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Take Stock of Your Wardrobe

Springtime Assessment

California Closets via Pinterest
California Closets
via Pinterest

So we here on the east coast are almost 1 hour into spring even though at supposedly 47 degrees when the wind blows it feels more like 35 degrees brrrr. Under gloomy, gray skies against a dull brown landscape as a backdrop it’s not very spring-like.

Springtime, synonymous with renewal is always a great time to take advantage of assessing your wardrobe. I’ve always done this twice yearly in the spring and the fall. The feeling of euphoria from taking an inventory, reorganizing and then donating what is no longer needed is undeniably gratifying. Aside from the aforementioned benefits, this is one of the easiest methods of saving money when it comes to adding additional pieces to your wardrobe as you are able to see exactly what you need versus shopping blindly.

What I want to share with you today are some of my closet organizational methods. Apartment living is hardly conducive to California Closets (a company based in California whose products are centered on custom-made storage solutions).

5-Tier Blouse Hanger from Bed Bath & Beyond
Bed Bath & Beyond
5-Tier Blouse Hanger

I’ve had one walk-in closet thus far in my life and on seeing it for the first time I thought “I’ve finally arrived!” That closet was wonderful and if I had any regrets from downsizing my apartment it would be leaving it behind. Oh well…

Being that I am constantly on the lookout for ways of improving space utilization when I found these solutions I was elated. The pictures of blouse/jackets and pants/skirts hangers were for me an answer to a silent prayer. Going from a roomy walk-in to a 5 foot 7 inch long 3 foot deep closet is a little inconvenient but since I was using these hangers for a few years prior to downsizing they’ve worked wonderfully well in my current unit.

5-Tier Blouse Hanger from Bed Bath & Beyond
5-Tier Blouse Hanger
Bed Bath & Beyond

The 5-tier chrome blouse hanger has foam padding on each of the tiers to prevent tops from slipping off. From top to bottom tier are light to dark colors. Below I describe the order in which my clothes are sorted on these hangers:

  1. Short sleeve to long sleeve blazers/jackets
  2. Suits (these are hung on different hangers and kept together)
  3. Sleeveless tops/dressy tank tops
  4. Button down shells
  5. Shells no buttons
  6. Short sleeved button down tops
  7. Short sleeved no buttons
  8. Short sleeved sweaters
  9. Long sleeved button down blouses
4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hanger from Bed Bath & Beyond
4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hanger
Bed Bath & Beyond

The 4-tier chrome skirt/pants hangers contain 2 adjustable bulldog-like clips on each end. As with the blouse hangers, top to bottom tiers are light to dark colors and following are how I hang these in the closet:

  1. Short to long skirts
  2. Maxi skirts
  3. Pants

Because of the way the closet is set up I have two hanging shoe organizers in the center. My hanging jewelry organizers, scarves, suits, jackets, blazers and tops are on one side and maxi dresses, skirts, pants and dresses are on the other side.

The obsessive compulsive nature of mine, dictates that everything be symmetrical. I prefer my clothing to be light to dark, short to long but with this closet it was too much of a challenge so for now it is what it is.

I have 4 colorful cloth/cardboard bins on the top shelf of the closet used for additional storage. In addition there are a few garment bags for those items that are out of season.

4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hanger  from Bed Bath & Beyond
4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hanger
Bed Bath & Beyond

Since tiered hangers use vertical space this leaves more horizontal space although my personal preference is the least amount of visual clutter the better. Whenever I relocate and get settled I am going to invest in a California Closet solution as it appeals to my organizational side.

Maintaining an organized closet and drawers (this is a post for another day) keeps your wardrobe orderly plus you can more easily see what you no longer need and can then donate to someone else. The added benefit is you can see where you have gaps that may need to be filled. After all nothing lasts forever and even classics will wear out at some point and time.

I got both sets of these hangers about 4 or 5 years ago at Bed Bath & Beyond. While I could not find the exact type for the blouse hangers they now have 6-tiers.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” ~Robin Williams

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  1. I would like that closet, but I don’t have the need for huge shoe space. just more organized closet space. !

    1. I know, I would give my left arm for that closet.

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