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Weigh In #9

Steppin’ Out In Style

Ticket for performance

I had such a lovely evening yesterday. Carl, one of my ex-coworkers, called me out of the blue to invite me to a performance at Heinz Hall to hear the world-renowned Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

The evening began when I met Carl at work and he took me on a tour of the newly renovated work space – gorgeous!! Before half of our team was laid off last year we only saw schematics of how the space would look and since it’s an open floor concept our initial thoughts were that it wouldn’t work. I’m so glad to see that our original assumptions were wrong because the renovation far exceeded thoughts I previously had.

Though the day started out gloomy and a little rainy towards evening it was warm with a light breeze and the sun even made an appearance. Carl and I strolled through Market Square a quaint European-style plaza for dining, shopping, business meetings and leisure on our way to Heinz Hall.

Market Square
Market Square
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The evening’s program, American Fanfare, featuring some of the most beloved works of American composers was mesmerizing. Not one to sit still for long unless at a computer, I sat at rapt attention allowing the music to wash over me to soak up the melodious sounds. While unfamiliar with the two works performed during the first half, my enjoyment of the program was undaunted. Aaron Copland’s Suite from Appalachian Spring and George Gershwin’s An American in Paris played during the second half were brilliant!!

Heinz Hall Lobby Pinterest via
Heinz Hall Lobby
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Heinz Hall Garden with open gates facing a wall of rocks waterfall Pinterest via
Heinz Hall Garden
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It didn’t occur to me until after we were seated that we should have taken our pictures so that I could share them with you. What can I say? It was one of those DUH moments but I promise I will get better in time with documenting these types of events.

I was happy to be able to fit into my LBD (little black dress) a cute sleeveless little number with a center panel of faux leather down the front and back coupled with a black tuxedo jacket trimmed in faux leather. Black tights, black Monet kitten heels (bought for a steal at JC Penney last fall), lime green, beaded clutch, black cape and white cane completed the ensemble. If only I could have worn something more colorful (everyone it seemed was in black). Oh well there’s always next time. I kept my accessories simple with sparkly dangling earrings, cuff bracelet and two rings.

Monet Black Leather Kitten Heels

Just a little word on the shoes, I selected a patent leather red pair with a black heel and liked them so much I bought the black ones as well. The red isn’t a true red and color reminds me of tomato soup but it’s a nice shade and I like it because it’s unlike my other red shoes. My personal thoughts on black shoes are you can never have too many.

Monet Red Patent Kitten Heels with Black Heel

Today’s weigh in is 151.3 pounds which is a loss of 3 pounds. I get a little nervous when I get this close to whole numbers on the scale because it seems like it’s so hard to get to the next goal which would be under 150. Measurements are still holding pretty steady:

  •   Weight:                minus 11.3 pounds
  •   Thighs                  minus 4.5 inches
  •   Arms:                   minus 1 inch
  •   Bust:                     minus 1 inch
  •   Waist:                   minus 2.5 inches
  •   Hips:                     minus 1.5 inches

Have a great weekend!! And remember, when steppin’ out in style put your best foot forward.

“.. its not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them” ~Adriana Trigiani, Viola in Reel Life

4 thoughts on “Weigh In #9

  1. Am i just forgetting ( some meds will do that) or do you live in Pittsburgh? It was my home for 32 years!! I miss Heinz Hall and the Strip District. Sounds like a great time. My parents still live there, so we visit. I love Gerswhin and the symphony here too. We have summer concerts we love going to with wine, picnic and a large ampitheatre with a hilarious conductor. Seeing those pics of Heinz Hall made me miss it. Sounds like a nice time! xo jess

    1. It really is a small world!! No, you did not mention you lived in Pittsburgh. I’ve always thought Heinz Hall was so beautiful from the time I went during our school field trips to now it takes my breath away. The evening of the performance was the first time I was in the garden with the waterfall (shame since I’ve lived here most of my life). It was a great time and I’m looking forward to going again and even heading into town to some of the outdoor summer concerts.

      I hope you’re feeling better Jess. ~Steph

  2. After reading, “the music to wash over me to soak up the melodious sounds”, you got me tapping my toes to George Gershwin’s An American in Paris. What a great time you had! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. My pleasure!! I enjoyed it so much I didnt want it to end.

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