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Sensational Seasonal Sparkle

Beauteous Bling

Crystal and Chain Cuff Bracelet
Crystal and Chain Cuff

As if on cue this morning the birdies were happily chirping which leads me to believe that they must have set their clocks one hour ahead. I’m usually pretty grouchy when the time changes to daylight saving time because I hate losing an hour. I think today was an exception because I’m feeling much better health-wise and am able to enjoy this seasonal change.

It should come as no surprise then as a carry-over from yesterday I am in the most wonderful mood. Yeah it’s a tad bit chilly but the sky is blue with these puffy white clouds, the sun is out and the snow has just about completely melted. It’s a true Sparkling Sunday!!

On Friday I happened to catch the tail end of “The fashion guy,” Lawrence Zarian’s spot on Live with Kelly and Michael where he talked about the top 5 absolute spring must-haves for women. Drum roll please….

  1. Great Scarf in Pink or Coral
  2. Statement Necklace
  3. Cuff Bracelet
  4. Metallic Clutch
  5. Bold Cocktail Ring

Lawrence who was promoting his book 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe had each of these items on hand to adorn Kelly Ripa. Kelly then put on her best model face and strutted across the stage as if it were her personal runway.

Calvin Klein Tie Dye Print Scarf Scarves
Calvin Klein Tie Dye Print Scarf Scarves

I do like these accessories although I would add a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Aviator sunglasses can work with just about any face type however you still need to look for the appropriate size to suit you.

The pictures throughout today’s post with the exception of the cuff bracelet which is mine are items I found at various online retailers. While I do not advocate running out and buying anything because someone says it’s a ‘must-have’ these are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing. In all reality you may already possess these or like items that you can integrate into your spring wardrobe.

Electric Scarab Collar Statement Necklace
Electric Scarab Collar

The crystal and chain cuff bracelet that I acquired from is striking. It’s a gun-metal 1-3/4 inches wide cuff. When placed in front of you it has alternating rows of ¼ in wide chain, smaller chain, tiny crystals, medium and larger crystals, tiny crystals, smaller chain and one more ¼ in wide chain.

Calvin Klein Tie Dye Print Scarf – from is a very pretty bright coral with slight fraying at the ends. It measures 75 inches long by 19 inches wide and is 100% rayon.

IRELAND Silver Clutch

Electric Scarab Collar Necklace – I found at is described as “glimmering, high-shine jewels accent a shiny curb-link chain, punctuated with opaque neon stones for a shock of bright color.” The color of the 7 smallish stones appears to be coral and would go perfectly well with the tie dye scarf or a completely different color. The necklace is 20 inches long with a 2 inch extender and lobster clasp closure. Materials are plated base metal, leatherette and glass.

The IRELAND silver clutch is a vision of sparkly with a magnetic snap flap closure. I found this clutch on

Rebecca Minkoff Pavé ID Ring Silvertone w/Clear Crystals
Rebecca Minkoff Pavé ID Ring Silvertone w/Clear Crystals

Rebecca Minkoff Pavé ID Ring from is made with my favorite Swarovski® crystals. This ring is a silver-tone stainless steel ring. I do like this ring although with size 5 fingers it probably wouldn’t work on me. It’s a bold statement ring that is 1-3/4 inches long, ¾ wide and ¼ high and of course this probably goes without saying but it sparkles.

AJ Morgan Mission Sunglasses
AJ Morgan Mission Sunglasses

The AJ Morgan Mission Sunglasses with their slim metal frame and the double bridge aviator design the teardrop shaped gradient tinted lenses appear to be a peach color and would round out these accessories rather nicely.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstreet

6 thoughts on “Sensational Seasonal Sparkle

  1. wow, such a great and easy to read post on fashion for spring. in Australia we have just entered Autumn… still have the nice warm days for now… fashion trends from the other side of the world, at least lets us have a sneak preview of what to come. Also LOVE this sunglasses.

    1. Why thank you Dina, I’m a jewelry and shoe fiend but I love a great pair of sunglasses. There’s just something about the “cool” factor with a pair of shades.

      1. Yes, and for me, I just like to be a little hidden… if I could, I’d wear them 24 / 7 🙂

  2. I love aviators sunglasses. Quintessential stylish. The bauble necklace is HOT! Strange thing…I always buy necklaces but rarely wear them. Great accessories!

    1. Thanks Glenda!

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