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Dogs, Gnats & Email…What?

Style&co. Curvy-Fit Rhinestone-Embellished Capri Pants
Style&co. Curvy-Fit Rhinestone-Embellished Capri Pants Macy’s

Dogs…you gotta love ‘em. My little dog Mollie, who I affectionately describe as one with the attention span of a gnat, is my heart.

December 15, 2007 began like any other day with one minor exception, my friend Lori called and suggested we stop by Animal Friends (one of the local animal shelters). For several weeks (or months if one were keeping track), I’d been scouring the internet in search of the perfect furry little friend. When I say “little” I mean I wanted a dog that I could put in my pocket. Since I already envisioned “the perfect dog” in my mind, I wasn’t overly concerned with going to the shelter so in response to Lori’s query I said “sure, I’m game let’s go.” Quiet as it’s kept I needed little prompting to go anywhere on the weekend since I was still driving at this point and I loved any reason to fire up the Jeep, throw on my shades and blast the music even if it was winter.

I swung by to pick up Lori and it was off to Animal Friends with the sole purpose of being on a research expedition. As soon as we trudged inside the shelter the first thing I noticed was how clean the facility was and of course the second thing was these ridiculously adorable kittens. These fuzzy, tiny, mewing babies were begging to be picked up and cuddled but to my dismay “Please Do Not Touch the Animals” signs abounded the joint.

It was with great difficulty I pulled myself away from the kitties and continued my research. Further down the hallway there were several small glassed in rooms, each containing one or two dogs. Though I tried with all my heart to look at them with a certain amount of detachment, it was really difficult especially when reading their individual profiles attached to the glass. One dog in particular named Ming was a very cute, timid, curly blond-haired, 6 month old Terrier/Chihuahua mix who caught my eye but she didn’t meet my criteria so we moved on to the caged section of the shelter.

Rock & Republic Mixed-Media Racerback Henley
Rock & Republic Mixed-Media Racerback Henley Kohl’s

There were so many dogs all of whom were very well cared for as Animal Friends is a no-kill shelter who recruits many volunteers within the community to provide the animals the attention they need. While I saw some interesting possibilities I just didn’t think any of the dogs were a match for me so we were preparing to leave.

As we passed by Ming’s enclosure I stopped and took a long look at her. She seemed so sweet and appeared scared and all I wanted to do was soothe her so I asked if I could meet her.

By now you know that I don’t have to tell you what happened next, I held this precious shaking little dog in my arms and I fell in love with her. Though it took “Mollie” as she came to be known, some time to become acclimated to her new surroundings (and I forgot to mention my two cats Sable and Tigress), she fit in perfectly with her new family.

KASIE ankle strap sandal from Sole Society
KASIE ankle strap sandal Sole Society

The folks at Animal Friends told me that Mollie was rescued from a very bad situation and they couldn’t provide the details. This may have attributed to her not barking or being afraid to ride with me in the vehicle.

Seven years later I’ve got a lovable lunatic on my hands. Mollie loves to bark, run around the house, ride in cars with her head out the window, belly rubs and Scooby (pronounced “Ruby”) snacks after the cartoon dog Scooby Doo.

I wanted to provide you with this little background history on Mollie so that you can see how similar and perfectly matched we are. Granted Mollie isn’t the little fru-fru dog I was looking for but to be honest I probably would have accidentally stepped on or crushed a smaller dog and she ended up being the perfect dog for me.

Cutout Cuff from Forever 21
Cutout Cuff Forever 21

Back to Mollie having the attention span of a gnat, she comes by it honestly as attested to by my friends and family. While I am very detail oriented when faced with too much stimuli I have these little mini melt downs that cumulate in my having difficulty being able to focus.

