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Going Deeper






My personal demons – depression, addiction, self-doubt, worthlessness, are but a few I’ve wrestled with most of my life. At times I thought “I just can’t do this anymore” and the desire to give up was like a beacon in the darkest of nights calling out to me. In the depths of my despair many times I was tempted to throw in my chips and call it a day.

Last year was a year of many firsts for me. There was the birth of my first grandchild, I got laid off from my job, downsized my apartment, my best friend relocated out-of-state, had 2 more eye surgeries, another eye disease diagnosis, my oldest son had some serious health issues, and two friends of mine passed away. There was joy, sadness, stress and fear of the unknown.

Without the routine of going to a job each day, isolation became my new best friend. While I prayed through each of these events I couldn’t hear God’s response and as I type this today He was there along in my friend Sherri. You see, I understand that a mere mortal cannot really comprehend the mysteries of God and it makes sense because if we did then we wouldn’t rely on Him as we should.

So it was during these bleak moments last year that I was able to PUSH through the pain with God’s help through Sherri. I remember her asking me at one point “why didn’t you call me?” and I told her I didn’t want to be a burden which not only dishonored her but me as well. Sometimes we just have to be that answer to prayer by being the comforting ear to a friend in need.

Exercise can be brutal. So brutal in fact, that to get through it you really need to PUSH. Last week I touched on the following 6 key points when starting an exercise regimen:

  1. Set realistic, achievable goals
  2. Start small and take it slow
  3. Do an activity that you
  4. Be consistent
  5. Track your progress
  6. Do not beat yourself up

Exercise can also be non-strenuous and done for purposes of maintaining healthy lifestyle.

One of the easiest exercises is walking. Using a pedometer to track the amount of steps you take in a day can help you to determine how many you need to burn x amount of calories. Following is the equation for burning enough calories to shed one pound per week simply by walking.

10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles (100 calories per mile) = 500 calories

10,000 steps x 7 days equals 3,500 calories that amounts to 1 pound

The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of sustained moderate activity such as walking on most days. Being active can include aerobics, biking, swimming, household chores and gardening.

When I first started out my brother repeatedly told me to start slow because starting out to quickly or intensely can lead to soreness, injury or even giving up. So this last go round back in early February I heeded his advice and have been able to steadily increase the amount of time and intensity levels without repercussions.

Today I want to leave you with a quote posted by one of my fellow blogger friends “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” ~Plato

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