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Serendipitous Sandals

Sights & Sounds of Springtime

Picture of trees & sunstream from my balcony
Balcony shot

Here I sit at my dining room table near the open sliding doors that lead out to the balcony with a banana and my third cup of coffee. There are no sounds with the exception of chirping birds, the occasional rustle of leaves as a gentle breeze blows and, in the distance, a very annoying buzz saw that keeps disrupting my chain of thought… “STOP IT, I CAN’T THINK” my brain screams. “Oh no, what’s that?” now a lawn mower has added its voice to this cacophony of madness!! That’s it now I’m ticked!!

When my middle son, Devon, was little he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a.k.a. ADHD. One of the things the doctor explained to me about Devon’s condition was that he was extremely sensitive to any type of stimulation be it someone walking into a room, a commercial that interrupted his favorite TV show, one of his brothers touching him or just whispering in his ear. Any number of things would cause him to blow up into these downright scary, frenzied, outbursts of hollering, screaming, crying and aggressive behaviors.

At times I wondered where Devon inherited his ADHD when it occurred to me that while I never considered myself as out of control as he could become, I had to admit that we shared many commonalities. As I’ve gotten older I find that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to reign in my wondering mind especially if there is constant chatter. Ambient noise like the TV, music, refrigerator, planes, trains, automobiles, children playing, and people talking, were sounds that I could previously block out but now something as inconsequential as the low hum of the fan on my laptop sends me straight over the edge.

Oh great, now Mollie’s barking and yet another lawn mower has joined in the fray…anyway my personality type, INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging), requires a great deal of order, solitude, and quiet. In these ideal circumstances I can thrive, alternatively, if I can’t have my ideal the tiniest noise is like a continuous bull horn that makes me feel as if I’m out of control and this is where I can see my kinship with Devon.

Trees & sky from my balcony
Tree-line from my balcony

It’s sort of ironic how someone like me who needs solitude can at the same time require living in a populated environment. I would hate to live out in the country, on a remote island, or in the backwoods yet I do love nature as long as I can view it from either indoors or on my balcony when the bugs are sleeping. In my complex I have the best of both worlds in that the setting is wooded however there are a number of units within the area.

This morning was so beautiful and being able to enjoy the sun streaming on the trees where blue sky peeped through on a private, rustic, balcony was kinda dreamlike and I found myself transported back to a simpler place in time when I was a child. My favorite place when I was young was my grandparent’s home where us kids (my cousins, brother, and I) would play hide & seek, tag, hopscotch, jump rope, climb the mulberry tree, catch lighting bugs, roll in the grass and just have fun being kids. Later in the evening just before falling asleep the sound of the oscillating fan, crickets and the occasional house fly, would lull me into a peaceful slumber.

Though I would never want to go back to being young again I do regret desiring to grow up so fast. Had I but known what being an adult entailed I would have purposefully enjoyed every single moment (well, maybe not every moment) of my childhood.

My favorite quote: “We do not remember days, we remember moments” is so meaningful to me. With waning memories of days past and lessons learned from my childhood of rushing life I intentionally enjoy now, the present, because this is all I have and all I’ll ever need. Worrying about tomorrow or fretting over yesterday is a waste of time and energy to which I refuse to relent. However every now and then, pulling up those precious moments in time that brought me so much joy continue to evoke feelings of happiness and contentment.

One of the things that went by the wayside from my childhood, were the dreaded flip-flops. I know that I enjoyed wearing them when I was younger but as I got older the idea of wearing flip-flips ran counter to my vision of how I wanted to be recognized. In my mind a serious business woman wouldn’t wear such trivial shoes and no, I never considered wearing them even in my downtime (remember how I said I took myself too seriously?) Needless to say in my opinion, women wearing flip-flops with business attire was, for me, an absolute no-no.

Coral  Must-Have Flip-Flop Forever 21
Must-Have Flip Flop Forever 21

Back to present day – now that I’m retired and reinventing myself, as I perused some of my favorite online retail shops I’m almost giddy about my first pair of flip-flops I purchased as an adult. I know, I don’t get out much and it really is the little things that make me happy. The fact that the two pairs of available flip-flops from were two of my other favorite colors (coral and turquoise) was clearly serendipity so I snapped up the coral pair. It’s a sure bet that I’ll be buying the turquoise ones as well but I had to do a “test run” on the coral ones before making such a serious commitment and I’m pleased to report that they passed the trial.

Turquoise Must-Have Flip-Flop Forever 21
Must-Have Flip-Flop Forever 21

The color is a shiny bright coral that’s further enhanced by the faux leather that resembles patent leather. What I like most about these is I can quickly slip them on to take Mollie for a short stroll. I can wear them to the pool or just pop them on with that casual sporty chic look I’m trying to attain.

Sleek Flip-Flop in White Forever 21
Sleek Flip-Flop Forever 21

I’ve included pictures of both the coral and the turquoise along with a new pair (Sleek Flip Flops) from that are currently en route. The new flip-flops are white with a metal accent and if they are anything like the picture on Forever 21’s site I’m sure I’ll love them.

Next week, I hope to be able to share another childhood favorite of mine that is, if the USPS (United States Postal Service) cooperates. For now I bid Adieu!

Have a nice weekend.

“I find in old age that it’s possible to revisit the past, the one requirement being that you come as you are.” ~Robert Brault,

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