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Spellbindingly Surreal

 We all possess the thunder of pure fury and the calm breeze of tranquility.  If it wasn’t for tomorrow, how much would we get done today?  Whatever your purpose… embrace it completely.  Get lost in the clouds every now and then so you never lose sight of God’s wonder.  ~Paul Vitale

Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that I’ve been feeling miserable with the time change of last week then later in the day as I was visiting other blogs my spirits lifted. When I started blogging three months ago my intention was to reach and give voice to a targeted audience and though the mission hasn’t changed my world has opened up in ways I did not anticipate.

Sure, I imagined corresponding with fellow bloggers to seek your guidance/exchange thoughts/ideas however I did not consider the breadth and depth of the blogosphere. Through my travels within this virtual world I am transformed by, and in awe of, the extraordinary talent of you who have honored me with your visits, kind words and encouragement.

Each time I visit each of your unique communities I am greeted with wondrous works of creativity through many mediums and I am always provoked to learn, laugh, cry, reflect, or relate. Who would have thought many years ago when we were first urged to write to pen pals in other parts of the world that we would come to a point where all it would take is a literal click of a button.

Meeting and building relationships with people on the other side of the world blows my mind. Being able to experience what matters to you; your travels, your joys, your sadness, your life’s journey is beyond captivating as I am able to partake of your adventures from the relative safety of my personal universe.

Since I’m able to travel with you I wanted to return the favor and take you on a recent trip of my own. Come with me if you will to who posted an illustration titled “Your story…” This illustration (you have to use your imagination here) is of a frame with someone in the lower left corner peering upwards. There is one ominous dark cloud from which raindrops are falling, 2 lighter clouds behind it all on a white background with a tiny sliver of blue sky in the upper right corner of the frame. Dina, the artist posed this question to her community:

“My goal in running this blog is to create illustrations that resonate and stir your curiosity and imagination. So, I’m putting this out there. I would love to hear if this illustration has any meaning to you.. or in some way prompts you to tell a story that is only limited by your imagination…”

I was very intrigued by the feelings inside of me that came to the surface upon looking at the picture. My response was “The thought that popped into my mind almost immediately was a cartoon character in the Flintstones. The character always had a dark cloud following him everywhere and the thing that struck me was putting myself into the drawing and watching the cloud/rain from the relative safety of “indoors” but at the same time realizing that the rain is falling on someone out there. There was a time when I related all too closely to the character and thought I’d never catch a break until I learned to quit struggling and just live. Great drawing.”

Here’s where the journey got interesting. In response to a Bold Blind Beauty visit I went to and like so many others of her followers found the eloquence of her writing exceptional. So I stayed for a while soaking up the beauty of her words and came upon, a blog she recommended to someone else, so I traveled there.

Remember the drawing I spoke about a minute ago? Well here’s what wrote about “One day I noticed a bit of blue sky peeking from behind gray clouds, and snapped a photo of it, because it feels just like that.

The blue sky is always there, behind the clouds. My spiritual journey has taught me something: My loving consciousness is always there, hiding behind the deceptive and sometimes gloomy veil that is my ego.”

As soon as I saw her photograph and read her interpretation of it I remembered the illustration from a few days ago. I do not believe in fate but what I found interesting was the commonalities of both posts in two entirely different mediums.

After I exercised my philosophical muscles on the above three sites I needed to do something a bit daring. An adventurer I am not so when presented the opportunity to go to Taiwan I could not resist. had the most amazing pictures of FantaSea, Thailand’s famous Elephant Show, canoeing at James Bond Island, Phi Phi Islands with sparkling blue/green water and these mountainous green covered rocks or maybe mountains sprouting out of the water. Being able to enjoy this trip through my computer topped off my day and I found myself completely uplifted.

Then there are the very first bloggers I connected with Glenda of So What to Twenty, Alicia of Spashionista, Fatmatta of Maono Ya Chini and Shelley of Living with Shadows. I just want to thank each of you for your inspiration and motivation. I’ve always believed that we are all interconnected and being able to experience this first-hand through the miracle that is the internet is a wonderful gift, thank you.

If you’ve read this entire post you may be wondering what all this has to do with jewelry. I’ve given it much thought and come to the conclusion that while I do enjoy the sparkle of jewelry, people are the most valuable gems.

“All of us have wonders hidden in our breasts, only needing circumstances to evoke them.” ~Charles Dickens

13 thoughts on “Spellbindingly Surreal

  1. […] above excerpt from the post Spellbindingly Surreal, I wrote last year as a way of showing my appreciation for the unique works of you, my fellow […]

  2. Wow! I’m so late to reply to this because I was really enjoying the journey – that you put me one. Such amazing bloggers our there. I was over joyed to read your post, and above all, your participation in making my goal (my dream actually), a reality.
    Its these connections that are meaningful to me, and I just love being exposed to new things that I would not have found on my own. After all, we did come across each other through another connection thanks to Kendall – The Public Bloggers ( To anyone who is blogging out there… keep at it… connections will be made at the most unlikely times and places…
    Thanks Stephanae… I think you may have inspired a new post & illustration!

    1. Hey Dina, I am so glad to have brought you some joy. I felt the same way when I found Holistic Wayferer and The Sprightly Writer. I think I just saw a message from HW about knowing you as well (I’ll have to double check). And Kendall is artist extraordinaire I enjoy all of his performances. Thank you for being part of my community. ~Steph

  3. “Each time I visit each of your unique communities I am greeted with wondrous works of creativity through many mediums and I am always provoked to learn, laugh, cry, reflect, or relate. Who would have thought many years ago when we were first urged to write to pen pals in other parts of the world that we would come to a point where all it would take is a literal click of a button.”