For example, last week with the advent of Memorial Day my email inbox exploded with all kinds of holiday deals. There were so many in fact that I began to hyperventilate as I try at all times to maintain a minimum of no more than 20 emails (yes, I have a serious filing system for handling emails that have been read). So when I periodically checked my inbox and found over 70 I began having a panic attack. How can I quickly sift through all this mess? I toyed with the idea of deleting them all but what if there was something buried within that needed addressed? Oh help me, I’m losing control!!

F4374 Iconic Aviator Sunglasses Forever 21
F4374 Iconic Aviator Sunglasses Forever 21

Eventually I had to set aside time to deal with the email situation and so it was one by one I handled each and every single email to clear out my inbox. Now that I my mind is semi-clear I can focus on today’s thrifty finds.

Fossil Earrings Ashford
Fossil Earrings Ashford

The pieces pictured throughout this post I acquired from several different retailers during the Memorial Day sales. As always I’ve provided brief descriptions and links to each item below:

  1. The first item is the Rock & Republic Mixed-Media Racerback Henley top that I got from Kohl’s for $19.99. This top was originally $40 and I found that it is still a bargain at $24 today. Its mixed-media design combines a lightweight crepe front and jersey back for one-of-a-kind look. This lovely, sleeveless, 3-button top, features a trendy drop-tail hem and shirred racerback and is perfect for summer. It comes in 4 colors (Soda Lite Blue, Olive Night, Cayenne, and Black), I chose the Cayenne as it looks more coral colored.
  2. The second, and one of my favorite purchases from Macy’s, are Bright White, Style&co. Curvy-Fit Rhinestone-Embellished Capri Pants. Due to my curvaceous hindquarters it’s challenging to find pants, and jeans in particular that fit me well and Style&co. always fit the bill. Sparkling rhinestone accents add a dash of flair to these casual-glam capris. Triple rhinestone button closure with zipper fly and rhinestone snap closures at hem make pants pop. I paid $27.99 for these capris that were originally $49.00. Today they are priced at $34.99
  3. What would a cute summer outfit be without sandals? These faux leather KASIE ankle strap sandals from Sole Society cost me $35.97 down from $59.95. The Adobe color is a neutral color within the taupe family that will go with most any color. The feature I like most on these sandals is the classy turn lock closure located on the ankle strap.
  4. Forever 21 has quickly become one of my favorite go-tos for reasonably priced clothing and accessories. I got this silver Cutout Cuff bracelet for $4.80 several weeks ago. The bracelet is a very lightweight 3 inch high cuff that features a decorative cutout pattern.
  5. The fifth item for this particular ensemble, are the lightweight, silver, F4374 Iconic Aviator Sunglasses I got for $5.80 from Forever 21.
  6. Number 6, and last are these elegant Fossil earrings I got from Ashford several months ago via The sterling silver, dangling, post earrings are about 1 and ½ inches in length and contain Cubic Zirconia and Smokey Quartz stones. If memory serves, I think I paid $25 for them however today they are on clearance for $18.99

I hope you like my outfit of choice for today. Going forward my intention is to take photos (I have to settle on a good spot, I’m hoping the lighting will work on the balcony) and once I do I’ll post the pictures with me wearing the clothing I’m describing. So stay tuned!

“True elegance and style comes from being confident and feeling comfortable in your skin” ~Tory Burch.


2 thoughts on “Dogs, Gnats & Email…What?

  1. G’mornin Steph, yes I posted a picture of my munchkin located on this post published on March 3: A Tale of Tassels. I am so sorry to hear about your Shih Tzu I wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to Mollie. Please know this that I will definitely send up a prayer for her and please keep me posted on her status.

  2. Love the outfit of choice, Steph – – but REALLY love the story of how little Ming came to be Molly and came to be yours!! Can you (or have you already?) posted a photo of her? I rescued a little Shih Tzu in similar fashion and she is the love of my life but I had an incident yesterday where she suddenly collapsed and the vet doesn’t know why. Heartbeat stopped briefly too. I went hysterical and rushed her to the doctor. They are doing tests. Please keep her in your prayers.

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