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Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays: Weigh-In #4

You Win Some, You Lose Some

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

Okay so today is weigh-in day but before I get to that I need to share a MAJOR accomplishment! I figured out my camera, finally! Yay!! And when I say figured, I mean I can point and shoot not necessarily a National Geographic quality photo but I’m hoping the pics will pass muster.

Yeah, I had to review the manual and I couldn’t believe how simple it was to set the timer to shoot a still picture. Here I allotted an hour dedicated to learning how to use the camera and I only needed 5 minutes. The next challenge will be uploading video to Word Press for makeup tutorials and such.

I also wanted to share some what was supposed to be good news although it turned into lack luster news. Earlier in the week I was approached by young woman who co-owns a fashion consulting business in Texas. She stumbled upon Bold Blind Beauty and contacted me to see if I would like to be interviewed for a new radio program on fashion and lifestyle tips for the blind and vision impaired to which I excitedly said YES, YES, and YES!

Ever the consummate professional, before committing to recording the program I wanted a phone discussion to understand what was expected of me. We had a great call and later Thursday evening I received the promised list of questions from which conversation would ensue.

No stranger to public speaking during my career and community activism and yes, even though I’m introverted I thrive on educating and building awareness on issues close to my heart. So it was with intense horror, when asked a simple question “when did you lose your vision?” My response was nonsensical babble.

Now I could blame my 1-year-old grandson who decided to awaken 20 minutes prior to the call. I could blame Mollie who I had to sequester in my bedroom in case she started barking at the air. The need to be in control has typically driven me but I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to let go. Sure, I would have loved for the interview to go off without a hitch and be that honed polished professional, but for some inexplicable reason beyond my comprehension, I forgot I was Gigi (grandma) FIRST yesterday.

Back to weigh-in I got on the scale and it said 161.8 pounds! “What?” I say incredulous because I’ve been working out like a fiend. I get on it two more times and it keeps telling me 161.8. Now I’m just depressed but I get myself together, take some baseline photos then it’s off to the gym.


After a good treadmill workout I take my measurements and I feel a little better now. The weight loss is still -4.2 pounds but the loss in inches is remarkable from February 1 to today. I’ve lost 2 inches on my thighs; 0.5 inches on my arms; 1 inch on the bust; 2 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips.


Now I feel justified in being able to enjoy a little perk for myself. Actually it’s more like 2 perks. I found the cutest d’Orsays (2-part) flats and I just can’t wait till spring to wear them. I’m sure by the time we thaw out I will be close to my goal weight, be able to fit in my regular clothes and can sashay anywhere my little heart desires. In heels one struts but in flats one can glide like a figure skater.

I'll Point the Way Flat in Black Modcloth
I’ll Point the Way Flat in Black

Both pairs of shoes I purchased from ModCloth:

The first pair “I’ll Point the Way Flat in Black” are stylishly feminine pointed black flats adorned with exquisite lace on the toe of the shoe. These shoes scream spring and will look fabulous with a floral frock.

“The Triple Triumph Flat” is flat-out drop dead tantalizing. The white pointed toe with the contrasting black, triple silver-buckled ankle straps are swanky. I would wear these shoes with a little black dress and complimenting black/white clutch and of course round it all out with jewelry.

Triple Triumph Flats
Triple Triumph Flats

Speaking of jewelry, I was chatting with a fellow blogger yesterday and she pointed me to yet another online jewelry shop that I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow.

Tata for now!!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” ~Lauren Hutton

5 thoughts on “Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays: Weigh-In #4

  1. Conductresses!!!!! Way to go 🙂 & love the shoes btw. Pointy toe flats are my favorite

    1. I know. Aren’t they to die for?? I just love them hence the reason I had to buy both. And they are so comfortable. Just can’t wait till spring comes so I can flaunt them LOL!

      1. Yes yes yes lol. Work them once the spring time comes 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you. Losing all those inches is a great thing. Don’t worry about the weight right now; just think how slim you are going to look. (Male whistle whistle) Look at those legs! (Male whistle whiste)

    1. LOL, You’re funny Sherri!!

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