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The, Oh So Cool Look!

Energy, Earbuds, and Emotion?

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

The day dawned sunny and bright so I went through my usual routine; bible reading, coffee drinking, vitamin/medicine taking, fruit-eating, showering then headed out the door with my Mollie chomping at the bit wanting to go outdoors.

Armed with my new spiffy fashionable wraparound sunglasses (compliments of my low vision specialist), earbuds and listening to NSYNC’s “I want you back” I’m just bursting with energy and walking to the beat of the music. No one can ruin this perfect day!!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Separates Crepe Shift Dress $40.60
Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Separates Crepe Shift Dress

Too bad I didn’t turn on my television to listen to the weather report. Walking Mollie through the grass was a piece of cake. Still doing that little dance/walk thing on the pavement there was no warning when all of the sudden CRASH!!!

It happened so quickly, going down with a scream and a thud, I was sort of in a daze. Here I am on the ground wondering “what happened?” One minute I’m prancing and the very next I’ve lost Mollie’s leash, my keys and her poo bags. As I try to get up my feet keep slipping from under me.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Wrap Dress $51
Simply Vera Vera Wang Wrap Dress

One of my neighbors who I assume was leaving for work yelled down from the parking lot “are you okay?” Keep in mind my music is still going and I can’t really see the guy but since his voice penetrated the song I yelled “I’m alright”, I laugh, “just didn’t know it was icy out.”

This was one of those moments I really wanted to be video-taped so that I could later review the pitiful sight of trying to get my feet once again under me. I call to Mollie and she just ignores me and I’m thinking “this is really pathetic, my own dog would let me lie on the cold ice and not come to my aid” LOL!

Dana Buchman Knot-Front Top $19
Dana Buchman Knot-Front Top

I eventually got myself situated and for the remainder of the walk I stayed in the snow. This was gonna be one of those ABAPITA (“Ain’t Blindness A Pain in the, you know what”) days. Oh well at least the only part of me that hurt was perhaps a little bit of pride as I was going for that “I’m so cool” look and I didn’t intend for it to be a literal thing.

Liz Claiborne Geo-Striped Print Tulip Skirt, Black Multi $29
Liz Claiborne Geo-Striped Print Tulip Skirt, Black Multi

For today’s Thrifty Thursday I thought I’d dove tail off this past Trending Tuesday and talk about reasonably priced clothes for the rectangle body shape. To refresh your memory since the rectangle body shape is more evenly distributed, as the bust and waist are about the same circumference, to compensate the lack of a distinguishable waist line the key is to wear clothing that creates curves.

Rectangle Body Shape Pants, Top, Shoes, Scarf, Earrings & Bracelet

I put together one complete outfit for under $100 and below you will find the description of each component of the ensemble:

  • Top: Ruched draped figure-fitting sleeveless top in jersey with a sheen, with elastication in the sides and draping front and back. Lined. 100% viscose. $22 HM.COM
  • Shoes: Zara Vamp d’Orsay Shoes With Ankle Straps $20
  • Patterned scarf $13 HM.COM Scarf in an airy weave with a print pattern. Size 120×120 cm. 100% polyester.
  • Bracelet: Tinley Road Black Multi Chain Torsade Bracelet $15 PIPERLIME.GAP.COM 7 ½ inches length. 1 inch wide. Toggle closure. Enamel and black-tone metal.
  • Pants: Mossimo Women’s Bootcut Trousers (fit 3): Assorted Colors $19.58
  • Earrings: $6.65 HM.COM Earrings in antiqued metal with long pendants with an embossed pattern. 100% metal.

The neckline and ruching on the top help to create the illusion of curves and since rectangle body shapes can wear just about any type of pant my selection only costs $20. At the time of writing this post the Zara Vamp d’Orsay shoes have sold out but I’ve found many similar shoes at a variety of stores like and The shoes are flats however they are very alluring with the cutouts (I’ve started my own collection of these). The statement earrings along with the pretty scarf draw the eye upward to the face and the bracelet adds that little extra bit of umph.

Sprinkled throughout this post I’ve added a couple of dresses a skirt and a top all of which contain either a feature to enhance the neckline and/or waist. I particularly like the patterned skirt and dress as the geometric design is done in such a way as to create natural curves.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or need additional information I invite you to comment below or you can send an email directly to me at

Have a great day!!

“If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” ~Don Ward

7 thoughts on “The, Oh So Cool Look!

  1. Stephanae you are too funny. I like your sense of style. I pray you didn’t get hurt when you fell. Keep up the good work in showing your strength and how you never give up. Your dog Mollie was pretending not to know you because you were acting so cool.

    1. Yeah, come to think of it I’d probably do the same to Mollie if the tables were turned. I think I embarrass her lol!

  2. I am glad that you are ok but you may be sore from the fall tommorrow.

    1. Thank you Susan, I sure hope I won’t be sore tomorrow. I didn’t think about that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. I’m glad to see you didn’t suffer any ill effects from your fall. I do think Molly could have come over to lick your face and se if your’re ok

    I’m not a rectangular shape; but I do like the geometric designed skirt

  4. I am glad you are ok from the fall. Great choices for creating the waistline illusion.

    1. Thank you Glenda.

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