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Twist, Turn & Twirl

A Beacon of Light in this World

"Challenge yourself, go for it whatever "it" may be; we are much more powerful and capable than we will ever know." Amy Purdy
Amy Purdy

Based on research I was able to obtain, I was disappointed to find that Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) does not appear to be one of the TV programs where video description is provided. Video or Audio description is a narration service that describes visual images of entertainment mediums such as television, plays, movies, ballets, etc. This is an accessibility service that allows people who are blind or vision impaired to enjoy and feel connected to those leisure activities that our sighted counterparts experience.

Personally my solution to this issue is to pull a chair up to my 42 inch screen TV and I can kinda sorta see all with the exception of details. Reality television holds little appeal to me (although for a minute, I did get hooked on the Kardashians, still don’t understand how that happened). There were only 2 reasons why I wanted to watch last night’s episode of DWTS:

  1. Olympic skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White – I needed to see how they would translate their mad skating skills to the dance floor, they did not disappoint.
  2. Bronze Medalist Paralympic Snowboarder Amy Purdy (who happens to be a double leg amputee) not only nailed her performance but she did so on a minimal amount of sleep. She competed in Russia on Friday, flew 16 hours to the states on Saturday, rehearsed, slept 4 hours, rehearsed once again then performed live. Amazing!! Carrie Ann Inaba was so taken with Amy’s dancing she said Amy was “like a beacon of light in this world.”
Dancing With The Stars via Pinterest Derek Hough & Amy Purdy!
Dancing With The Stars via Pinterest
Derek Hough & Amy Purdy!

It’s wonderful that some of these competition shows are embracing people with disabilities and even though the ratio at the moment is small it is a beginning. When Christine Ha, the first blind contestant of Master Chef won the third season she was judged on her cooking skills and the fact that she has a disability was secondary. I live for the day when all people are treated equally and the dreamer in me believes that this can become a reality. Now on to the fun stuff.

Two weeks ago I mentioned the tassel and fringe trend and as soon as I saw Amy take to the floor last night I’m like “she’s got fringes.” Then I thought my blind friends wouldn’t know what Amy or any of the other dancers were wearing and right behind that thought was “this really needs to change.” While I cannot provide a description of the other costumes since I didn’t watch the entire program please bear with me while I try to describe Amy and Meryl’s.

Dancing With The Stars via Pinterest Olympic Gold Medtalist Meryl Davis partners with Maksim Chmerkovskiy!
Dancing With The Stars via Pinterest
Olympic Gold medalist Meryl Davis partners with Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

Amy’s top was a silver sparkly bikini bra with short gold fringe on the cups of the bra that tapered to the center then longer fringe tapered to a point beyond her waist. The low-rise bottoms around the waistband consisted of the same sparkly silver as the bikini top. Below the waistband gold fringe encircled the hips down the length of the legs to the ankles. The effect of the fringe moving to the beat of the Cha-Cha-Cha with every twist and turn of her body was mesmerizing. With her black sparkly headband and silver sparkly bracelets on each wrist she was radiant.

Dancing With The Stars Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie White partners with Sharna Burgess!
Dancing With The Stars via Pinterest
Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie White partners with Sharna Burgess!

Meryl Davis’ costume looked similar to a one-piece swimsuit with the back exposed to below the waist. The trim on the outer edges of the bodice and the straps were of a light pink material and entire bodice shimmered and sparkled like pink glitter. Around the bottom of the bodice was what appeared to be tulle-like material in three layers of different shades of pink; the length almost to the knees. When she twirled the skirt flared out like the wings of a bird gently soaring on the wind. She wore these delicate lace-like dangling earrings, two pink bracelets (one on each wrist) and of course she traded in her skates for high heels.

Like today’s post I will endeavor, when the opportunity presents itself, to provide appropriate description when none is available.

Have a great day!!

“Learning too soon our limitations, we never learn our powers.” ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

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