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The Maxi

Me in a seated position posing for the camera.In the past I’ve struggled with casual looks because it was ingrained in me, from my early 20s, to dress for where I envisioned myself in the future. The picture in my head of what success looked like was a classy tailored suit.

A stickler for rules and a rigid code of ethics, looking back now I can see I took myself way too seriously. Being so goal oriented it’s unfathomable why I didn’t have a solid game plan other than getting married a couple of years after graduating high school. I was so ridiculously in love, I turned down a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to further my Graphic Arts training – BIG MISTAKE!!

After my divorce I took charge of my life and couldn’t wait to get my first power suit to begin the job interviewing process. So it was back to business school for communications courses, computer training, resume writing and mock interviews. It was so gratifying when I excelled to the point of making Dean’s List.

Me looking out over the balcony

Twenty some years later I worked for two great companies, received several promotions, bought a house, couple of cars, got married, and yet felt jaded. If this was success it was disappointing and time for re-evaluation.

So here it is one year since my retirement and I’ve come to the conclusion I need to relax. I realize now my struggle with casual wear had to do more with tying my femininity to my clothing.

Standing at the balcony

The maxi dress is a favorite of mine because it is so effortless and versatile. You can get all gussied up with heels, clutch, moto jacket and jewelry for a night on the town or throw on a pair of flip-flops, straw handbag, and floppy straw hat to run errands.

Today I experimented with my camera out on the balcony and while the pictures could use some improving it’s a beginning. I’ll have to test out a number of different shooting locations in an attempt to get better lighting.

Picture of the sandlas with my blue painted toe nailsPicture of the 2 bracelets.

Picture of the ringThe black maxi in the photos I bought online from Zulily. The material is a soft rayon blend with a scooped tank top neckline. I wanted to add a pop of color with a delicate turquoise chain necklace, earrings, 2 black macramé bracelets and 1 ring. Today I wore my nude sandals to compliment the outfit.

  • Zenana Maxi Dress | Zulily
  • Two 7 Small Crystal Bead Shamballa Bracelets in silver and aqua | | Adjustable one size and the crystal beads (intertwined in black macramé) sparkle when they catch the light.
  • Ring Fantasy World Jewelry | Zulily silver ring with shimmering rhinestones.
  • Faux Turquoise Chain Necklace | | 36 inches long with a lobster clasp is lightweight silver plated featuring interspersed faux turquoise accents.
  • Tribal-Inspired Drop Earrings | | 2 inch long fishhook earrings are 1.5 inches wide with a faux turquoise stone in the center of the tribal design.
  • Kasie Sandals | | Flat, ankle strap faux leather sandals easy turn lock closure at the ankle strap.

“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” ~Lauren Bacall

9 thoughts on “The Maxi

  1. You always always always look so beautiful 😀

    1. Why thank you so much Fatmatta!!! =D

      1. You’re welcome steph 🙂

  2. Steph, you look positively beautiful in your pictures. I love the hair, the outfit, the entire vibe. Didn’t we all take ourselves to seriously during the greedy eighties. We were all power hungry and eager to climb the corporate ladder. I’m glad you have decided to relax. It suits you well (no pun intended).

    1. Thanks Glenda. Yeah, I keep asking myself “what was I thinking?” I’m so glad those days are over.

  3. Loved this post Stephanae, I can recall a time where I intentionally shifted the way I dress. There came a point where, I just thought ‘I’ve had enough – I’m going for comfort and simplicity’. I got tired with the discomfort of some clothes, especially fitted/short skirts/dress. One thing I’m struggling to give up are the high heels. I don’t wear them as often, but can’t seem to give them up.

    1. Thanks Dina, I hear you on the heels and it breaks my heart because I swear I was born in them but I seldom wear them anymore and when I do I’ve settled for kitten heels. I’m an accident waiting to happen in flats so it’s better for the world if I say away from the heels. lol

  4. I just love your blog!! I really do. You always summon just the right language to make fashion intriguing. Those photos of you are great and you look like you live in a forest! And of course this next part gave me a fit of giggles – – “while keeping me cool in anticipation of the next hot flash.” Ain’t that the truth!! ps. take another picture if you tie a scarf around your hips – – I bet that pop of color will be stunning!!!

    1. Hey there Steph, thank you ma’am. I certainly will take a picture with the scarf around my hips but I think a more interesting one might be of an actual hot flash moment. After all these years they still send me straight over the edge LOL.

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