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Seriously, Simply Stunning!!

Salivating Over Sparkly

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

40 + Style, the website, called my name. I think it was back in December right after my first few blog posts that I came upon 40 + Style a fashion and lifestyle blogging community made up of women over 40.

Sylvia, the founder of 40 + Style, created the site as a community where women over 40 could get together and converse on style and life. The thing I like most about this site, aside from all the useful information is the compilation of 40+ style bloggers.

To get your blog listed on the site it should be at least 2 months old and you need to have published at least 10 blog posts. As this was one of my first goals when I started Bold Blind Beauty it gives me pleasure to report that my blog is now part of this fabulous community.

Being a new member and all I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to get a personal welcome from Jess a fellow blogger. When I visited Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, Jess’ blog, I was greeted by 7 photos of an elegantly dressed redhead. Her ensemble which consisted of an Ann Taylor leopard pencil skirt, Elie Tahari black leather jacket, Banana Republic black wrap top, Rebecca Minkoff handbag, Vintage earrings from Etsy, and a jaw-dropping necklace from Jewel Box was captivating.

Cream Dandelion Medallion Necklace
Cream Dandelion Medallion Necklace
Jewel Box

I just love the way Jess pulled this outfit together and being a lover of animal prints myself, the skirt is amazingly sharp! But it was the seventh photo that had me salivating.

Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be any other sparkly item that could catch my eye, well, I was so WRONG!! This necklace was SHOUTING so LOUD at me I couldn’t think straight. So what do I do?

Silver Diamond Filigree Earrings
Silver Diamond Filigree Earrings
Jewel Box

Knowing it was way beyond my means, I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I clicked the link to the necklace which took me to Jewel Box the local shop where Jess made her purchase. I can’t believe what I’m seeing and I’m thinking to myself “this cannot be right.” The price of this spectacular necklace is only $19.00.

CZ Bejeweled Bracelet
CZ Bejeweled Bracelet
Jewel Box

Now I’m wondering if it’s a joke but as I look at some of the other sparkly jewelry all of it is reasonably priced. So, and this is the thing that irritates me, I bought a couple of items to add to my ever-growing collection. Since shipping and returns are free I felt it only right to throw in a couple additional pieces to justify my purchases (I’m just sick but I’ll get over it LOL).

Silver Woven Stretch Ring
Silver Woven Stretch Ring
Jewel Box

Inspired by the necklace I bought, the first outfit will be my white full length peasant skirt, white tank top, blue jean jacket and coral flats. However 2 things will have to happen before I can don this outfit. Number 1 winter has to hit the road and number 2 I must meet my weight loss goal. Winter will end, eventually and I have every confidence that I’ll lose the weight needed to become a vision in coral, white and blue.

Coral Medallion Petal Necklace
Coral Medallion Petal Necklace
Jewel Box

To give you an idea of the types of items carried by Jewel Box I’ve included pictures throughout today’s post and I’m going to give you the website’s description of each piece below:

  • Silver Woven Stretch Ring $7.20
    A statement ring with an eye-catching woven pattern. The white gems sparkle as they are complimented with small rhinestones. The stretch backing allows almost any ring size to fit.
  • Cream Dandelion Medallion Necklace $19.00
    18 inch long lobster clasp necklace with a 3 inch extender (base metal, epoxy) this floral gem has a lot of shine. Pastel gems add a little sweetness to the frosted buds of cubic zirconia (CZ). A lovely necklace for a night-out, or simply dress it with a simple T.
  • Coral Dandelion Medallion Necklace $16.00
    18 inch long lobster clasp necklace with a 3 inch extender (base metal, acrylic, CZ) this pastel beauty consists of 3 vintage-style medallions. Frosted with CZ gems, sapphire stones sit at the center of each for a dazzling look! This piece is a must-have for floral outfits.
  • CZ Bejeweled Bracelet $16.00
    Seven inch long lobster clasp bracelet with a 2.5 inch extender (base metal, CZ) Take this bracelet out for a night on the town. Make your wrist shine with a formal cluster of petite ball chains and rows of CZ. A stunning treasure meant to be adored!
  • Silver Diamond Filigree Earrings $8.00
    2.5 inch silver (base metal) diamond-shaped filigree on a French hook We love these gorgeous detailed earrings. They are light as feather and make a beautiful statement.

“I obviously have a great love and appreciation of jewelry, thanks to my mother, much to the dismay of both my father and my boyfriends.” ~Ivanka Trump

4 thoughts on “Seriously, Simply Stunning!!

  1. […] I provided descriptions of the Jewel Box pieces I ordered last week you can view the post HERE. The only items I didn’t talk about are the 1 inch long, metal/acrylic Coral Dangle earrings on […]

  2. Thank you for the props! ( do people say that anymore?) I do get alot of my jewelry from there, as they know me on a first name basis. The post I listed today, called Teal Time, had a whole teal/gold ensemble I got initially to wear to my brother’s wedding If you have time hon, stop by…
    I can’t wear the rings there, as my fingers are slightly smaller than a 5. 🙁

    1. I was a little worried about that. My fingers are size 5 and I have the hardest time finding rings but I thought since it stretches it might work. Oh well, I’ll have my answer tomorrow.

  3. You keep salivating like that and all that beautiful jewelry will float away and then you will have nothing to wear.
    I, on the other hand, find all of those pieces very tempting and boy am I ever going to get them. My one problem is that the bracelet may fall off my hand and slender wrist. I think that a 7 in. bracelet is too big for me.

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