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The Eye of the Cat

Special Delivery

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

What’s better than a FedEx or UPS delivery? It’s a personal delivery from my Mary Kay lady!!

Here’s the set up:

Phone: ring, ring.

Me: Hello?

Mary Kay Lady a.k.a. Jocelyn: Hi Steph I have your order.

Me: Screaming excitedly (I may have inadvertently caused her eardrum to burst).

Jocelyn: (Laughingly tells me) You’re so silly. So when would you like me to bring it over?

Me: Uh, now? I say without hesitation (as sort of a question because I need to be respectful of her time) after all it’s not always about me even though I really, really want need it now.

Jocelyn: Okay. I’ll see you in 20.

Apartment buzzer: buzz, buzz (Mollie is barking like a lunatic but she is safely ensconced in my bedroom; can’t have the dog attacking my Mary Kay representative).

Me: (in my best crème de la crème hostess voice) “who is it?” I say knowing full well it’s Jocelyn.

Jocelyn: It’s me Steph.

I open the apartment door anxiously listening for her footsteps on the stairs up to my floor. She opens the door to my floor (I’m trying to compose myself) but I think I was gushing. I do manage to give her a huge hug because I haven’t seen her in a while but she knows me a little too well and hands me the bag of goodies saying “I know this is what you really want.” Okay, so maybe I’m a little ashamed of my childish behavior…NOT!!

Mary Kay Lipstick Sienne Brûlée
Mary Kay Lipstick
Sienne Brûlée

I invite her in and as I’m pawing through the bag, I’m like “ooh what are these other things in here?” She responds “oh just a couple of little gifts.” This pushes me completely over the edge and I won’t bore you with my reaction but let’s just say that I’m probably on equal footing with Mollie in the excitement department, and I have the audacity to wonder where she gets it!!

Mary Kay Satin Hands
Mary Kay Satin Hands

So not only was my cleanser and moisturizer replenished, I got the lipstick I’ve been longing for and a Satin Hands set in a darling little bag along with mini replenishing serum/mini microdermabrasion set. I’ll go more in-depth on these items next week since I’ve not used them yet and I promised I talk about cat eyes today.

Mary Kay Mini Replenishing Serum Mini Microdermabrasion Set
Mary Kay Mini Replenishing Serum
Mini Microdermabrasion Set

When I was looking for eyebrow and liner stencils some time back I was thinking “hmmm, it’d be a great idea if someone could come up with a stencil for cat and/or smoky eyes. So after a little digging around I did find a website that carried both stencils.

Eyeliner Stencils a la Carte
Eyeliner Stencils à la Carte

On the site, Beth Bender Beauty, there is a set of these stencils and a video explaining how to use them. Of course the video makes it look simple and I should make a disclaimer now to let you know that personally I’ve not been into the cat-eye look but the look achieved in the video is not overpowering and I will give it a go.

Smokey Eye & Cat Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Set
Smokey Eye & Cat Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Set

Like I’ve said on previous occasions when learning to use makeup for the first time or even trying a new product there is a learning curve where one must take their time while exercising patience. It’s only makeup and as a friend of mine use to say “we’re not saving lives here.” Meaning, keep it in perspective and with a little sticktoitiveness cat eyes and/or smoky eyes can be achieved.

As proof of overcoming my cat eye look deficiency I will be the sacrificial lamb, order the set and become the subject matter expert in this area. This means of course that I can no longer delay uploading video to the blog (heaven help me, what was I thinking?).

I’ve placed my order hopefully it will arrive later this week so that I can post my results.

Let’s meet again tomorrow. Same place same time.

“Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.” ~Lady Gaga

4 thoughts on “The Eye of the Cat

  1. Hi Stephanae, I need to learn how to do a better cat eye! I love it when I see them on others that are done well. Thanks for the tips. Don’t you hate when you see girls on youtube that shave their eyebrows off to use the stencils?

    1. Hi Jess, You’re welcome and it’s just strange shaving off eyebrows lol. By the way my order from Jewel Box should be here tomorrow I can’t wait.

  2. Oh, the poor lady. She’s probably thinking “What have I got myself into?”

    1. HaHa, She knows me pretty well.

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