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Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays: Weigh-In #5

Back on Track

Don’t you just hate being controlled by a scale? I mean why should this measuring instrument determine if we are going to have a good or bad day? Why is it that I feel the need to approach it with reverence and great fear?

Brights Out Neon Coral Handbag from
Brights Out Neon Coral Handbag

Last weekend I was a little miffed that in spite of my crazy workouts I gained 0.6 pounds. Although losing inches was a nice consolation prize that made up for the slight weight gain.

Sole Society Slingback flats - Morganne - French Taupe
Sole Society
Slingback flats – Morganne – Purple Noir

Today is a good day, I’m in a good mood and all is right with the world. I’ve lost 2.2 pounds and I cracked 160 and I am now a svelte 159.6 pounds. Okay so svelte may be a stretch but absolutely no one is going to burst my bubble.

March 1, 2014 159.6 lbs.
March 1, 2014 159.6 lbs.
March 1, 2014 159.6 lbs.
March 1, 2014 159.6 lbs.

My first goal is 157.7 and I’m going to make it by the end of next week. So here’s how the total numbers shake out:

  • Weight:     minus 6.4 pounds
  • Thighs:      minus 4 inches
  • Arms:        minus 1 inch
  • Bust:         minus 0 inches
  • Waist:       minus 3 inches
  • Hips:         minus 1.5 inches

Al Fresco Adventure Flat in Sky

I wish I were as excited about the prospect of breaking out some of my spring footwear but with the possibility of yet another major snow storm meandering our way I just have to be content with dreaming. You’ve heard me harp on about my favorite shoe of the moment, the d’Orsay, and I thought it only fair to give a little love to some of the other fetching trends.

Mini Office City Bag
Mini Office City Bag

Colorful, bows, straps, perforation, pointy toes, and lace ups are all the rage in heels, flats and wedges! Handbags are just as colorful and the detailing includes tassels, perforation and some even have decorative locks & keys. I’ve included some delightful pictures that include a lovely coral structured handbag, purple slingbacks with a bow at the heel, sky blue pointed toe flats with geometric cutouts, purple structured handbag, frappe (pinkish shade) pointed toe flat with perforation detailing and finally a teal wedge with bow tie.

Pointed toe flats - Lauryn - Frappe from
Sole Society
Pointed toe flats – Lauryn – Frappe

One thing that used to almost drive me insane when I started losing my vision was putting on a pair of strappy shoes and since I couldn’t see the little holes I had to go by feel. The problem is that some of the straps are so delicate and the holes so small that it takes time to get them buckled. The solution to this dilemma is shoes with a zipper at the heel which alleviates the need to mess with buckles. However if the shoes are just too awesome to pass up, well, you just have to ‘take one for the team’ and suffer the time-staking aggravation of buckling them.

Live for Today Wedge in Teal from
Live for Today Wedge in Teal

Over the next several weeks I can’t wait to share with you some of my shoe and handbag finds. I can’t believe that it was only a few years ago when I only had one handbag then somewhere along the way I got on this shoe and matching kick. While I no longer worry about matching my shoes with my handbags I still fall in love with the different types of purses.

Have a marvelous weekend!!

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.” ~Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top

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  1. Congratulations on having a goal and working toward it! Lost inches are more important to weight…. keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Juliana!!

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