    I’ve been so thrilled about that and I agree with you, completely.

    I’ve had snail mail pen-pals since 8th grade. One of my friends spent 2 years in Belize for the Peace Corps. I still have his postcards and letters from the late 80s. I also wrote my friend who went into the Navy for 4 years in the early 90s.

    Now, thanks to the blogging and internet message board community, I have made long-distance friends – Australia, England, Canada, Tennessee, Maine, Maryland… I have made some wonderful, creative, interesting individuals and I’m very close to some of them. It’s been amazing.

    I love Holistic Wayfarer’s space. She created a lovely niche for herself and I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance a while back. She’s an amazing woman!

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog! It’s wonderful to meet new bloggers. I’ll have to check out the other links.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Oh my goodness Casey, thank you for stopping by!!! Yes, I am so glad that I found your blog yesterday through Holistic Wayferer. I saw a commentary between you and her and it was so compelling I just had to take a look at your blog as well. When I came across the photo that I talked about in today’s post I got goosebumps. Dina, the artist who did the illustration that reminded me of your photo is from Australia and while we’ve been exchanging comments for a bit I didn’t know this until last week. It’s all so much to take in and I am so glad that once I got over my fear and stepped out in faith I’ve met the most amazing people.

      1. Well, you are very welcome. I love meeting new bloggers, especially when they are so kind to link to my blog.

        HW is one awesomely creative and engaging writer. Dialoguing with her has been incredibly inspiring.

        Isn’t it great when you can take a risk and get such a wonderful reception? Most definitely, creative people really need each other and while I find it really difficult to find creatives in real life, I get in touch with them easily via WordPress. The woman I met from Australia was an artist too (painting, mostly). We had a few interesting conversations about her work and how hard it was to get your work seen and sold. She wasn’t comfortable blogging about her artwork (I met her on a message board) because she didn’t want her work copied.

        I like that photo, too. It fit my journal entry perfectly.

        I love the synchronicities found in life.

        I checked out Dina’s illustration, and interestingly enough, it does remind me of a memory I have. I was looking out the window one rainy summer day when I was about 19 or so and watching the neighbor across the street with his garage door open and he was sitting in a chair watching the rain. I decided to write about him watching the rain. I kept that story for a long time…but then lost it over the years. But I never really forgot about it. It’s neat how a photo or an illustration transports you back in time.

        All the best,


    2. Well, look at the party we’ve thrown ourselves. *GRiN* I was just about to say how glad I was that our host connected with you, Casey, oh talented, thoughtful artist (meant in more ways than one). And Dina introduced herself to me, too. Okay, so this is fabulous.

      Stephanae, I was quite touched to see your inner journey unfold as you visited the wonderful blogs out here. Was also excited for the reflections the travel prompted.

      Thank you for the PR. From the bottom of my heart.


      1. I know, right?

        As I mentioned in today’s post I found it ironic how once I stopped focusing inward and looked outward at some of your postings and then subsequently Casey’s posts which led me back to Dina. Wow, how could I not help but be inspired. My blog is a style blog but it was always meant to be more because we are so much more than our outwart appearance.

        You are most welcome for the PR but really the pleasure was all mine. ~Steph

      2. =) Just so glad to see you enriched by community, S.

      3. HW,

        Quite a party, indeed. I have been in need of one. I taught 25 kindergarteners on Friday and they were quite rambunctious.

        I still giggle a little when you call me an artist. Yes, I know, I make art. I take some nice pictures, I spin some tales, and dabble in poetry. But artist is a term that still feels odd in reference to myself.

        I’m in such great company, though!

        Stephanae, I am usually not much into style, but lately I have been looking forward to spring and summer, so I can start wearing my gypsy skirts again and I just was thinking today of looking for some sewing patterns to try my hand at making the kinds of blouses I like, but have trouble finding. So, clothing style has actually been on my mind, lately, too.

      4. Yes, I hear you!! I’m anxiously awaiting spring and breaking out of the heavy winter gear. What types of blouses do you like? I like the boho look though I can’t quite carry it myself but the plan this spring/summer is to branch out and explore my anti-styles. I’m tired of taking myself so seriously.

      5. Ha, yes, me too!
        I look pretty professional when I substitute teach, and I’m usually in boot-cut jeans and sweaters on my days off in winter, but I am letting my inner hippie come out.
        I like peasant blouses with loose three quarter length sleeves (usually). If the blouses are tied in the back to its close fitting to the bust, but flowing everywhere else, I really like that. I can only seem to get the ones I like at the thrift stores, for some reason.
        I have a friend who can totally pull off the sleeveless crocheted boho tops, not me. Every time I see her in that particular kind of shirt, I love it, but I know I can’t pull it off.
        I like the simple white peasant blouses, kind of like this
        but not that price, lol.
        Here’s something I threw together from thrift store finds for a Halloween party I went to a few years back. It was a gyspy costume, complete with the ginormous silver earrings and silver bangles. I LOVED it. Oh, and I ended up tying a pretty table runner around my hips for fun.

      6. Love the blouse (the detail is very pretty) and your outfit. I used to love getting all costumed out for Halloween parties. I remember when I was a youngster hating thrift stores and then I matured and I enjoy finding one of a kind finds at reasonable prices.

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