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Mirror Image

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Mirror Image

One of my favorite people, Kerry Kijewski, wrote this thought-provoking piece on makeup, fashion, and beauty. What I like most about this post is her honest assessment of how we grapple with our outward appearance and how this is translated to others.

It’s hard to not have a clear idea of what you look like. Every day, morning and night, I look into a mirror I see less and less of myself. I begin to forget what my own face looks like, staring back at me still. I know I am in there somewhere, but I feel a disconnect. This makes it easier and harder, all at once, to do the things that most women do to look their best. Continue Reading

Mirror Image Featured Image Description:

Black and white illustration of a mirror reflection of a woman with a blank face. All that can be seen in the reflection is her hair and neckline as her face has no facial features.

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  1. Hi Steph, I really never took much interest to makeup either. A dab of lipstick is pretty much all I do. My mother allowed me to wear it when I turned 16. However, my skin is very sensitive and during those times, there weren’t many fragrance free or organic lines available. So, I never really got into it. Besides, I much prefer to spend my money on cute clothes.

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