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Splendid Swank

Happy Happenstance

Silver Woven Stretch Ring, Coral Medallion Petal Necklace & Coral Dangles, Silver Diamond Filigree Earrings & CZ Bejeweled Bracelet all from Jewel Box
From Top Left Clockwise
Silver Woven Stretch Ring, Coral Medallion Petal Necklace & Coral Dangles, Silver Diamond Filigree Earrings & CZ Bejeweled Bracelet all from Jewel Box

It’s so gratifying when things come together. A while back I did a post on a friend of mine, Alice Lynch, of Braille Design. About a week or so after that post I contacted her to request 2 cane charms (to deck out my white cane) and my specs were pretty simple: I wanted one in coral, the other black & white. For the bling factor I asked for sparkly beads and beaded beads. As per previous orders I’ve placed with her, Alice did not disappoint.

So last week when Jess, blogger of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, had on the most fabulous jewelry from Jewel Box I just had to take a peek. Well a peek turned into an order and a couple of days later I received, among other things, a coral & sapphire necklace and earrings that match my coral cane charm (which arrived a day later) like it was serendipity.

Since I provided descriptions of the Jewel Box pieces I ordered last week you can view the post HERE. The only items I didn’t talk about are the 1 inch long, metal/acrylic Coral Dangle earrings on fish hooks. I bought these to go with the coral necklace and they are so light and much prettier than pictured on the website.

The Swarovski crystal beads on the coral cane charm consists of 1 topaz drop bead, 3 pink coral gemcolor pearls, 2 vintage gold pearls, 3 Bordeaux pearls, 1 topaz pavé bead with 2 cream pearls as bead caps, 1 big gold tone beaded bead with 2 cream pearls as bead caps. The beads are attached to a gold-toned chain with a decorative large gold toned lobster claw for attaching to cane or handbag.

Coral cane charm
Braille Design
Coral Cane Charm

Similarly, the black & white cane charm contains the following Swarovski crystals: 4 white pearls, 1 silver shade round bead, 1 crystal round bead, 3 mystic black gemcolor pearls, 1 silver toned decorative metal bead, 1 beaded bead adorned with rhinestones, silver & white tiny beading and decorative metal bead caps. This cane charm is made complete with a silver toned chain and a decorative large silver toned lobster claw for attaching to cane or handbag.

Black & White cane charm
Braille Design
Black & White Cane Charm

With the number of beads, different sizes, shapes and composition they make for a pleasant harmonious tactile delight. Since my current white cane is pretty beat up I will use them on my handbags.

Originally I was going to wait until I reached my total weight loss goal and could fit into my clothes to wear this jewelry but I’m not waiting. It’s off to the eye doctor tomorrow and I plan to go in style (or as much style as the winter weather will allow).

For the rest of the day I’m going to try out the cat-eye stencils that I talked about last Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self.” ~Priscilla Presley

3 thoughts on “Splendid Swank

  1. Ah Oh. THe addiction has begun! Just kidding.I can’t seem to go to the shopping area,when we have wine at the wine bar without going out to look at the jewel box! I will wear more soon, promise. You have some lovely pieces there . I always want rings but I am smaller than a 5 and no one has anything!

    1. Haha, I was already addicted. Finding new jewelry just serves as the fuel to feed my addiction. I seriously need some sort of jewelry support group. I have the same issue with rings I’m a size 5 and rarely find anything in my size. It’s like people with small fingers don’t exist.

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