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Shopping the Perimeter

How to Buy Healthy Foods

Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad (Pinterest)

Information overload gives me a serious headache. Being bombarded by tons of messages every minute of every day is so tiring and trying to make sense of it all by sifting through the “most amazing this,” “fascinating that,” “shocking” or “groundbreaking whatever” is enough to drive a person insane. So try as I might to live the KISS (Keep It Simple Steph) philosophy my obsessive compulsive tendencies make this lifestyle one that is virtually unattainable.

Take food for example, when I began to really take notice of the foods, or lack thereof, that I was consuming on a daily basis, it almost sickened me to realize the garbage I was putting into my body. In view of this eye-opener (I always knew this I just chose to ignore it) the next logical step to becoming healthy was to take inventory of those foods rich in vitamins and minerals while eliminating processed foods.

A lifetime lover of fruits (and a couple of vegetables) the produce section of the grocery store always held much promise for me in my effort to eat nourishing meals. The problem is once I leave the produce section right next door is the deli and then the blasted bakery. While baked goods aren’t really my thing (with the exception of a cherry or dutch apple pie or better yet a triple chocolate cake) just walking by this section stirs up something that drives me to buy needless processed crap.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I happened to catch the tiniest segment on TV where the doctor recommended “shopping the perimeter of the grocery store.” Apparently I must have been under a rock or something the past few years as I found this term has been in use for some time. Thinking back now, it wasn’t applicable to me because I was knee-deep in dedicating myself to eating junk food but I digress.

These 7 words “shopping the perimeter of the grocery store” was the most amazing, fascinating, shocking, groundbreaking philosophy I ever heard. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but I hadn’t thought of shopping for food in this manner. Peripherally I understood how foods are set up in grocery stores but hearing the words made all the difference in my thought process. The doctor went on to briefly explain that by buying food in the produce, meat and dairy sections while at the same time avoiding the center aisles (this is where the majority of the processed foods are located) this technique naturally leads to buying hearty sustenance.

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap
Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap (Pinterest)

If you read my post on Monday, May 19 I mentioned that the last few weeks have been extremely stressful with the approach of the condo closing, subsequent move, then cleaning, organizing, contacting utility companies, obtaining quotes, securing contractors, and so on… I confessed in the post that in a moment, (more like weeks) of weakness, I succumbed to some unhealthy dietary choices of which disgust me. It’s not so much the giving in that bothers me rather it’s the effects of what I’ve been ingesting.

I know I will get back on track partly because I hold myself accountable to you and I was feeling so very good up until the point of that fateful night I ate the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). This is one of the first times in recent memory that I really noticed the difference from eating good food then switching to not so good food. The first sign was the headaches then the exhaustion and mood swings – my body is talking to me and I’m listening.

Healthy Spinach Lasagna Rolls
Healthy Spinach Lasagna Rolls (Pinterest)

Unfortunately as a result of everything that has occurred within the last few weeks my exercise schedule has also suffered. But have no fear as I am rededicating myself to getting back on course and I couldn’t be more excited for 2 reasons: Number 1 – summer is just around the corner and Number 2 – I received my pool pass to the condo’s pool. I don’t swim but I bought a floppy straw hat, a beach tote and all I need now is a swim suit to lounge by the pool.

Even though I haven’t been able to exercise on a regular basis my cousin, Charese, took me to Planet Fitness as her guest for a real good workout last week. It was the first time that I’ve ever gone to a gym and I didn’t feel self-conscious (probably because I couldn’t see) at any rate I was able to focus completely on my workout and at the end I was able to partake of this marvelous massage chair that was superb!

“The length of your shoe may change, the size of your pant may also change; but your life will never change until your mind changes! © more talks” ~Israelmore Ayivor

4 thoughts on “Shopping the Perimeter

  1. Such a motivating post on healthy lifestyle!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks much. This is so good to hear especially with my recent lapse into unhealthy habits. But I’m encouraged that everything is looking up now.

  2. Hi Stephanae, So sorry it has been awhile. Been dealin with my EDS, and busy. I know no excuse! I missed talking with you. Love the dishes you have here. I need to write a list of foods I can eat, and we will go to Whole Foods. I am thinking of getting a juicer. With my EDS, I have digestion problems, so boy do I miss salads.
    Wanted to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend too Hope you are well.

    Please stop by
    Jess xo

    1. Hi Jess, I’m so sorry to hear of your issues and definitely no need to apologize. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers even when you don’t see me online. As you may have gathered I’ve been crazy busy myself and trying so hard to get into a new routine. I’ll be stopping by to visit your blog within the next day or so. Miss you so much. ~Steph

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