease.


For the bracelets, the one on my right wrist is a black macramé and silver B&B Couture 7 Small Crystal Bead Shamballa that I bought from Beyond the Rack. I love how the crystals sparkle when the light hits them at just the right angle. The black beaded stretch bracelet on my left wrist I got from Kohl’s last year.

Bracelet on left wrist

At the outset of spring/summer 2014 I said that I would endeavor to wear more light and easy clothing more for comfort than any other reason and today’s outfit achieves this goal. I highly recommend maxi dresses and skirts for their ease of wear. Like I said on previous occasions you can pair them with a tank top, tee-shirt or a lightweight hoodie for a casual chic look.

“I am a fast dresser, 30 minutes max with hair and makeup. I don’t have a uniform, but I like to be comfortable.” ~Diane von Furstenberg

8 thoughts on “The Maxi Skirt & Halter

  1. WoW! Stunning Stephanie! Your new nickname. I love this dress on you love the pattern, and it is sexy all at the same time. I am late on postin for awhile, but I love your hair!! It looks great. Here in NC, in Lake Norman where I am, it is a prerequesite that there is whole house central air. I can’t stand when it is humid down here, so I said to my hubby we need to go somewhere like Asheville, in the mountains in the summer. I know the Burg can get hot too. Stay cool! Jess xo

    1. Ooooo I like the new nickname Jess lol!! Thank you for the lovely compliments.

      Don’t even get me started on humidity. You’ve been in Pittsburgh and can probably attest to the stickiness of our summers – yuck!!

  2. It’s almost as if the heat is rising up internally and nothing combats the thermal nuclear-like updraft. < Nail on the head!

    I sleep with a tower fan on full blast aimed at my feet – keep your feet cool (impossible during the day) and you cool down the rest of your body.

    Great post.

    1. I’ve been sleeping with a ceiling fan and the airconditioner (in the summer) and ceiling fan with a window open (in the winter) for geez well over 10 years now. And you’re right having my feet exposed (I always need to a cover) does seem to help even though I’m constantly tossing it off & putting it back on again. It’s no wonder men can’t understand what we’re going through lol.

  3. HI Steph! The outfit, indeed, looks very comfortable and your hairstyle looks nice! Btw, I really like you new profile picture 😉

    1. Thank you Naira!!

  4. You look so cool and comfortable in these photos, Stephanae. I know those blast-furnace moments all too well, and I just hope I look this put-together after I have one of them!

    1. Thank you Candace for the compliment. I actually felt very cool and comfortable although I have to admit that even with a halter or tank top on if I have one of my “moments” it gets pretty dicey lol!!

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