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Noteworthy Necklaces & Necklines

Oh Son, Where Art Thou?

Light blue statement necklace FRIRELLA from AldoShoes
FRIRELLA from AldoShoes

March 22, 2014 Text from my youngest son (Arian):

Arian: (10:30 A.M.) I’m at the hospital mom

Me: (10:32 A.M.) What’s wrong?

Me: (10:35 A.M.) What happened?

Me: (10:39 A.M.) Why are you at the hospital?

Arian: (10:40 A.M.) I can’t walk or get up

Me: (Trying valiantly to push aside my fear) Are you in pain? How did you get to the hospital?

Arian: Ambulance

Back and forth this dialog went throughout the day yesterday. The long spans of time where I heard nothing were excruciating because my mind would gravitate to the worst case scenarios. Calling my son was futile due to the hospital’s firewalls so I call the emergency department, BIG mistake. Instead of having my fears assuaged I don’t know what to think. Being told “oh yes, the doctor has been in to see him, she put him on medication to manage his pain but he’s still having issues” only served to put my imagination into hyper overdrive.

Between the hospital; then receipt of a text from one of Arian’s co-workers telling me that “he was found lying on the floor so they called the ambulance”…I’m just beside myself. Unable to get to the hospital since I was babysitting my grandson, led to further feelings of frustration and helplessness.

R.I.P. Communication and Common Sense

In the age of text messages, Facebook, Twitter, internet slang and endless acronyms it seems communication and common sense have gone by the wayside. Communication used to mean the give and take of information but unless both parties have a common understanding of said information then communication becomes a mute-point. Common sense on the other hand, the natural ability to make sound judgment has been rendered rare. I could ramble on about these two topics and how this particular situation could have been handled differently from my son (I give him a break for being, shall we say, loopy) to the emergency department (and I know about the privacy laws this is another topic for later discussion) to the text from the coworker but this would require a total revamp of society as we know it today.

After spending the day worrying about Arian my oldest son Tristan brought him to my place. The diagnosis was a severe back sprain having my own history of back issues I’m no stranger to the pain so I completely empathized with him. He’s on muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, heavy-duty pain meds and he cannot go to work for a couple of days but he’ll make a full recovery (at least I earnestly hope he does). Today I have him and my grandson (both of whom stayed the night) and are demanding of my time. Me, well, I’m wiped out!!

Necklace with Mini Crystal Leaves from Zara
Necklace with Mini Crystal Leaves from Zara

Necklines and Necklaces

I have this necklace tree on my chest of drawers that greets me each day and it is the source of inspiration for today’s post. My short necklaces hang on the tree and the small tray at the base holds a few rings and smaller bracelets. I use a belt hanger to hang my long necklaces in my closet with my earring organizers.

Light blue statement necklace KOARTAC from AldoShoes
KOARTAC from AldoShoes

The most straightforward method of choosing which necklace for what neckline is for the jewelry to mirror the neckline. To give you an idea of how to do this following are some tips:

  • Crew Neck – A bib necklace looks real nice with this neckline as it hugs the circumference. You can also opt for a long pendant for elongation. Shorter necklaces draw attention to the face.
  • V-Neck – For the V-neck a chunky V-shaped statement necklace or a short pendant that hangs between the collar bones works. The necklace length should be a little above the neckline for a polished look.
  • Sweetheart – You’ll want to a necklace that follows the shape of the sweetheart neckline.
  • Turtleneck – Long chains or pendants add balance to the high neckline and elongate the body.
  • Boat-neck – Long beads or layered chains.
  • Scoop – Try a shorter necklace with volume remember this will bring attention to your face.
  • Button-down – When wearing a button-down completely buttoned a chunky statement necklace brings attention to the face and softens the buttoned-up look. A long necklace (doubled or tripled depending on the length) also looks nice. I like to wear my long pearls doubled with the shorter loop directly against my neck with the longer loop hanging the outside of the blouse. Shorter necklaces also work provided the length is within the constraints of the open buttons.
  • Strapless – Chokers or dainty necklaces function quite well with this neckline.

You can mix or match necklaces. I like to wear some of my short statement necklaces with a long chunky chain or a mixture of several thinner chains. I’ve even used some of my longer ones as belts or even bracelets. Trust me, you won’t be breaking any laws (at least I hope not) if you use your imagination with your jewelry.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

“My basics are black, white, or neutral, and I’ll wear a ton of jewelry or carry a brightly colored bag.” ~Rachel Zoe

3 thoughts on “Noteworthy Necklaces & Necklines

  1. So sorry about your son’s injury. My husband ended up in the ER last year for the same thing. It took him two months of Physical Therapy to recover but now he has the exercises to do that keep him from another severe back problem.
    I’m taking your necklace guide into consideration as I ponder what to wear for Nashville Fashion Week 😉


    1. Thank you Alicia, he’s coming along well. I hope your husband continues to fare well. My doctor told me about 2 years ago that one can throw out their back just picking up a piece of paper. It’s an awful thing to go through.

  2. I have a weird quirk. I lo e necklaces and have quite an assortment, but rarely wear them. Reason being…I love my decolletage and enjoy showing it off 🙂

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