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You Have to Sell it!

“Your Mission, Jim, Should You Choose To Accept It.” ~Mission Impossible

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

When I was a kid I wanted to be a spy when I grew up. This would explain why the TV show, Mission Impossible, left such an indelible impression on me that I can’t shake it even today. So when newer spy shows like Burn Notice and Covert Affairs hit the airwaves I was over the moon.

Michael Weston, the main character in Burn Notice supplied wonderful tips to us spy wannabes and let me tell you I was taking note of said tips. Many times throughout the seasons of Burn Notice Michael, his mother Maddy, his on and off again girlfriend Fiona, his buddy Sam and later on Jesse, would find themselves impersonating various personalities to fulfill their mission. The one line that Michael always said and it stuck with me was “you have to sell it,” meaning when putting yourself into the role of a certain individual you need to become the role so that you come across as authentic.

So this got me to thinking, since I’m now legally blind, and I use a white cane maybe now is the perfect time to consider a career change and pursue becoming a spy. I mean who would ever imagine a blind, 50 something woman being a spy? I think it’s the perfect cover which leads me into today’s thrifty topic.

Sometimes I feel like I’m undercover especially when I’m buying clothes. The reason being, I just do not like spending a lot of money on my clothing. I thought when I got to the place where I could afford to spend a little more I would, but it somehow wouldn’t feel right to me. I’d rather spend less and “sell it” as if I spent more, this I can live with but I digress.

I received an email from yesterday and found that my favorite sneakers were on sale. About 3 years ago I bought a pair of white and grey Pumas that were so comfortable I got a new pair last year. The new ones weren’t quite the same as my older ones but I’d be willing to give them another try if the price was right.

Liz Claiborne Casey Small Satchel $35 JC Penney
Liz Claiborne Casey Small Satchel
JC Penney

Zulily, is described as a shopping destination for moms (and in my opinion non-moms) that offers numerous boutique items at up to a 50% discount daily. It is one of those online retailers with whom you have to register your email address and while I haven’t used them yet I did see a couple of things I plan to order today.

Draped Wrap-Style Top H&
Draped Wrap-Style Top

The sales are time sensitive and typically last about 72 hours. The Puma sale is going on through tomorrow and I saw some for as low at $34 up to $54.99. In addition to Puma shoes there are socks and ballet flats.

Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirt

Some of the other eye catching items I found were some really cute maxi skirts, dresses and tops. If you get a chance you should check them out. The one thing worth mentioning is if you see something you like you might want to snap it up as inventory moves quickly to make room for more.

Nine West at
Nine West: Illumie

Throughout today’s post I’ve included pictures of clothing that would be well suited to the Pear body shape. As in previous post I’m providing the description on one outfit below:

  • Top: Draped, wrap-style front. Celery colored, fitted in jersey with a slight sheen, 100% rayon. $24.95 H&M
  • Pencil Skirt: Camel colored, knee-length, fitted skirt in woven stretch fabric with side pockets. Slit and concealed zip at back. Lined. 5% spandex, 61% cotton, 34% polyester $24.95 H&M
  • Shoes – Nine West: Illumie Off White Leather $37.99
  • Handbag – Stone (beige-like colored) Liz Clairborne Casey Small Satchel $35 JC Penney

The sleeveless top with its wrap-style front and the plunging neckline does what it’s intended to do and that is to draw the eye upward. The draping of the top gives it a sophisticated look and it really doesn’t require much in the way of accessories. I probably wouldn’t wear a necklace with this top but if I did I would keep it simple although I would add bracelets and subdued earrings.

I chose the pencil skirt because as a pear one of my best assets has been my hips. The pencil skirt shows off the waist and seemingly adds length due to the slimming effect of the hemline.

The coloring of the shoes goes so well with the skirt and top I couldn’t resist. These heels are only 1 and ½ inches and are very comfortable. I think the overall look is one of understated elegance.

For questions or comments I invite you to leave a note below or you can send an email directly to me at

Have a great day!!

“Don’t let people drive you crazy when you know it’s in walking distance.” ~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “You Have to Sell it!

  1. I know there are some in the fashion industry that say that after a few years of something not worn in your closet, they say to get rid of it. Sometimes I do this and then wish I had it back. I am the type to try and buy more quality pieces then a ton of quantity. I think i have a bit of both.But first, have you blinged up your cane? Jewels, and other things? hehe. People have suggested I do this with my blue cushion I carry every where. Kidding aside, you must be channeling my inner shopping vibe as I have been looking at the blue green wrap top from H and M too. Go girl.

    1. Yeah, I make it a habit to go through at least once a year and donate stuff but like you, I’ve had a few times when there were some regrets.

      And did I bling up my cane you ask?? I most certainly did and I can’t wait to take pics and post. The pretty earrings and necklace I got from Jewel Box match the one cane charm beautifully. Now if only we could get rid of this miserable weather. Sometimes I don’t know wheter to be happy or sad about online shopping. It’s way to convenient.

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