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Four Ambutech White canes with blue, green, orange and pink grips

I almost gave up hope but persistence paid off hugely. Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to bling out my white cane, so when I connected with Alice Lynch of Braille Design I was so excited to find she designs custom-made sparkly cane charms.

Since I have an affinity for anything sparkly I loved the idea of adding an accessory to my white cane because quite frankly it needed a makeover. I get that orientation and mobility is the white cane’s major purpose and it also is a visual indicator to the public that its user has a visual impairment, but why does it have to be so dull?

My aversion to using the white cane was three-fold:

  1. I hadn’t yet come to terms with my vision impairment
  2. I was afraid of the negative connotation associated with it
  3. I felt I would be giving up a bit of my individuality

While I thought my reasons made sense, I reached the point where if I thought I’d look silly with the white cane then I looked sillier without it. Taking tentative steps everywhere I went because I was unsure of my footing, reaching out awkwardly in the air as if my hands held a secret power to keep me from falling. I eventually came to the realization in order for me to regain some semblance of normalcy it was time to acquiesce.

Blue Cane AmbuTech

AmbuTech, a leading manufacturer, and marketer of mobility canes and mobility aids for the blind and visually impaired was the company I got my first white cane from. So I began my search there and was stunned to reach a website with a black background and these neon colors. On closer inspection, I realized the neon colors were AmbuTech’s new line of white canes.

Black & White Pearlz with Rhinestone Collar and Black Adjustable

While neon wasn’t what I had in mind for my cane, it was a great start to finding a more fashionable white cane. After a bit of searching, I found the site, a company who makes very sleek and stylish walking canes. Now we’re talking.

Check out this description of a stunning white, black and rhinestone cane:

This cane is both bold and beautiful, featuring a stunningly classic black and white paisley pattern that makes it perfect for any event big or small. The derby style handle is made from folded white and clear acrylic, giving it that pearlescent striking look. To add just that little bit of flair into such a classic beauty, we have set three rows of rhinestones between two silver collars.

Long ago I realized that my personal style was so much more than how I dress. It’s carried throughout my home, my work, my beliefs and all that I do so why shouldn’t it also be reflected in my white cane which is an extension of me? I will have my blinged out cane!

“Pay no attention to what the critics say. A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.” ~Jean Sibelius

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